Valeria Hawthorn (Pokemon Harmony)

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Valeria Hawthorn

A Trainer in Pokemon Harmony

Current Status[edit]

Hit Points: 50/50
Injuries: None
Combat Stages:

Action Points: 0/5
Trainer Level: 2
Trainer Experiences: 1



Valeria Hawthorn is the daughter of the local Pokemon Professor, Erika Hawthorn. She grew up around and with Pokemon and knows them well, and often helped her mother with her work. While she wants to study Pokemon, she is more interested in field work than lab work. Her theoretical knowledge is merely decent but she has a staggering wealth of practical experience, enough to recognize at a glance what sets a Pokemon apart from others of its kind. Valeria wants to explore the world, to see all manner of Pokemon both in the wild and together with humans. She is interested in participating in the League, but mostly because she considers it a chance to meet strong and unique Trainers and Pokemon you don't have the chance to meet anywhere else.

Valeria is a cute girl with a slight build, a little on the short side for her age. She has blond hair that flows down to her shoulders and amber eyes. Val is a sweet, lively girl with a knack for getting along with humans and Pokemon alike. Her open and trusting nature can sometimes cause people to underestimate her intelligence, but her cheerfulness is not an act.

Valeria is mildly psychic, which gives her an affinity for that Pokemon type. She generally does not read minds without permission, as she considers that to be very rude, but she gleefully makes use of her ability to communicate with Pokemon directly with her thoughts rather than clumsy words.

Val stores the data she collects on trainers and Pokemon on her Pokedex, a customized variant she's been tinkering with for a while. It also has a vast collection of music, as an unrelated aside.


Adept: Perception
Novice: Charm, Intuition, Focus, General Education, Pokemon Education, Tech Education
Untrained: Acrobatics, Athletics, Stealth, Survival, Medicine Education, Occult Education, Command
Pathetic: Combat, Intimidate, Guile


Curious Child: Adept Perception, Novice General Education, Pathetic Combat, Intimidate, Guile


Novice Focus
Elemental Connection (Psychic)
Basic Psionics
Iron Mind
Novice Technology Education
Basic Balls


Agility Training (free)
Hobbyist (Novice Charm, Novice Pokemon Education, Novice Intuition)
Dilettante (Groomer, PokeManiac, both with Perception)
Chronicler (Profile Archive)


Combat Stats[edit]

HP 12
Attack 5
Defense 5
Special Attack 8
Special Defense 6
Speed 11

Derived Stats[edit]

5 AP
50 Hit Points
Physical Evasion 1
Special Evasion 1
Speed Evasion 2
Power 4
High Jump 0
Long Jump 1
Overland Speed 5
Swim Speed 2
Throwing Range 6
Size M, WC 3

Moves Known (including Stats)[edit]

Struggle Attack (not a Move, STAB never applies)
Type: Normal
Frequency: At-Will
AC: 4
Damage Base 4: 1d8+11 / 16
Class: Physical
Range: Melee

Move: Confusion
Type: Psychic
Frequency: At-Will
AC: 2
Damage Base 5: 1d8+16 / 21
Class: Special
Range: 6, 1 Target
Effect: Confusion Confuses the target on 19+.


Ceinwen, a Ralts. Level 6: 53 EXP

Rhys, a Budew. Level 8: 71 EXP

Ariana, a Phanpy, Level 5: 40 EXP


A customized Pokedex with a variety of apps for storing notes on Pokemon and many other things which catch Valeria's fancy.
First Aid Kit
Groomer's Kit
Poké Ball Tool Box
Sleeping Bag
Utility Rope
2 Poke Balls
3 potions


Trainer Archive[edit]

Brian Cole, David Kirby, Emily Mould, Erika Hawthorn, Jonathan Blake, Mary McDonald

Unarchived Trainer Records[edit]

Pokemon Archive[edit]

Ampharos, Arcanine, Arbok, Bonsly, Budew, Bulbasaur, Bunnelby, Combee, Cubone, Dedenne, Flaaffy, Geodude, Houndour, Kangaskhan, Mareep, Omanyte, Pachirisu, Phanphy, Ralts, Sandshrew

Unarchived Pokemon Records[edit]

Technique Archive[edit]

Unarchived Technique Records[edit]

Absorb, Ancient Power, Confusion, Constrict, Double Team, Ember, Growl, Growth, Gust, Harden, Howl, Leech Seed, Leer, Mud Slap, Mud Sport, Peck, Quick Attack, Sand Attack, Steel Wing, Sweet Scent, Tackle, Thunder Shock, Water Gun, Water Sport, Withdraw

Location Archive[edit]

Unarchived Location Records[edit]

Ambermere, Clearbrook, Route 1