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"The old men in the park, they play games all day and night. I asked one why, and he told me that he was a martial artist, and that he was honing his skills. I asked to see his forms, and he beat me soundly at ten games of chess. I realised then that he was not toughening his body, but sharpening his mind, and in his own way he was a greater Tao Master than the strongest fighting monk. It was then that he agreed to teach me..."


This page is a Lore Sheet for the The Way Of Perfected Shen, a set of Inner Masteries reflecting intense training of mental strength and acuity.

Because of the nature of some of these techniques, it is worth noting again the general rule that each Kung Fu secret can only be learnt once by a given Individual.

Shen Rules Qing[edit]

Mind over matter. If you don't mind... it doesn't matter.

Keywords: Continuous;

Effect: Physical hardship never affects your mental capacity. Any and all negative physical conditions will never affect your ability to perform in mental conflicts. This includes tiredness, pain, hunger, thirst, discomfort, nausea... and anything else your body can throw at you.

Fortress of Iron Will[edit]

Your mental resilience is incomparable, visualised as an impenetrable fortress of thought that you will allow none to violate.

Keywords: Continuous;

Effect: Add +X to your starting and maximum mental resilience, where X is twice your Mountain Trigram.
Also, your exeptionally strong Shen gives you some additional benefits:

  • You are immune to magical mind control. No creature can ever command your mind through supernatural means.
  • You have no problem concentrating on a task for indefinite amounts of time. Even after six hours straight of solving logic puzzles, you'd still maintain focus as well as for the first few minutes.

Stream of Revitalised Shen[edit]

You can open inner reserves to flood yourself with newfound strength, finding resources deep within.

Cost: 3 Yin Chi.

Keywords: Action;

Effect: As an action you can heal a number of points of mental damage from yourself up to a maximum of your Mountain trigram.
Also, your Shen healing gives you some additional benefits:

  • You are immune to madness and mental illness. You will never hallucinate, nor suffer psychotic delusions.
  • You can calm your emotions perfectly with a moment's concentration. Though social conflict still might persuade you through logic and intelligent discourse, you can never be ruled by your emotional drives. If you choose not to fear, then fear is suppressed. If you choose not to lust, then lust goes away. This calming lasts only as long as you deliberately maintain it, but your concentration is sufficient that you can maintain it for as long as you are awake.


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