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As is told elsewhere Yalla was one of 4 daughters gotten upon Lintra, a royal Hellmaiden of Hendrake by Prince Benedict. Benedict/Hendrake breeding program

During the years after Patternfall Maylon Hendrake researched the Amberite bloodline extensively and created the Heirs and Spares document.

Part of the information discovered In the Heirs and Spares document from Maylon Hendrake was the bloodline inclusion of Yalla Ganth, [[1]] the young granddaughter of Baron Rowensa Ganth of the minor House Ganth

When Darnuthas was destroyed and the program was shut down the residual embryo was forgotten. When the Patternfall occurred many things were shook lose including the frozen embryo. The chaos-created

Soon Alagina became surprisingly pregnant. After giving birth she went into a nearly silent state and has not been seen publicly. She has been treated and investigated by sorcerers at the highest levels.

Yalla and House Ganth[edit]

Raised on the Household property in Green Vale and North Riding. Yalla is in many ways a typical Amberite noblewoman of the reign of King Random. Educated at North Riding Girl's Academy, as well as receiving private tutoring. She was excellent in academics and was active in many social groups though not as a leader. She was surprisingly strong and acrobatic. She attended Fantalin for a 3 year course and was 21 years old when it was discovered that she was of the Blood of Amber and Chaos.

While a practitioner of Tai Chi, a fad among the nobles, she is not overtly military. Her strength led her family to see that he had instructors in martial arts and she did well at them, if not enthusiastic. She is afraid of her strength.

In the years since her revelation she has stayed away from family functions except for New Years and other occasions.


She has walked the Pattern of Amber. She has traveled in shadow some but has rarely strayed far from Amber.

  • She has become active in the Harbor community helping the relatives and families of the commercial navy. Her Civilian Care Association has become quite popular over the years.

She refused to enter military service but allowed Prince Benedict to train her personally. They traveled in shadow together for a time. Afterwards she sported a very clinical looking fencing blade and a small but dangerous looking bodice knife.