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Veksvale is a mountain village that Vek Hendrake created. Personal Shadow-3 Pips.

The elevation drops regularly for 200 miles west to the low land plains with elevations ranging from 1500' to sea level for 2000 miles. Elevation changes from 8000 to 11,500 for 1000 miles north and south. 3 Miles East of the center of Veksvale is a sheer cliff dropping 11,900' to a deep sea 500' The Cliff extends such for 1000 mils north and south then drops dramatically for 500 miles on each side to elevation.

Technologically the world is in the 1850 range with steam locomotives and machinery. Gunpowder works. High and Low Order MAgics work but are largley unknown. Many people have "Knacks". Small magical abilities ranging from cantips to 3rd level Magery spells managed in many ways. Hexery, a low order magic based on the creation of charms, weaves, and symbols is practiced.


Pattern of Amber arrival[edit]


Information and Map[edit]


Residents of Veksvale[edit]

Dowser of Veksvale[edit]


Unofficially for many years, and recently made officially, the Mayor of Veksvale and liaison to everyone else.

name: Veksvale other name: Cliffside World of Asakara
leader_title: Sallap leader_name: Vek Hendrake Resident leader: Cala Gresdin
Village population_:200 Locally. 3000 regionally elevation_ft=11,942 World Population: 1,300,000,000 Tech Level: 1850
Personal shadow 1 Pip. Restricted entrance-Trump Access. 2 Pip Time:30 to 1 to 9 in Amber
Winter: Ave 38 (5-45) Spring: Ave 48 (30-70) Summer: Ave 60 (40-90) Fall: Ave 48 (30-70)