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Chancel_Vulcan - Imperator Vulcan

Chancel: The grotto

The Grotto is an underground chancel; it is made by a vast volcanic complex inside an enormous grotto. The channel entrance is located in one of the main magma chamber in the island named Vulcano (see for more info). In the chancel’s centre rests Vulcan’s workshop, near the lava flow of the major volcano, where the Imperator continuously makes new machinery or improves existing ones. The chancel’s borders are a mountain range at the North and South, a sea at the West and a desert at the East. These borders are full of mines, extraction platforms and other complexes that provide all possible types of raw material. These materials are then processed by myriads of factories in the chancel or by Vulcan. More than half of chancel space is filled by skyscraper-like piles of old or no-longer functioning machinery and scrap bits. These piles are so high that the tops vanish in the sky! In the chancel’s free spaces are the chancel folk’s settlements. Some are built up with towering skyscrapers, others develop underground. New Eden and Gibsonville (the largest two settlements) are built both underground and skywards. These settlements are highly developed and highly technological places full of robots and automatic machines. Thanks to the breakthroughs of Vulcan’s developments, 10-15% of the total chancel population is made up of automatons with a more or less developed AI. These artificial beings are mainly found in New Eden and Gibsonville, BUT these do not have the same rights as the meat citizen and some tense incidents have already happened. In these futuristic cities the population work and live mimicking the Imperator. So many efforts are geared toward production and development that the chancel folk’s entire lives revolve around production and development. The chancel folk are so used to the presence of the machines and take their services for granted. The AI-empowered machines, as a result, have struggled to have the same rights as humans. A clandestine movement was born from the disgruntled and the sympathetic; the HRIM (Human Rights to Intelligent Machines); that has caused problems for Vulcan's Nobles. Finally, various forms of sensor arrays are geographically dispersed and continuously scan the chancel. These are meant to intercept chancel intruders and enemies as a first line of defense.

History notes

The Grotto evolved as Vulcan saw fit. Vulcan started enhancing human’s tools when civilization began. From pointed stick to stone lance. From hoe to tractor. From vacuum valves to microcomputers. Vulcan’s chancel started with a normal human population. Then, which each development these people first entered an industrial age followed by a brief information age before Vulcan began his drive toward robotics and AI. Now the chancel is comprised of humans (the majority) and intelligent robotic beings (10-15%), the latter of which are on the verge of revolt. Vulcan cares very little about the living conditions of the chancel inhabitants. The next step in his agenda is transhumanism, allowing the chancel folk to retain their identity while being able to choose from a vast array of possible bodies. Some may leave their human forms behind while others may opt to only enhance it. Vulcan may want to "take care of" those who do not wish to change.


Magical Inhabitants [3]: Some beings with Eartly magics (+1), Anchorable (+2) -- Roughly 20% of Chancel inhabitants are mechanical with a more o less limited AI. Extrapolative Technology [2] -- Vulcan is a master in the production of many different thinks so the science is more developed. Borderguard - Power level 1, Penetration 3 [6] – Wide and dispersed sensor arrays Banes 4 [- 2] -- Some not working as expected sentient machinaries (AIs) + the hidden leader of the HRIM (Human Rights to Intelligent Machines) [Banes can not be the best fit but I’m at a loss for where put these dissidents]. Erus – Warden [-3] - New Eden’s mayor (grotto’s greatest settlements).

To transhumanism

Inevitably Vulcan will continue his path toward enhancements and discover the technologies that will permit to chancel folks to go past mere humanity into transhumanity where ego and body are split and bodys are swapable and expendable. - Magical Inhabitants [4]: Many such beings (+2), Anchorable (+2) Weird Science [2]: Ego read and save/backup technology (a dedicated form of thought record technology) (1) Custom made body technology (1)

Nobles Summary

Kite (3rd Edition)

Ftisk (3rd Edition)

Brewnyr is the ruler of the Grotto. His domain and is realm work well together to administer the chancel. He is able to create passage from the lava’s stream on this chancel to another lava’s stream in another chancel or on Earth. He was a might magma flow that catch the interest of Vulcan that then enNoblet it. Today Brewnyr prefer to stay in magma form when possible. The local inhabitants have developed some curious culture bits around this power. One of the most amusing is that each death chancellfolk (or invader) is carried to Brewnyr’s obsidian palace and then consumend by the Power.
Code: Wild
Attributes: A 1, D (Volcanoes) 2, R 3, S 1
Gifts:Gatemaker 1 pt, Durant 1 pt, Elemental 2 pts.
Bonds: 5 The chancel, 5 My Domain (Volcanoes),???


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Chancel_Vulcan - Imperator Vulcan