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"Very impressive, your sword waving and your pretty somersaults. But can you do this?"


This page links to Lore Sheets for various Magics. Within each Lore Sheet is a selection of Magics that your character might choose to learn.

Common Styles[edit]

There isn't really such a thing as "common" magic, as spellcasters are by their nature exceptional. However, the Lore Sheets linked below represent magic lore that is not hard to find, as the spells are well known to a majority of sorcerers and because they can be found written down in Imperial libraries and temples. These are the sort of Magics that starting characters would be likely to know, and which are easily acquired and learnt.

Rare Styles[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent rarer magics. Starting characters will not normally have access to these, at least not without GM agreement. Seeking out a teacher or lore scrolls for these styles is a quest in itself, and knowledge of these fighting techniques must be earned, rather than just given for the asking.

  • Xia: The Mystic Sage - A group of arcane effects with a traditional magical feel, but not tied to Taoism.


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