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This page links to Lore Sheets for various Wushu Secret styles. Within each Lore Sheet is a selection of Wushu secrets that your character might choose to learn.

Common Styles[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent common martial arts. These are the sort of martial arts that starting characters would be likely to know, and which are easily acquired and learnt. Teachers of these styles are found in every major city, and have well known and well established monastery-schools. Of course, few will ever master them to the degree that the Xia can!

  • Xia: Eight Trigram Wushu - This is the Tao of fighting... eight fundamental techniques that tap the qualities of the warrior's soul.

Rare Styles[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent rarer martial arts. Starting characters will not normally have access to these, at least not without GM agreement. Seeking out a teacher or lore scrolls for these styles is a quest in itself, and knowledge of these fighting techniques must be earned, rather than just given for the asking.

  • Xia: Guqin Cuts The Air - A mystical fighting style that uses the notes of the guqin to fill the air with invisible blades.
  • Xia: Sword of Wild Crane - A flamboyant sword style that throws out powerful waves of yang chi. Good for players who want to mix magic and swordplay.
  • Xia: Twelve Zodiac Stances - In time, animal kung fu stances will become widespread across the middle kingdom. At present, such techniques are still rare and exciting, and have much greater power thanks to their primal forms.


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