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"Yes, I am a magician, and I can summon incredible forces by application of my mere will. Yes, my sorceries are unnatural and unholy. Are you going to tell me to stop?"


This page is a Lore Sheet for The Mystic Sage, a set of oriental Magics that are strange and wonderful, but with a tendency to warp its practitioners towards eccentricity and hubris. These spells are mostly about special effects and additional tactical options, especially with regards to mobility.

Blood Price[edit]

Sploosh! The mage spills his blood on the earth, and arcane power flows to him!

Cost: 0 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Action;

Effect: As an action, lose 2X Physical Resilience, and gain X Yang Chi. X cannot exceed the Xia's Mountain Trigram.

Flying Cloud[edit]

Foof! A cloud out of nowhere which the kung fu warrior can ride through the sky. Now that's travelling in style!

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Action; Mobility;

Effect: As an action, you summon a flying cloud, which you can then ride (either standing or sitting). The cloud flies at the same speed as a galloping horse, and you can perform most kung fu secrets as normal from the back of it as if you were stood on solid ground. If you are knocked off the cloud, it dissipates. Note that as with most spells, you gain no special numerical combat advantage from being to fly about - its more about style than anything else, though obviously there's utility in being able to fly out of the reach of less mobile opponents.

Entangling Hair[edit]

Splooooom! Out came his eyebrows and hair, and entangled the soldiers in it, head to toe!

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Action; Attack; Concentration;

Effect: As an action, the sage can make his eyebrows, beard and hair suddenly extend and wrap itself around an enemy. This is a physical attack, but it deals no damage, and if successful the target is entangled and cannot move from the spot until the sage releases him, or someone else cuts away or burns the hair (which takes an action but no roll), or the entangled target uses a kung fu secret of some sort that breaks immobility, or teleports, or whatever. An entangled target can still act and fight as normal, but cannot move from the spot where he has been rooted.

Paper Runes[edit]

Boom Boom Boom! Little yellow slips of paper, flying about the place and blowing stuff up!

Cost: 0 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Action; Attack;

Effect: As an action, the sage can make ranged attacks using this spell. He can summon paper slips out of nothingness, so he is never without this weapon!

Tunnelling Mole[edit]

Schlooop! The sage disappears into the mud! Pop! Up he comes, fists swinging!

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Magic; Modifier; Inherent Style; Mobility;

Effect: You can disappear down into the earth, then burst out of the earth at any point within line of sight. There must be continuous earth or rock between here and the target for you to travel through. This does not take an action.


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