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IC Thread
OOC Thread
Current Map

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Original Thread
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Use these threads for inspiration and setting elements, but nothing in them is dogmatically true until we decide that it is.


Full Character Sheets[edit]

Dr. Gulbahar Arikan, played by Lysus
Steven Mars, played by Harrowed
John Davenport Sergeant Dave, Royal Army Engineers
Lucky Private Noah ‘Lucky’ McKenzie Special Forces Support Group played by WTND

NPC Members[edit]

Destiny Valentine: FBI HRT member

  • HRT Sniper 65%
  • Act Carefully 70%

Eddie: Lizard person guide

  • Dungeon Native 75%
  • Curious 50%
  • Cultural Differences 55%

Dr. Maria Martinez: Extremeophile Biologist

  • Science [Biology] 80%
  • Spelunking 65%
  • Publish or Perish 60%

Dr. Jefferson 'Ned' Flanders: Geologist

  • Science [Geology] 80%
  • Archaeology 50%
  • Yeah, That's Real Funny 60%

Former Members[edit]

Cpt. Thomas Howard, played by Lord Minx
Dr. August Nicotera, played by Tarren
Agent Eamon Caldwell, played by EnigmaticOne
Fearghal O'Neill, Archaeologist and civilian liaison with the 77th Brigade DEAD

Character Information Table[edit]

DOG Hit Points Sanity Willpower Violence Adaptation Helplessness Adaptation Wounds Disorders Bond Expenditure
Dr. Gulbahar Arikan, played by Lysus 12/12 60/75 11/15
Dr. Jeff VanderMeer, played by The Tim 13 60 12
John Davenport 12 58 13
(Lucky), played by WTND 14 78/80 17 Hardened
Steven Mars, played by Harrowed 14/14 37/50 8/10 Adapted 1/3 2

Current Expedition Gear[edit]

Briefing Information[edit]

First Expedition: October 17, 2017

  • The parts of the Dungeon explored up to this point in this area have appeared to be a natural system of caves.
  • Various plant- and fungi-like life has been encountered, which to his point has defied classification, but no animal life. (The question of "Then why the machine guns?" may occur to you. Just a precaution, you are assured.)
  • Low levels of light are provided by veins of some sort of luminescent crystal running through the walls. It does not appear to be radioactive.
  • The area around First Landing is not well surveyed. Most efforts to this point have just been to get the base established and minimally secured.
  • On its last survey DOG Beta ran into a small underground river. It is hypothesized that there might be other underground water. The water was potable, but contained unfamiliar mineral signatures.
  • Three passageways radiate from the cavern where First Landing is located. Labeled (for convenience) East, West, and South. East appears to dead-end into the cavern wall. West and South have not been meaningfully surveyed beyond about 200m beyond First Landing.
  • The purpose of this Expedition is to survey the South corridor.

Second Expedition: October 27, 2017

  • Brief: Explore the small cavern discovered on the First Expedition that was formerly filled with corrosive gas.

The AIGRC[edit]

Ascension Island Geological Research Center - public information[edit]

Ascension Island is an isolated volcanic island in the equatorial waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, around 1,600 kilometres (1,000 mi) from the coast of Africa and 2,250 kilometres (1,400 mi) from the coast of Brazil, which is roughly midway between the horn of South America and Africa. It is governed as part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

In 2014, the British Geological Survey and United States Geological Survey made a joint announcement of the grave fact that the island had become geologically unstable and was no longer safe for permanent habitation due to the re-activation of the island's central volcano. The island's 800-odd inhabitants were handsomely paid off for their real property and relocated.

The two nations then established the Ascension Island Geological Research Center to monitor the unfolding geological situation on the island. It's regarded as a boon for geological research, though few publications have come from the research conducted on the island as yet.

There is also a small NATO military presence on the island, presumably there to provide logistical assistance and to protect the GPS ground antenna (one of four in the world) on the island.

AIGRC Command Staff[edit]

Operational Commander: Oberst (Colonel) Hannah Ebert, German SKB (Joint Support Service). Colonel Ebert is a career logistical officer with the German military. Somewhat contrary to stereotype, she seems quite personable, though she is a spreadsheet-and-timetable driven commander and something of a martinet. She appears to be in her late '30s, athletic, and fairly tall.

Research Administrator: Cecil "Bond" Newcombe, Ph.D., MBA, MPA. Dr. Newcombe is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Topside Dungeon-related research occurring at Level Zero. While he does have a Ph.D. in Physics, he's more administrator than researcher at this point in his career. British; informally referred to as "Bond" because of his uncanny physical resemblance to George Lazenby.

Training Commandant: Sgt. Maj. Lieu Van Tho, U.S. Army (ret.) is a short, slim Vietnamese man who looks to be in his late 60s or early 70s. An ebullient man who is nevertheless somewhat reticent to discuss his past or his Dungeon experience. He provides DOG Gamma with their pre-Expedition training related to Dungeon operations and briefing on Expedition protocol.

AIGRC DOGs[edit]


Dr. Amelia Braun: Physics specialist; focusing on spacetime and radiological issues
De'Shawn Lamont: MARSOC Marine; American (from Los Angeles)
DeceasedLouis Acord: French; member of the French Foreign Legion
Cole Matthews: American; architect
DeceasedDr. Srinavasan: British; team medic
DeceasedKelly Pederson: American; team lead


Dr. Carlton Vick: geology expert

AIGRC Other Staff[edit]

AIGRC Facility Information[edit]

Logistics Hub[edit]

Located on one of the island's natural harbors, this facility has a fairly modern military-style port with a small airstrip.


This is the ostensible 'real'/public AIGRC. It is a small prefab research facility with laboratory facilities, bunks, and recreational services for the dozen or so geologists and staff on site. On the rare occasion where a visit by member of the media or government is allowed, this is the part of the island that they're allowed to visit.

Level 0[edit]

This is the Topside headquarters of the Deep Operations mission on the island. Above-ground, it consists of a small, one story communications building with a few disinterested-looking guards. The bulk of the facility is below ground. Facilities include:

  • Living quarters for the DOGs and Topside staff
  • Armorer facilities
  • Scientific research facilities
  • Offices for command staff
  • Detention facilities
  • The airlock leading in to the access point

First Landing[edit]

Currently, this FOB consists of little more than a ring of barbed wire and sandbags surrounding a small, prefabricated metal hut and a handful of tents. There are also: two tripod-mounted M2HB machine guns; a cache of personal weapons, ammunition, and miscellaneous supplies; a chemical latrine; and, communications equipment. Further expansion is underway.

Other Important NPCs[edit]

Like it says on the header

Global Concern News[edit]

Here is where I will post news stories from places other than AI. Some of them will just be color, some will be important plot leads.

DOG Rumors[edit]

Same idea, but scuttlebut instead of publicly-reported information.