The Edge of Rebellious Destiny

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Riding the fringes of the galactic Empire with Atlictoatl, Angwa, Baeraad, Lysus, and Nick the Lemming.

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YV-560 light frieghter ETU.png

Player Characters[edit]

  • Juna Kast, Mandalorian Smuggler Scoundrel | Technician Modder, Strain: 0/12, Wounds: 2/13, Soak: 4 (energy) / 3 (other), Defense: Ranged 0 | Melee 0
  • Sikka Jerass, Mirialan Sentinel Artisan | Guardian Armorer, Strain: 0/13, Wounds: 0/13, Soak: 4, Defense: Ranged 1 | Melee 1
  • Kirr Brenna, Human Colonist Scholar | Smuggler Thief, Strain: 5/12, Wounds: 1/12, Soak: 1, Defense: Ranged 1 | Melee 1
  • Jube Laago, Neimoidian Diplomat Ambassador | Explorer Trader, Strain: 0/10, Wounds: 0/12, Soak: 1, Defense: Ranged 0 | Melee 0

XP Awards[edit]

  • +20 Bonus XP at creation, spendable on attributes.
  • +50 Bonus XP, not spendable on attributes

Party Treasure[edit]

Skills Spreadsheet[edit]


EBD Blank Character Sheet

Duty, Obligation, Morality, & Motivation[edit]

Juna Kast[edit]

  • Obligation: Bounty 15
  • Motivation: Expertise

Sikka Jerass[edit]

  • Obligation: Debt 10 | Obsession 10
  • Morality: 50
    • Emotional Strength: Love
    • Emotional Weakness: Jealousy
  • Motivation: Ambition/Revenge

Jube Laago[edit]

  • Duty: Tech Procurement 20
  • Obligation: Addiction 10
  • Motivation: Connection to Rebellion through Family

Kirr Brenna[edit]

  • Obligation: Oath 10 | Betrayal 10
  • Motivation: the weak/charity

Duty Chart[edit]

  • 01-20: Jube Laago - Tech Procurement

Contribution Rank: 0

Obligation Chart[edit]

  • 01-15: Juna Kast - Bounty
  • 16-25: Sikka Jerass - Debt
  • 26-35: Sikka Jerass - Obsession
  • 36-45: Jube Laago - Addiction
  • 46-55: Kirr Brenna - Oath
  • 56-65: Kirr Brenna - Betrayal

The Ship[edit]

Ship - YV-560

  • Silhouette: 4
  • Speed: 4
  • Handling: 0
  • Defense: Forward 1 | Aft 1
  • Armor: 3
  • Hull 0/20
  • Strain 1/19


  • Class 2 Hyperdrive
  • Navicomputer
  • Sensor Range: Long
  • Life Support: 7 Persons
  • Consumables: 8 Months
  • Hardpoints: 1/4 used


  • Dorsal-mounted twin medium laser cannon (Fire Arc All; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close]; Linked 1)


  • High-Output Ion Turbine (Sienar Fleet Systems SFS-240 Ion Drive)
    • Base Modifiers: +1 to ship's Speed, -1 to System Strain
    • Modification Options: None
    • Hard Points Required: 1
    • Price: 5300 credits
    • Rarity: 5


  • Mechanical Dianoga (SM 52): removes two Setback dice from checks to remove System Strain from starships
  • Repulsor Clamp (SM 52): holds a single object of Encumbrance 10 or less aloft, and removes one Setback die from checks to repair hull trauma and Critical Hits on starships and vehicles.
  • Verpine Bond Gauntlets (SoR 115): grant one Boost die to checks made to handle volatile materials or perform delicate work (might include Computers/Mechanics checks to make delicate repairs and Skulduggery checks to pick locks or disable traps).


  • Cargo Capacity is 80


  • Pilot: Juna Kast
  • Co-pilot: Kirr Brenna
  • Navicomputer: Kirr Brenna
  • Sensors:
  • Comms: Jube Laago
  • Engineering: Sikka Jerass
  • Gunner:


Greelo Chekka - Rodian crime boss

Nedowin - Human male who disabled the Blazing Comet.

Grenyul Vao - Twi'lek mechanic on Nar Shadaa.

Lecx Dhendav - Devaronian crime boss

Dimdo Nos - Ortolan enforcer for Greelo Chekka

Pon - Rodian lieutenant of Chekka's

Lanni - Mon Calamari dockmaster for Greelo Chekka


Mos Eisley Spaceport

Tremane Tower - center of Greelo Chekka's operations on Nar Shadaa.

Lore, Rumors, Quests[edit]

Important Posts[edit]


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Scan of Hutt Space from The Essential Atlas

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Dice Symbols[edit]

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Spending Advantage and Triumph in Combat[edit]

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Spending Threat and Despair in Combat[edit]

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Ranged Attack Difficulties[edit]

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Social Skill Interactions[edit]

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Additional Starship and Vehicle Actions[edit]

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  • Baeraad's character background

My character's family used to be wealthy merchants, but the war reparations hit them hard and they never recovered. He was brought up in what was left of the family business, which had come to be more about petty hustling than grand affairs. Some of the shady connections he made there eventually led him to the rebellion, which he saw as an opportunity to reverse the family fortunes. He now lends his negotiation skills and knack for figuring out every man's price to getting corporations and fringe groups to join up with the Alliance.

  • Nick's character background

ex-Corporate Operator, having previously worked for the corp that Angwa's character was heir to? I could then have worked for them as a not-always-legit "researcher" - mostly into competitors, industrial espionage, background research on various employees (low as well as high level, so you can blackmail a security guard to look the other way, etc). He then found out that something was going down internally, and warned Angwa's character, that's how she managed to escape. By alerting her, he also left his own footprints on the scene, and had to run too.