Attack of the Pentan mummies

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Or some such rot..... 'They were big,red and smelt of fish' Lunar Peltast Tommy Ruff.

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Longtooth Cat Players


  • Chalkline Proxenus Yelmalion
  • Dolwynn Flewynn A hunter and secret Orlanthi
  • Orendal the Giant Storm Bull ex mercenary from Syllia dead.
  • Baron Greystone. Rothar Foe-Smiter. Praxian Bison rider
  • Palmir Humakti, former mercenary
  • Jarenst Apple lane farmer's son and member of the fyrd. Elmalian juvenile rock lizard .
  • Monstermash Slim Dusty Lhankor Mhy wild sage, dusty traveller of the road, keeper of lists and asker of impertinent questions.
  • Nexus Eat Trailz dead second age baboon, in a young living baboon body.
  • PC template
  • Gort

9 horses

  • Orendal1+1gear
  • Dolwynn 1+1 Gort
  • Proxenus 1+1 gear.
  • Slim 1+1
  • 1 pack


  • Loot
  • From Apple Lane You will have a lantern each . 10m of rope per man. 5 bronze rings. A spare blanket for each man. Two spare spear shafts 2m long. 10 Ironwood stakes. A saw. 2 wood axes. 5 sacks and panniers on each mule, packed with straw. A Tarpaulin. A hammer.
  • A large copper kettle, Orkal's.
  • Various cooking pots and pans Belkar's
  • The lunar nco's 8 man tent

Village npc's

  • Aiti Hearthmother priestess
    • Spells:ignite,healing6, bladesharp2,befuddle,glue, dt enemies,shimmer.
    • Mummo
  • Woodpecker Priest of Foundchild
    • spells:farsee, binding,mobility, dt life,dt traps, disruption, speedart, multimissile 4, silence.
    • Featha
  • Yadesh three claw Runelord Of Foundchild
    • father of White Auroch
  • Cat sees the Spirits Shaman of the tribe
    • any :)
  • Walking on Sunshine Loonie old geezer that lives in the Bee hive shrine. Clarus Focus.
    • Worships Tharkantus and is of course a priest.
    • Spells: Lantern, protection 4, coordination, dt gold,light, repair,lightwall, glamour, healing 4, bladesharp 4.
    • skills 90% map making, oratory, firespeech.
    • Sun bittern Morning call
  • Uyami. hottest girl in town, beloved of Udesh. cha18
    • Meow
  • Saana the red headed Hearthguard of the clan
    • looka
  • Kittens:
  • Nadara, granny bisonhooves daughter. one of five. cha 16
  • Cloud Call: master hide, camouflage and fist fighter. crow fetish
    • Thunder cat
  • Flint Rain: master archer and bow maker.
    • Pitta Patta
  • Vixen huntress, sister of uyami
    • Licka
  • Salla huntress cousin of Udesh
    • Petri

  • Toms:
  • Hill Top: clan's master of tracking and teacher of Spot hidden, track and predict weather.
    • Clearsight
  • Indigo Hoot: master artist and climber. Owl fetish
    • Cliffsy, apprentice painter: mushroom dealer.
  • Dodgy Dave: Master dodger. Hare fetish
    • Jinxer
  • Six darts in a tree: master atlatl, javelin.
    • Jumper
  • Snowbuck young hunter of the tribe, sniffing around Uyami. dead
  • Bull and Ben the Bison men... twins and hunters of the Bisons for our tents. They are the Watchers of the White, The protectors of the herd lore and travelers of the plains....

village wyter

  • Home
  • Spirit of the dead Thunder lizard.
    • Protective magic


  • Wimoweh: Trickster
  • Blueface Votanki shaman
  • Greyrunner Runefang
  • Yanğın Yeraltı fire spirit
  • Singer of the Shanassee, drifter between seasons, Pine Lord of Vengeance and protector of the Vashangaree woods: elf hero

Dinicili mob

  • Skally
  • Wag
  • Amber
  • Bluetooth


Sites of Interest

  • Lion's Barrow/Griffin mountain
  • Zong's knuckles
  • Gork's hills


Premise for Longtooth Cat players

  • The character is a member of a stone age hunter gathering tribe. In the prime of his life. Unlike the other dog using tribes of the area, the Long tooth clan are an ancient Hsunchen people, who came from the far away, who have lost their link to their ancestor spirit... Long toothed cat. Sakkar in ancient peloria?
  • Myths say that during the darkness a daughter of Fralar, king of the carnivores,was seduced by Foundchild, their child was Long tooth cat. Later Hearth mother welcomed her as a daughter and was she was much loved by her Father.
  • Brother Dog became jealous and with tricksters aid, they turned Votank against his half sister. Long tooth cat was killed (at the top of what is now called Griffin mountain, but as Lion's Barrow to the cat people) and her children scattered. Since that time the Long tooth cat people have lost both their cat companions and their associated cat powers. A Tribe of wandering people, that has dwindled to one small clan....
  • You could believe you are a cat who has been trapped in human form or a human who has lost their cat powers. All members of the clan have vague catlike attributes, cat like eyes, or elongated ears, hairier than normal perhaps, some are lazy or others sexual predators. But they look 99% human.
  • Lion's Barrow/Griffin mountain is a holy site and no one is allowed to climb it.

Hunting grounds

  • Far to the North, way away from other human Votanki clans.They are nomadic, but during the winter seasons they shelter in their holy site amongst the bones of a long dead dinosaur, centered around the mystical Longtooth cat stone. Myths and cave paintings tell that it once carried a village on its back, filled with dragon creatures. But out of the South came a man of the sun, on the back of hawks, who killed them all, freeing the stone and the people from their slavery.
  • The land: Tall grasses, clumps of trees, river, hills and mountains to the East, full of Trolls. A lone mountain to the south with gryphons. Bison, deer, dinosaurs that local myths tie in with the giant skeleton that the clan lives under, aldyami (elves) in the big forests, Pentan horse nomads to the North. Dog Votanki to the South , where there are rumours of three giant built citadels.
  • The clan follows the way of Found child the hunting god, and pray to their ancestors. Long tooth cat sometimes answers, but is unable to bestow any powers until the cats are brought back.....
  • Lion's Barrow/Griffin mountain is a holy place, site of the Long tooth ancestor's death at the hands of Brother dog and her half brother Votank.
    • New blood is always welcome to the tribe. Their are several members of the tribe, who as children were snatched from elsewhere, or prisoners offered their freedom if they joined and made a family.

Gork's Hills

  • Hessissikki clan. local troll clan.

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Dark Star Company

  • Arwyneb cerddwr y Siryf Nos
    • the companion of Kentavor the Spearthane, servant of Argan Argar, Right hand of both Andrin the Lawspeaker and Jarani the Lawstaff, gods of the Dark Storm.
  • Truth and Darkness rune.
  • The central lead Star is held by Rothar. Home of the groups guardian.
  • Bound to hunt down Whiteye the bandit
  • Each member has a Lead five pointed star:
  • Gives bonuses to oratory when speaking to UZ.
  • Acts as a pass through Uz lands.

  • Method of Communication: group contact
  • Requirements to be a member: ?
  • Awareness: Darksense.
  • Blessing: some movement magic perhaps? for once you're on the trail. [B]Pathwatch[/B]. perhaps tracking the foe? detect bad guy spell.
  • Defence: Something for when you're pinned down in that clever ambush? Fast talking your way out of a Lunar court? [B]the thin dark line[/B]?
  • Also the ability to spawn new 5 pointed stars (badges) on request. Lead must be offered to the star to consume.
  • [U]Detect Lead matrix.[/U]?
  • ideas...
  • Lawful search and reasonable aid - The ability to impress darkness//troll/lawmaker types with the gravity of their mission and dedication to justice. (* *Gives the holder of the main Star the above skill. Plus perhaps the ability to speak fluent Dark speak? iskallor)
  • Sense ambush - a better chance to avoid getting jumped
  • sense thievery - a better chance to notice illegal activity.
  • The thin dark line - Spirit support against attacks, especially chaos/criminal cults.

characters of the Darkstar company

  • Rothar Foe-Smiter, son of Garr, is a young warrior from the Three Marks clan of the Bison people. He left home to fight the Lunar invaders, but was forced to lay low in Sartar. The villagers of Apple Lane offered him a haven, and when they asked him to help retrieve what had been stolen by trolls, he agreed. In accomplishing this task, he met stalwart companions and joined a group of newtlings. In the course of helping return the newtling ancestor King Eft, he helped to slay a first age lizard, and made strong allies for the future. He heroquested as Waha, and helped to defeat the servants of Chaos. His new-found confidence shines through. His skin was toughened by the blood of the lizard, and he has gained an uncanny awareness of the presence of certain lizards. The newtlings tattooed a warmth matrix upon him. From King Eft's treasures Rothar was given a bracelet that will allow waterbreathing. Through his heroquest, Waha has granted him repeated access to Makalla, a spirit of Law. The death of one of the villagers has left Rothar in possession of the “Tin Cow Bell” which contains the spirit Buttercup. From one of the defeated trolls he has gained a Shimmer matrix. And finally, he has agreed to continue the pursuit of Whiteye, the troll leader of the bandits. Altogether, things are looking up for the man from Prax.

  • Proxenus. A middle class farmer from Sun Dome country, a conservative patch of ossified culture in which Proxenus is a misfit, he is a tall, lean hoplite of traditional appearance apart from a set of very unconventional trousers. He seems to have a problem with tradition, authority, restrictions and generalists. Rather than outward defiance, he prefers to slide off through unexpected avenues of approach and suddenly appear, having achieved his goals and showing you the paperwork you signed for. This is not an endearing trait, and his perpetual smirk does not help matters. As a result he is often sent on any and all sorts of tasks away from those in charge, a situation that suits everyone. Proxenus, with his aversion to doing anything simple, tends to blunder into complex situations beyond his comprehension and competence. The Adventure of The Rainbow Mounds is a good example, where a simple bounty turned into a series of mythic heroquest encounters, a forming of friendships with a variety of trollkin and his ejection via dragonewt plinth into the far distance. As he was already overdue, this not making matters any better.Proxenus has managed, in defiance to all probability and good taste, to accomplish the harder version of the Hill of Gold Heroquest (entirely due to doughty companions). As such his yellow accoutrements have turned red and he has access to fire powers. Go figure.His weapons are spear, sword and (shudder) mace. He's so for it when he gets home.
  • Dolwynn Flewynn - Hunter.A Tarsh Exile and former mercenary, Dolwynn Flynn passes himself off as an initiate of 'the Hunter' and is a paid up member of the Foresters guild. He is also secretly an initiate of Orlanth Adventurous [the Secret Wind, who are basically a bunch of bandit/outlaws in occupied Sartar], and is seeking a safe haven. He has relatives out West that he is generally attempting to find, though this isn't the first time he's got sidetracked...His formerly noble house has made a living as monster hunters for hire since their retreat to Sartar. He is pretty good at it, but talks up his past kills...a lot. He plays on the friendly relationship between the seven mothers and hunter gods to keep his head down and out of trouble. Dolwynn has a companion, Astis - an awakened and speech capable Alynx. They have been bonded since a hunters high holy ceremony two years ago - but they are not allied spirits in the normal sense. Rather it is a relationship - one both have been known to bemoan as a geas from the hunter god, despite their obvious affection for each other.Dolwynn was passing through Apple Lane when he was approached in his capacity as a monster hunter to retrieve their stolen goods from White eyes gang. Expecting yet another hyped up bushwacking with a bunch of rag tag swords for hire, he was unexpectedly thrown into deeper and deeper peril, starting with the befriending and championing of the newtling folk against an ancient enemy that tested his claims as a monster killer and culminating in representing Orlanth himself in a troll based heroquest.
  • Through it all, he was forced to consider and reconsider his actions, his directions and his responsibilities. For every gift he gained - blood drenched skin, the dance of the thunder lizard, surety and confidence in his own destiny, the bullroarer of his patron god, powers over and with the ice and cold of his lover and his somewhat daughter - he learned a lesson in his place in the world and how it was a right, not a privelige.
  • Now he has entered a dragon path to who knows where, his companion by his side and a new hearth - albeit of rainbow hued lynx kittens - for the hunter in him to protect. He has made friends that can only be made through the experiences they have shared and the bluster he once hid behind has faded away under a new surety - there are things they have to do, this group. There are no coincidences.
  • Slim Dusty -Sage. A Torkani wanderer