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Its hundreds of feet long, has a snake-head and snake body and tail, but three pairs of arms in which it wields giant swords. In other nations it has been known as the Nagah and as the Scion of Apep. Here in the Middle Kingdom, its just a Hungry Giant Snake Demon.

This demon isn't one that messes around with hiding in human form - its a sheer force of nature, and a living engine of destruction. There's no subtlety here - just massive power.


  • Physical 3
  • Mental 1
  • Social 1

For those of you wondering "wtf? why so weak?", these traits reflect that the giant snake demon isn't a natural creature with power from muscles and blood, but rather a demon, whose main motive strength comes from his demon chi and his powerful demon trigrams. Indeed, if its demon chi is depleted, the creature will barely be able to lift his own massive bulk.

Demon Trigrams[edit]

  • Hell 4 (equivalent to Heaven)
  • Chaos 6 (equivalent to Fire)
  • Storm 1 (equivalent to Wind)
  • Lightning 1 (equivalent to Thunder)
  • Mud 2 (equivalent to Earth)
  • Blood 5 (equivalent to Water)
  • Smoke 1 (equivalent to Mist)
  • Bone 8 (equivalent to Mountain)

Demon Trigrams can be channelled in the same way normal "natural" trigrams can (i.e. Hell for Accuracy, Chaos for Power, etc.)

However, they provide none of the other benefits that the natural trigrams normally do. For example, having a high Blood Trigram doesn't give protection against Fire-based Trigrams in the same way that a high Water Trigram would. Also, significantly. Demon Trigrams don't provide Yang Chi or Yin Chi.

Chi Pools[edit]

  • Demon Chi 25

Demon Chi is spent to activate monster powers and to channel Demon Trigrams. It is not interchangeable with Yang Chi or Yin Chi.

Resilience Pools[edit]

  • Physical Resilience 34
  • Mental Resilience 18
  • Social Resilience 18

Kung Fu Secrets[edit]

  • Amphibious

The Snake Demon function equally well in and out of water.

  • Army-killer

The Hungry Giant Snake Demon has four sword-arms, can vomit out streams of acid and bile, has a big whipping tail and a collection of funky supernatural killing effects to suit every occasion. Also, he's damn scary. On his turn, he can activate the Army Killer power for 3 Demon Chi. If he does so, he makes one attack against each enemy in the conflict. He may not activate any other multiple attack powers this turn, but otherwise has no upper limit to the number of attacks he can make this turn from this power.

  • Demonscale armour

Whenever the Hungry Giant Snake Demon takes physical damage he can choose to spend 1 Demon Chi. If he does so, he can reduce the damage received by 5 points. This can reduce it to zero.

  • Demonic Regeneration

Once per turn, as a free action spend X Demon Chi to regenerate X Physical Resilience. X may not exceed Bone trigram. Cannot use if reduced to 0 physical resilience.

  • Superb Demonic Confidence

Once per turn, as a free action spend X Demon Chi to regenerate 2X Mental or Social Resilience. X may not exceed Hell trigram. Cannot use if reduced to 0 of either of above resiliences.

  • Strength in Chaos

Spend an action to regenerate Demon Chi equal to Chaos Trigram.

  • Point of Weakness

Each Snake Demon has a specific weakness to one material (such as hong-mu rosewood, or green jade). If attacked with this material then he cannot use his demonscale armour power, and cannot use demonic regeneration on those injuries. Defeating the Snake Demon in mental conflict will allow a studious Xia to discover this weakness.

  • Croaked

On death (physical defeat) a Snake Demon vomits out a swarm of frogs - D6 for each point of Demon Chi he has left. The vast majority of these will die within a few days, but up to D6 will mature into Merciless Frog Warriors and D6-3 into Hungry Giant Snake Demons. The newborn/newly-vomited frogs burst and die if struck with weapons, of if a naked flame touches their skin.


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