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This Wiki details the history of a Call of Cthulhu campaign begun in 1983. The campaign has been running uninterrupted since that inception date. Game play began in January of 1920, and has since moved into the early thirties. Current campaign date is around 19 October 1932.


Cast Of Characters[edit]

Main article: All characters in The Stars Are Right.

Entire Game History Time Line[edit]

Campaign Timeline

This scary, huge time line tracks the movements of all of the characters and events that have happened in the game, as gleaned from the source materials.

Major Events[edit]

Specific major events that embrace multiple campaigns and groups.

Cross References[edit]

Cross Reference Page

An attempt to cross reference and index the information about the campaign

Campaign Summaries[edit]

There are three groups currently: The Elders, Bailey and the Sea (aka The Redland Jack group), The Irish Rose (...).

Bailey And The Sea[edit]

The Irish Rose[edit]

In Detroit in 1932, an oddly matched group of characters balances gangsters, a mysterious medical condition, an odd preacher and his sister and a state hospital scandal in an effort to figure out the complicated workings of the under classes.

Junior J-Men (and women)[edit]

China - Gods and Monsters[edit]

At the start of October 1932, an expedition is sent to China to make a deal with Li Mai regarding a stronghold in China and the status of Auda.

Diaries - A Collection Of Character Writings[edit]

Steele - Undated Poem.

  • Thought to have been composed during or just after Hannelore Rhyner's transformation into Medea on October 19, 1929

Game Mechanics[edit]

To be added soon.


Terms Used Within The Campaign

Important Groups[edit]

Important Groups Within The Campaign

Important Locations[edit]

Trujillo, Spain

The Library - A Collection of Writings[edit]

Main article: All TSAR Documents

External Links[edit]

This includes scheduling information and some useful files (the introductory file and blank character bio file)
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Need an illustration from a sixteenth century medical text for... oh, reasons? IHM has you covered and then some. Also includes propaganda, public service posters, tools and impedimenta, and lots and lots of Victorian anatomy illustrations.
Over three quarters of a million photographs from the late 1800s on. Another great resource for period images of crime scenes, night shots, etc. Look for the body stuffed in an oil can!
Lots of essays and photographs of, well, historic Detroit! Especially useful for the Irish Rosers.
On the other end of the scale, a wiki devoted entirely to the weird and unsettling aspects of Detroit then and now. Check out the Voodoo Murders!