Nur al Din El musifar

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Nur al din El Musifar is a person of legend in the Tosa/York multiverse.

Born in The city of Wall, Tosa. He was a nimble gutter-rat who became a traveling companion of many of the great Tosa/York heroes and gods. While he did not personally touch the World Stone it is rumored he once possessed it.

Over time it is rumored that Tolknor time-traveled and fathered him. While these rumors may not be true the fact is that Nur did assay the pattern of Amber before it fell, has walked York and Plymouth.

A Total Warrior, he rose to the rank of Field Captain before pursuing Chaos studies. He gained the rank of Thrice Crowned Bard with crowns Tosa, York, and Chaos. He became an arch mage of Tosa.

In the Wars of Chaos, led by High Lord Koob, he sided with Chaos unitll Koob's mania extended past humbling Amber and to destroying it. At the end he was instrumental in the deception that allowed King Random to flee, hand Amber to Tolknor, who fought till Koob entered the Castle Amber and descend the final stair. With all its shadows boiled off or subsumed by York Nur held the final door against Koob while Tolknor erased the Primal Pattern. Tolknor took the Rock Kolvir to York where Koob failed to assail it.

In time Nur al din assumed the High Lordship of Chaos after the wandering of Koob took him deep into the west.

Political infighting in Chaos at the Time of the Patternfall War caused Nur to be ousted from th High Lordship in his nook of Chaos.

His whereabouts are unknown. He ha been seen in the presence of Hazarda and Timothy Elhue