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Vonnilia was a simple leprechaun girl once upon a time.

Then she was taken by Yog-Sothoth and forced to bear children.

She has not been well since.

In many realms she is called She who Slept with Monsters .

In some places she is worshiped as a deity. She chaffs at the godhead and those that pray to her.

She spends a great deal of time around Lisel, of Lisel's Teahouse, because she knows Yog-Sothoth has reasons to fear her.

Vonny is a member of CHAD because her old running buddies have defended her in dire times of troubles and she trusts them.

She fears many things and may act out. She fears her children will visit her.



Shaharazad travels with her and defends her. He once scratched Yog's face.

Digan the Ruby Mage is often in her presence and is prepared to defend her and comfort her after battle.

Vonnillia hates Fortunadas because of the deal he made with Yog that eventually guaranteed Vonnila's safety while she retained her madness. Her madness remains partly because the seed of Yog remains and every few centuries, a seed will blossom.