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"I raise my hand to call for silence, and adopt the orator's pose. All eyes and ears turn to me. I speak one quiet word, but it echoes in the hearts of all who hear me. A single raindrop, but enough to move an ocean."


This page is a Lore Sheet for the Raindrop Moves The Ocean, a set of Heart Secrets that relate to mass-effect social conflict.

Note that you don't have to be skilled in this Lore Sheet to address crowds outside of conflict situations - it is assumed that in general speeches and mass manipulation can be handled by GM fiat, or by using the optional skill test systems.

These techniques relate purely to those who want to be able to defeat multiple weak opponents in combat at once.

These techniques can only be used for social conflict, for social attacks and social defences.


The attacks on this Lore Sheet all have the Mook-Killer keyword. Though this is explained in the Keywords section, its worth reproducing the rules here as its such a key concept:

  • This effect can only target or effect enemies that have a Physical, Mental and Social Trait of 1 or less.

One Speaks, Many Listen[edit]

The centre of attention, the Xia speaks his words, and every fool in the audience thinks that he is the target of the Xia's words.

Cost: 2 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Attack; Modifier; Social; Mook-Killer; Aftertouch;

Attack: If you defeat the target you are attacking, a number of other enemies within your reach equal to your Thunder Trigram are also defeated.

Words Fall Like Raindrops[edit]

Why attack just once? You have to be aggressive to get your point across.

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Attack; Action; Social; Mook-Killer; Multi-Attack;

Attack: Make an attack with your words against a single enemy. If the enemy is not defeated, then make an additional attack.

Orator's Posture[edit]

The Xia stands ready to declaim, and draws all attention to himself.

Cost: 1 Yang Chi and 1 Yin Chi to adopt this stance.

Keywords: Stance; Social; Mook-Killer;

Effect: Reduce the Chi Cost of the two other techniques on this sheet by 1 Yang Chi each (i.e. 1 Yang Chi for One Speaks, Many Listen, and 0 Yang Chi for Words Fall Like Raindrops).

Maintain: The posture assumes you are the centre of attention, and falls apart if other competent socialisers are about. If you attack or are attacked by an enemy with a Social Trait of 2 or higher, the posture ends.


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