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"My spear strikes low, high then low again. Its tip dances back and forth like a hummingbird. My attacks reveal themselves like an unfolding lotus - glorious in their beauty and perfection of form."


This page is a Lore Sheet for the Unfolding Lotus Spear, a set of seven Wushu Secrets that use the traditional longspear, a weapon with a flexible bamboo pole tipped with sharp steel! This is a great style for those who want to maximise the number of dice they roll, and synergises well with strong Wind and Thunder Trigrams. It is also a superb duelling style, as you can turn even a series of non-damaging attacks into a useful effect thanks to the Pressuring the Defence technique.

These techniques can only be used for physical conflict.

The attack techniques on this Lore Sheet can only be used for physical attacks. Normally, a practitioner must have a longspear to benefit from this fighting style, though any weapon that can make two handed long reach thrusting attacks and which holds a point can be used in place. If you are unarmed, you cannot use attacks from this Lore Sheet!

There are no defence techniques on this Lore Sheet!

Hummingbird Spear[edit]

In the time most martial artists could thrust once with a spear, you can move your spear a dozen or more times. Such exertion is exhausting, but the effects can be deadly.

Cost: X Yang Chi.

Keywords: Attack; Action; Physical;

Effect: Make a close combat attack with your spear against a single enemy. Add +X to your Motion for this attack, up to a maximum of your Wind Trigram.

Dance of the Unfolding Lotus[edit]

This is not a static style. These strikes are rooted in footwork - forward to pressure, backwards to gain space, sideways to outflank.

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Attack; Modifier; Physical; Aftertouch; Superior Mobility;

Effect: Use immediately after making a spear attack. You can move a full turn's distance.

Endless Serpent Strike Technique[edit]

The movement of your spear is a blur, and barely has one wound opened before you are inflicting another.

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Modifier; Physical; Mutli-attack; Aftertouch;

Effect: Use only after a spear attack. Make an addtional close combat attack with your spear. Add +1 to the Yang Chi cost of this attack for each subsequent time you use it this turn (i.e. 1 Chi for first extra attack, 2 Chi for second extra attack, 3 Chi for third extra attack, etc.)

No Escape[edit]

"My reach is long and my spear-tip swift - you cannot evade me!"

Cost: 1 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Modifier; Action; Physical;

Effect: Use on a spear attack only. The defender cannot channel Mist (or channel Smoke) against this attack.

Pressuring the Defence[edit]

"Movement is in itself a form of attack - the weak opponent is so bewildered by the weaving speed of the speartip, he can do little but concentrate on defence."

Cost: 3 Yang Chi.

Keywords: Attack; Modifier; Physical; Aftertouch;

Effect: Use only after you have made at least two spear attacks against a target on this turn and not successfully dealt any damage this turn. On the targets next turn, that target may not use any techniques with the Attack keyword.

Limb Piercing Riposte[edit]

Before a blow can land the Xia moves his spear tip, piercing the limb-joints of his attacker and stalling the attack.

Cost: 4 Yin Chi.

Keywords: Defence; Reaction; Physical;

Defence: Defend against a melee attack with this technique, and add your Wind Trigram to your Evasion. If the attack fails to damage you, you deal physical resilience damage to the attacker equal to your Wind Trigram. The target cannot reduce or avoid this damage in any way.

Unfolding Lotus Zodiac Techniques[edit]

Whether moving with serpent speed, or concentrating on the power of the tiger, the Zodiac stances complement the spear-forms well

Prerequisite: You must know at least one stance from the Twelve Zodiac Stances.

Cost: None.

Keywords: Continuous; Physical;

Effect: You can still gain the benefits of the Twelve Zodiac Stances when you are wielding a spear in defence, or attacking with a spear in melee. Note that you must still buy the stances as separate kung fu secrets!


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