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This page links to Lore Sheets for various Inner Masteries. Within each Lore Sheet is a selection of Inner Masteries that your character might choose to learn.

Common Masteries[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent common mastery sets. These are the sort of masteries that starting characters would be likely to know, and which are easily acquired and learnt. Knowledge of these masteries is not hard to find - most Taoist priests are aware of the basic principles, and even ordinary peasant wisdom may contain pointers as to how to pursue these masteries.

In fact, a Xia with any sort of self-discipline can quite easily teach himself these masteries simply through meditation and the appropriate kung fu exercises! This is a matter of roleplaying more than anything else.

These Masteries are usually referred to as "Ways". Dao (as in Taoism) translates directly as "The Way".

Rare Styles[edit]

The Lore Sheets linked below represent rarer inner masteries. Starting characters will not normally have access to these, at least not without GM agreement. Seeking out a teacher or lore scrolls for these techniques is a quest in itself. Even mastering these skills through self-discovery is a real challenge, and takes determined effort.


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