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This page links to Lore Sheets for various Heart Secret styles. Within each Lore Sheet is a selection of Heart secrets that your character might choose to learn.

Common Styles[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent common social techniques. These are the sort of techniques that starting characters would be likely to know, and which are easily acquired and learnt. Courtiers and socialites regard these as fundamental techniques - a part of the basic training of anyone who is serious about heart techniques. Teachers are not hard to find, and there are even abundant textbooks discussing the techniques.

  • Xia: Eightfold Path of Persuasion - This is the Tao of persuasion... applying the lessons of Taoism to social interaction, and maximising the power and efficiency of chi use in social discourse.

Rare Styles[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent rarer heart techniques. Starting characters will not normally have access to these, at least not without GM agreement. These styles are harder to find, either because they are more esoteric or because they access ideas alien or foreign to the Middle Kingdom.


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