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Horse-Headed Demons from Feng Tu are famed amongst their kind for their mastery of strategy and their unwavering loyalty to their masters. For this reason they are often employed as generals of demonkind, taking their place at the head of legions of cult-sworn humans and demonic shock troops.


  • Physical 4
  • Mental 4
  • Social 3

Demon Trigrams[edit]

  • Hell 4 (equivalent to Heaven)
  • Chaos 3 (equivalent to Fire)
  • Storm 2 (equivalent to Wind)
  • Lightning 1 (equivalent to Thunder)
  • Mud 1 (equivalent to Earth)
  • Blood 2 (equivalent to Water)
  • Smoke 3 (equivalent to Mist)
  • Bone 4 (equivalent to Mountain)

Demon Trigrams can be channelled in the same way normal "natural" trigrams can (i.e. Hell for Accuracy, Chaos for Power, etc.)

However, they provide none of the other benefits that the natural trigrams normally do. For example, having a high Blood Trigram doesn't give protection against Fire-based Trigrams in the same way that a high Water Trigram would. Also, significantly. Demon Trigrams don't provide Yang Chi or Yin Chi.

Chi Pools[edit]

  • Demon Chi 15

Demon Chi is spent to activate monster powers and to channel Demon Trigrams. It is not interchangeable with Yang Chi or Yin Chi.

Resilience Pools[edit]

  • Physical Resilience 26
  • Mental Resilience 26
  • Social Resilience 22

Kung Fu Secrets[edit]

  • Battlefield Telepathy

The Horse Head Demon forges black iron war-fans which he gives to the commanders and unit leaders under his command. These fans are decorrated with eyes and mouths. The Horse Head demon can see through the eyes of his willing subordinate, and also speak with the subordinate's voice.

In game terms, this adds +60% to the communications his army has (by default this is +3 to motion, assuming all else is equal).

  • Feng Tu Has No Mercy

At cost of 2 Demon Chi the Horse Head Demon can double the Power of his mental attacks or physical attacks, after all other modifiers.

  • Sacrifice on War's Altar

When attacked in a mental conflict that relates to the command of war-minions, if the Horse-Head Demon does not channel any Demon Chi in defence, then he gains Demon Chi equal to the Yang Chi or Demon Chi the enemy expended this on this attack.

  • Rise to Fight Again

The dead do not rest easy when the Horse-Head Demon leads his army! Corpses reanimate, and banished demons return again!

In a mental conflict that relates to the command of war-minions, the Horse-Head Demon can choose to regain mental resilience up to or equal to his Mud Trigram at the start of each round as a free action, but this costs him Demon Chi equal to the amount healed.


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