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"The speed of my fists is without match, and without compare in efficiency. With one sweep of my arms, I fell eight foes. With one step, I launch eight punches at my battered enemy!"


This page is a Lore Sheet for the Cyclone Boxing Techniques, a set of Wushu Secrets that concentrate on speed of attacks, and on beating down multple weaker opponents. They're a good choice for those who want to be mook-killers without par, and who want to be able to make more attacks per turn than anyone else! It also synergises well with a strong Thunder trigram.

These techniques can only be used for physical conflict.

The attack techniques on this Lore Sheet can only be used for physical attacks. The practitioner must be attacking with his fists to benefit from this fighting style. At the GM's discretion, fast blunt melee weapons (such as short staves, or tonfa) may also be applicable.

There are no defence techniques on this Lore Sheet!


The attacks on this Lore Sheet all have the Mook-Killer keyword. Though this is explained in the Keywords section, its worth reproducing the rules here as its such a key concept:

  • This effect can only target or effect enemies that have Physical, Mental and Social Traits of 1 or less.

Strike Once, Eight Fall[edit]

The Xia warrior sweeps with his fists in a broad arc, and this combines with mobile footwork to smash down his weak foes!

Cost: 2 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Attack; Modifier; Physical; Mook-Killer; Aftertouch;

Effect: If you defeat the target you are attacking, a number of other enemies within your reach equal to your Thunder Trigram are also defeated.

Hammering Fist Rhythm[edit]

Hit an enemy just once? That's for weaker kung fu styles.

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Attack; Action; Physical; Mook-Killer; Multi-Attack;

Effect: Make an attack with your fist against a single enemy. If the enemy is not defeated, then make an additional attack.

Whirlwind Fist Stance[edit]

The Xia stands with arms outstretched to either side, fists clenched tightly. Dare his massed enemies approach?

Cost: 1 Yang Chi and 1 Yin Chi to adopt this stance.

Keywords: Stance; Physical; Mook-Killer;

Effect: Reduce the Chi Cost of the two other techniques on this sheet by 1 Yang Chi each (i.e. 1 Yang Chi for Strike Once, Eight Fall, and 0 Yang Chi for Hammering Fist Rhythm).

Maintain: The stance is not suitable against skilled opponents, and is a liability in such situations. If you attack or are attacked by an enemy with a Physical Trait of 2 or higher, the stance ends.


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