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Wisrtum is...

Wisrtum is a wiki-based, collaberative, system independant, Medieval-Themed Classic Fantasy role playing game setting composed of Creative Commons Share-Alike content; maintained by the RPGnet community. See the help pages for information on getting started and the community portal for ways you can help. Feel free to ask questions or experiment in the sandbox.

Today's featured article

The exact nature of the Chupacabra is a mystery. Sages are devided as to weather or not they are a natural part of the world's ecology. A small number of sages have been lucky enough observe these creatures in the wild. A much smaller number still have been able to capture and experiment upon them. Majority opinion at this time is that they are a natural part of the ecology.

Historically, the sage Herestius, seems to be the loudest detractor from this option. He was able to vivisect several specimens. What survives of his writings suggest that these creatures are the product of overzealous experimentation with Transmutation magic. Unfortunately, authentic copies of his lab journals survive, and almost none have been able to reproduce his fortune of capturing live specimens. Therefore to some at least, the mystery of the Chupacabra is an open one.

How can I help?

The Wisrtum setting is in its infancy. A lot of foundational work is needed right now. More than anything a list of surface continents, and basic geographical features of the world needs to be discussed and codified by the community. For more information, please see the Geographical Development and Map Contest articles for more information.

Improvement Drive


Here are some things You Can Do :

  • Produce entirely new content.
  • Create an interesting NPC.
  • Create a political or religious faction.
  • Convert an existing NPC's stats into another RPG's system.
  • Assist other members in the R&D process of Wisrtum's cultures and history.

New Articles...

Wisrtum is expaning: new pages are being created for the campaign-setting wiki all the time. For the latest community created content, see any of the following new articles: