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"Only the unenlightened refer to these techniques as Magic. No, these secrets are from mere understanding, from seeing the principles of Tao that lie above and beyond the ordinary, and applying them with discipline and intelligence."


This page is a Lore Sheet for Tao Elementalism, a set of eight Magics that directly tap the power of the eight trigrams.

Reveal True Form![edit]

Under light of heaven, illusion and disguise breaks!.

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Action;

Effect: As an action, you shout "Reveal True Form" and focus your perceptions, for example by rubbing spit in your eyes, or by aiming feng shui mirrors at the target. The target who you focus on is forced to revert to his natural form, shedding any supernatural disguises, illusions and transformations.

Burn the Hungry Ghost[edit]

With righteous and fiery chi, this weapon shall burn the ghosts to nothingness!

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Action;

Effect: As an action, you may enchant a single item in your possession. Until the end of the current conflict, that item may be used to make physical attacks against ghosts. For example, you could enchant a bowl of milk so that it burns ghosts ike acid, or enchant a twig so that it strikes them like a sword. Note that without this spell, ghosts are normally immune to physical harm. Note that its generally out of keeping with the tone of wuxia stories to use a spell like this to enchant an actual weapon, though there are no mechanical penalties or advantages from doing so.

Thunderclap Movement[edit]

You are not here, but there! They will not see you move, but they will hear it!

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Modifier; Inherent Style; Mobility;

Effect: When you cast this spell, you clap your hands and there is a loud bang and a puff of smoke. You materialise anywhere within line of sight. This does not take an action, but is limited by the Mobility keyword.

Lightfoot Technique[edit]

Wind Chi lends your feet lightness, and even the water's surface can take your weight!

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Modifier; Inherent Style;

Effect: For the remainder of your turn you can move across and liquid or material surface as if it were solid and stable flooring. This can include water, thin branches, the heads of enemies, or even a whip as it coils outwards. Even especially thick smoke could provide a platform for you to run across.

No Mind[edit]

Perfect Passivity is Perfect Awareness.

Cost: 1 Yin Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Modifier;

Effect: Spend 1 Yin Chi at any time (no action required) to activate no mind awareness. You immediately can see anything around you that was previously magically invisible, or deliberately concealed from you by magic. Once you are aware of such entities or items, you remain aware of them for the rest of the scene/conflict.

Purify Chi[edit]

Clean chi washes away contamination.

Cost: 1 Yin Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Modifier OR Action;

Effect: Any ongoing chi or magic based negative effects affecting a target immediately end. You can activate Purify Chi on yourself at any time without any action, and on other people with a touch as a single action.

Peaceful Stance[edit]

With Qi Gung you can stand still, regulate your breathing, and let the world wash past you.

Cost: 1 Yin Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Preparation;

Effect: You can only use Peaceful Stance if noone is currently paying active attention to you. Once cast, you fade from notice. Though you are still there, and still visible, others will look past you and disregard your presence, acting as if you were not there. The effect ends if you take action of any sort other than perceiving your surroundings and staying still, or if someone is forced to acknowledge your presence (for example if they are trying to walk through a doorway you are stood blocking). The No Mind spell will also reveal your presence, but only to the No Mind spellcaster.

Stranger's Face[edit]

A haze of mists enfold you, and others see a stranger when they look at you.

Cost: 1 Yin Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Preparation;

Effect: When this spell is cast, a thin mist dances across your skin. Others will not notice this mist, but when they look at you will see a stranger of nondescript appearance. Though you are still you (and your gender, race, etc are the same) even your closest family will not recognise you, and if asked later to describe you would have great difficulty doing so.


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