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The World Stone is the principle magical item in the Tosian Sway of the Tosa/York Multiverse. it is believed to be a shadow of the Jewel of Judgment.

In practice and popular mythology, the World Stone grants Godhood to individual who touches it. This s how the Tosian world religion has generated for eons with the possession of the stone transferring the pantheon's membership. Known cycles of the World Stone have included the Old Gods (Natural forces gods), the Single Bringer, The Orukarin (and orcish religion), and the Elders of Eldomire. The Pantheon of the Elders of Eldomire included the Old Gods of Nature as well as a dozen different named deities. It was supplanted when the World Stone was claimed by Jeremy LockPick Fairhand.

Current Pantheon of The Tosian Exemplar[edit]

  • Jeremy Lockpick Fairhand-Magic
  • Alexandir Kos Korag-War
  • Venki Fairhand-Wind,Song, and Nature
  • Dolki Fairhand-Soldiery, Farming.
  • Tolknor Scripter-Wisdom, Time
  • Grog-Dwarves
  • Mitcholt-Lust
  • Mikon-Fire
  • Zatonic-Strength
  • Geata-Motherhood & women warriors
  • Merceno-Assasins & Poisoners
  • Harriet-Healing
  • Digan-Gems and entertaining
  • Caland-The Fool
  • Vomil-Brutes and Beserkers.


The World Stone is a round, smooth blue diamond 30 cm in diameters. It has images in it of the creatures and lifeforms feeding it.

Other Theories[edit]

While the belief that it creates Gods is the vast commonly accepted belief, many in the magical community consider it to be a power focus. they claim it gains its power by channeling a tiny bit of the life force of all living thing in the Tosian Sway of millions of worlds. From algae and fungus, to trees and grasses to fish, animals and sentient races, they all give a tiny bit of their life force to the Stone and in return they gain a beief that anyone having touched the stone is somehow an object of veneration.

The Passage of the Stone[edit]

The stone occasionally goes into a form of hibernation. The reasons are unclear though Jeremy has claimed it is because the veneration given the possessors and those in the current power conduit lose the attraction of the people, causing them to subtly stop supplying life force to the stone till it reaches a point it must regenerate it powers. At this time those in the power system of the stone are phased out the deeper the stone goes into it hibernation, till it is awoken again, as it was when he and his traveling companions found it in the depths of Eldimior. Then those who touch it become the new gods.

Cold Foe[edit]

there are some who believe that a degree of complacency and tiredness of those empowered by the stone causes it to go into hibernation. Then, those of the old pantheon are slowly forgotten and whil the stone recharge the old pantheon loes its powers, some returning to less then they were before they touched the stone. Thee failed gods often become bitter, and are often seen as foes or demons by future generations of the stone.

World Stone in the Current Multiverse[edit]

  • The stone was unsealed by Jeremy Lockpick Fairhand and his companion.
  • It was briefly held by Nur al Din El musifar.
  • It is widely believed the stone is in the possession of Conf of Shadows