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"They say that a true Tao master is unageing, immune to disease, as tough as an ox and able to heal his wounds with nothing but concentration of his chi. The masters tell me that these tricks are nothing, a mere side effect of the important parts of kung fu training... Still, I like the sound of having a flawless immortal body!"


This page is a Lore Sheet for the The Way Of Mastered Qing, a set of Inner Masteries relating to Taoist mastery of the physical self.

Because of the nature of some of these techniques, it is worth noting again the general rule that each Kung Fu secret can only be learnt once by a given Individual.

Persistence of Youthful Qing[edit]

They say that with mastery of Dao, immortality is possible.

Keywords: Continuous;

Effect: You will not age unless you choose to. Theoretically, you could live forever. If you take this at character creation, you are assumed to be at least a couple of hundred years of age at character creation!
Also, your youthful Qing gives you some additional benefits:

  • You are immune to infectious diseases of all sorts, mundane and magical.
  • You are immune to any magic that would age your physical body.
  • You cannot be poisoned by any ingested, air-borne or blood-borne toxin, mundane or magical.

Exceptional Strength of Qing[edit]

Your resilience and health is great, thanks to good breathing.

Keywords: Continuous;

Effect: Add +X to your starting and maximum physical resilience, where X is equal to twice your Mountain Trigram.
Also, your exeptionally strong Qing gives you some additional benefits:

  • Though you can feel pain, it never disables you in any way, and you can choose to disregard it if you choose to do so. This gives complete immunity to pain-based effects.
  • You can hold your breath for several hours at a time, should you choose to do so, with no detrimental effect. This allows you to operate underwater or in choking smoke with no problem.

Regeneration of Qing[edit]

With the right Qi Gung, you can cause your wounds to close!

Cost: 3 Yin Chi.

Keywords: Action;

Effect: As an action you can heal a number of points of physical damage from yourself up to a maximum of your Mountain trigram.
Also, your Qi Gung healing gives you some additional benefits:

  • You always "heal whole". Once you have been restored to full physical resilience, there will be no mark on you to show that you were injured. You will not bruise, or scar and even amputations and deep burns will heal back to wholeness.
  • Should you die, the Qing balance within your body means the body will not decay as normal. Though you will be clearly dead, your body will remain fresh and unrotted from now till forever, as if you had only died minutes earlier. This effect can be ended if someone takes the effort to dismember or physically devestate your body.
  • Outside of Conflicts, you can fully heal your Physical Resilience with no more than a minute's rest.


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