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This page presents a selection of non-player characters. Because they're non player characters, they're not made according to any hard and fast character generation rules. They're more just thrown together.

To make it easier for you then, we've divided them into categories:

Mooks and Extras[edit]

You can throw this sort of enemy at the Xia characters by the handful, as they'll present little challenge.

Equivalent Power[edit]

These are the sorts of NPCs who the Xia heroes will see as equivalent threats. One of them makes a good duelling partner for a single Xia, and a gang of them can trouble a gang of Xia!

Big Hitters[edit]

These are the NPCs who make the Xia start to look nervous. Whent hey turn up, the chi is going to hit the fan. In a one-on-one fight, they will leave most Xia broken, bloodied and humiliated. With an entire gang of Xia, one Big Hitter can be beaten... though its not guaranteed. Of course, once the Xia have fifty or a hundred XP under their belt these threats will seem less godlike, and likely can be beaten by one or two mighty Xia...


These are the threats you roll out at the end of a Xia's career, when you want to show them how far they've come. Alternatively, of course, you can bring them out at the start of the campaign to show them what a long way they have to go. A team of 4-5 Xia will need about 150-200 XP apiece to be able to take on a foe of this threat level.

Gods and the greatest of demons belong in this category - by the time the Xia are strong enough to take them on, they'll be the sort of heroes who can make heaven tremble with their passing footsteps!


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