Urchins: Eyes of the Undercity

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A Fantasy RPG for Cortex Prime[edit]


We watch. We see. Your secrets are ours to sell.[edit]

Character Files/Meta Currencies[edit]

I will update the Character Table on the wiki each time I update the IC thread. Please do not update the table yourselves. I don't want anyone losing Plot Points or other resources from double subtraction. You may edit your character sheet linked in the table as much as is needful.

If you feel I have forgotten to update the table or that my math is wrong, let me know OOC or DM me and I will fix it. Likewise, if I make a mistake on the Character/GM Complications/Assets lists, let me know and I'll fix it. These also get updated when I update the IC thread.

Character Played by d6 d8 d10 XP d6 d8 d10 d12 PP
Waryn Llayne 3 4 5 D0a.png 1
Spanner NinjaPaladin 3 4 5 D0a.png 1
Dodgy Tim SirMoogle 3 4 5 D0a.png 1
Character 4 Kittlefish 3 4 5 D0a.png 1
Character 5 3 4 5 D0a.png 1
GM brahnamin 5

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Complications and Assets[edit]

Character Complications[edit]

d6 d8 d10 d12

Character Assets[edit]

d6 d8 d10 d12

Note: Assets with 2 PP invested will be marked with an [E] to denote episode-long assets.

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GM Complications[edit]

d6 d8 d10 d12

GM Assets[edit]

d6 d8 d10 d12

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Bar Kesh: City of Swords[edit]

To explore the setting of Urchins, click HERE,

Character Generation[edit]

THIS PAGE has all you need to build a start of game character.

You are welcome to use the following Template for your character sheet or replace it with your own format.
Character Advancement
Wiki Edits: If you are waiting for moderation on your character wiki, go to HERE to get put on the pre-approved list.

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Mod Sets & House Rules[edit]

THESE are the mods we will be using for this game.

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Asset: A temporary trait that represents something helpful to the PC.
Complication: A temporary trait that represents something unhelpful to the PC. If a complication would be stepped up above d12 (or highest trait for NPCs) that character is out of the fight.
Dice Pool: A set of all the dice that will be rolled for an action.
Heroic Success: A roll with a total that's 5 or more higher than the difficulty; it achieves an extra level of success for every 5 points higher.
Hitch: When the player rolls a 1. This die can't be used for the total, and the GM may activate a hitch, giving the player a complication and a plot point; more hitches means a worse complication.
Opportunity: When the GM rolls for opposition and gets a 1, the opposite of a hitch. Players may activate opportunities with plot points.
Plot Points, or PP: A spendable resource, either for one of the benefits listed below or to activate various SFX.
Relationship: A trait that represents both how close a PC is to another character, the help that character can give them, and finally the impressions that character has made on the PC that can help them grow and overcome challenges.
Scene: A scene is a somewhat flexible unit of time, usually until an immediate problem has been dealt with.
Session: A session is a longer period of time including multiple scenes; after each session XP will be distributed and may be spent.

Plot Points & Opportunities[edit]

Plot Points

Add another die from your roll to total: Hitches can never be added
Activate an opportunity: See Opportunities below
Create a D6 relationship: You may spend a PP to create a temporary D6 relationship with a character; this lasts until the end of the session.
Create a temporary D6 asset: You may spend a PP to gain a D6 asset until the end of a scene in which it was rolled, or it no longer makes sense to keep it. This must make sense, but can generally be fairly flexible.
Let other characters use an asset: You may spend a PP to make an asset available to any character(s) you choose for a scene.
Keep an asset: You can spend a PP to keep an asset until the end of the session.
Effect an additional target: You may spend a PP to have an action effect an additional target, giving them an additional asset or complication (if they do not successfully defend). Please note this before rolling, in the roll's description if possible.


Step down a complication: When the GM rolls at least one opportunity, you may pay a PP to step a complication down once for each opportunity (in a single die pool).
Temporarily step up an Asset: When the GM rolls at least one opportunity, you may step up an asset or signature asset by one for each opportunity (in a single die pool) until the end of the scene.

Plot Point Bidding[edit]

PBP format doesn't work well for Player/GM back and forth, so I do my best to avoid it. This means the bidding aspect of spending PP on a roll kinda drops off. Instead, I find it helpful for players to indicate (if you are able) how many resources you are willing to spend (if any) to succeed on the roll. I will do my best to make sure those PP are spent as economically as possible to achieve your desired outcome.

If my NPC is willing (presuming I have the PP to burn) to spend enough GM PP that you cannot succeed, I will let you know that so you don't have to burn PP if you don't want to on a failed action (though you always have the option to spend your PP to force me to spend mine in those situations).

If I am requiring an action of you (defending vs an attack, random notice check, etc) I will roll stakes so you know what you are rolling against, and I will tell you what PP I am willing to spend. I don't generally pre-roll for actions I think you might take no matter how obvious it might seem, because I don't want to influence how you choose to act in a scene.

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While a game built around factions implies a fairly significant amount of player vs player conflict, I prefer not to run games that lean heavily to that assumption. If you want to do something that directly acts against another player there are two options.

  • Unilateral Permission: The other player agrees to your action. No rolls are needed. Just RP it out.
  • Limited Permission: The other player doesn't agree that it is an automatic thing, but does agree to let the dice decide.

Note: If the players involved do not agree to PVP, it doesn't happen. Move on with something else.

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Recruitment Thread

[ OOC Thread]

[ IC Thread]

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Orokos Online Dice Roller.

Absences Thread If you can't post for whatever reason let us know here or in OOC.

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Post Frequency

  • I am asking for a daily posting commitment for this game as a general rule, with the understanding that posting might be less frequent on weekends and holidays.

Post Absences

  • If you will NOT be able to post, for whatever reason, please ping us in OOC so we know what is going on or post to the Absences Thread (I pretty much check that thing every time it lights up).

Post Formatting

  • Please bold your character's name at the top of each IC post OR bold the first instance of your character's name in the body of the post. We all game with lots of folk, sometimes with the same players in different games; this just makes it easier to keep track of which character we're addressing.
  • If you are addressing another PC in your post it is helpful to bold their character name as well so it stands out for them.
  • OOC blocks are fine for showing dice rolls and brief OOC comments directly related to a particular post. Please sblock if you need to include large blocks of text related to your IC post. All other OOC content should go in the OOC thread itself. Do not post dice rolls or actions in the OOC Thread.
  • Please link all dice rolls back to your dice roller.

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Player Alternates[edit]

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