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They're just mooks!

The Mook is a generic footsoldier of the enemy, dangerous only when found in large numbers, and sometimes not even then.

A Mook may carry a ranged weapon or a melee weapon, but is no more deadly for it. His role is to die before the Xia's blades!


  • Physical 1
  • Mental 1
  • Social 1



Mooks have no affinity for chi, and so have Trigram ratings of 0 all round.

Chi Pools[edit]


Resilience Pools[edit]

  • Physical Resilience 10
  • Mental Resilience 10
  • Social Resilience 10

If you really want to hammer home how weak mooks are, drop their Resilience ratings to 5. This is especially appropriate when you are serving up mooks by the score or the hundred.

Kung Fu Secrets[edit]

None, obviously.

Mooks and Mass Attacks[edit]

When multiple mooks are attacking one Xia hero, simply treat them as a single attack, with Motion = number of mooks, Power = 1, Accuracy = 1 and Initiative = 1.

Note that mass attacking in this way actually gives an advantage to the defending hero, as any defensive techniques he applies will apply to the whole bundle.

It also speeds up game play immeasurably!


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