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Just a mook! Or is it?

The Mook with a Twist is a generic mook or a super-mook, that happens to have a special power of some sort.


Either take those of an ordinary mook, or of a super-mook. For example:

Cavalry Lancers:

  • Physical 1
  • Mental 1
  • Social 1

Living Shadow:

  • Physical 3
  • Mental 2
  • Social 1



Even Mooks with a Twist can't mess around with chi, and so have Trigram ratings of 0 all round.

Chi Pools[edit]

None still.

Resilience Pools[edit]

Cavalry Lancers:

  • Physical Resilience 5 or 10
  • Mental Resilience 5 or 10
  • Social Resilience 5 or 10

Living Shadow:

  • Physical Resilience 13
  • Mental Resilience 12
  • Social Resilience 11

Kung Fu Secrets[edit]

This is where you add the twist, giving the mook a power of some sort. Don't go overboard here, they're still mooks!


Cavalry Lancers: Lance Charge - When the mooks make a mounted charge into combat, add +1 to the physical attack's power, accuracy and motion.

Living Shadow: Bifurcate! - When a Living Shadow is physically defeated, roll a dice. On a roll of 1 or 2, two new Living Shadows are generated! This power cannot be used if the Living Shadow is under direct bright light when it is defeated, or if it is defeated by an attack that incorporares fire or jade weapons.


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