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a.k.a. Rion Vernon.

M&M2e Stats


The Collected Speeches


Doctor Steel has a typical 'kid's show host' personality - manic, zany, and slightly crazy. Particularly when on camera he is prone to extravagant speeches and extravagant actions. His dress is also flamboyant.

When off camera John Stahl tends to be quiet and down to earth - more of a doer than a talker. He is generally optimistic and has a rather dry wit that sneaks out at unexpected times. He enjoys going out for a beer or to hear live music, and is particularly fond of ska (he had a large collection at one point, but the aliens blew it up - the bastards).

Physical Appearance

John Stahl is 5'11", 170 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. He has an easy smile and a confident walk.

Since adopting the Dr. Steel persona he has begun to shave his head and has grown a goatee, which he dyes black. He dresses as a flamboyant mad scientist type. He can usually be found dressed in protective eye goggles, lab coat, insulated gloves, protective pants, and rubber boots. Occasionally, for more formal appearances, he will dress in a top hat and cape and carry a walking stick. The only piece of jewelry he wears is a plain gold wedding ring.

Villainous Motivations

Dr. Steel's driving motivation is to free earth from the tyranny of its alien oppressors. He hates the aliens for the pain and suffering they have caused, particularly to children, and intends to rid the earth of them (the aliens, not the children).

At the same time, Dr. Steel realizes that when he achieves his goal, it is going to leave quite a power vacuum on earth, and he intends to use that fact, and his fame, to his advantage. Dr. Steel wants to make the world a better place for children - a place where children can be safer, happier, healthier, and better treated. Once the alien threat is eliminated, he fully intends to turn his efforts into making earth a better place.


He is only loyal to Miko The Wonder Ferret and AnthonyFace Martinez

Battle Tactics

Dr. Steel's great intellect allows him to plan for every contingency. He prefers to plan out the course of battle in advance and out-think his enemy rather than out-fighting him. If it comes down to a rough-and-tumble, however, Dr. Steel isn't afraid to get in the middle of things, using his rocket boots and zap gun. Whenever possible, he prefers to make up weapons to use against his enemies' weaknesses on the spot, both because it is very effective and because it shows off how smart he is. Failing that, however, he just makes it all up as he goes!

3x3 NPCs


  • MILDRED WIMPOLE - currently the de facto foreman of Stahl Toys of Freedom City. Mildred is a seamstress and fashions beautiful clothing for dolls. She is a middle aged, matronly woman with greying hair. Arthritis is beginning to interfere with her sewing but so far her great expertise more than compensates. Her parents and grandparents both worked for Stahl Toys in their day.
  • DENNIS WILSON - professional actor. Played the role of "Goodguy", Dr. Steel's "nemesis" on the Doctor Steel show. Passionately devoted to children's causes, he was the driving force behind getting HadSys Toys to donate the proceeds of the show to Save the Children Foundation. He was also the one who funneled the money Dr. Steel stole from HadSys overseas to children's organizations.
  • DINESH RAJMUTI - young boy, age 9. President of the Doctor Steel Fan Club. Dinesh was, at one point, paralyzed due to an injury sustained in an automobile accident. The Doctor Steel Show held a telethon and raised enough money for him to have an operation which restored his mobility. Owns the largest surviving collection of Dr. Steel collectable dohickeys on the planet.


  • DETECTIVE CHERYL LADD - the arresting officer who booked Dr. Steel, she also provided the CPR that saved his life after he was dropped off a building by Bat Guy. She and Stahl spoke several times during his hospitalization, and exchanged a few letters while he was in prison. Ladd is, or was, very much a by the book sort of individual but not jaded. She has a passion for police work and a gift for investigation. She has been decorated five times for bravery.
  • THE STEELBOT - prior to his original crime spree Dr. Steel invented many interesting gadgets that he thought might be of use. One of these, the Steelbot, was modeled after the Steelbots of the original Dr. Steel show. It was intended to be a sidekick and assistant, but Dr. Steel hadn't quite perfected it by the time of his arrest. Since his escape Dr. Steel has detected the Steelbot's carrier signal once or twice, and believes that it is functional, but has not been able to locate or contact it.
  • CARVER - Hell's Angels biker chick. Tough as they come. Met Dr. Steel during a Toys for Kids drive that the Hell's Angels were participating in. Later, through her contacts, helped Dr. Steel aquire some of the materials he needed for his original crime spree.


  • Doctor Horrible
  • DARK STEEL - in a parallel universe there exists another earth, and on that earth is another Dr. Steel. This Doctor, however, is a twisted mockery of the original (and still the best) Dr. Steel. Instead of working for the betterment of the human race and happiness for the children, this alternate Dr. Steel has traveled down the dark and twisting path of gothic rock music. Now, a bitter and angst filled shadow calling himself "Dark Steel", he manufactures sinister and emaciated toys for goth children while secretly working to bring gothic youth subculture to the fore and dominate the world in the name of clove cigarettes, skull shaped jewelry, and thrift store lace!
  • PORNCHAI NIRATPATTANASAI - Head of the Thai mafia prior to the alien invasion. Among his many criminal activities was the operation of a massive child slavery/prostitution network throughout asia. Much of the money raised by the original Dr. Steel show was used by Save the Children Foundation to attempt to shut some of his operations down. It is unknown whether he survived the alien invasion.
  • ALAN HASSENFIELD - CEO of HadSys Toys. Sued Stahl Toys in the wake of Dr. Steel's original crime spree, claiming theft of intellectual property on some of Stahl Toys designs. The charges were untrue, but the financial might of HadSys Toys was well on its way to grinding Stahl Toys into the ground when the aliens showed up and pretty much rendered the argument moot. Nevertheless Dr. Steel has not forgotten the pain and suffering that Hassenfield put his parents through (its likely that Hassenfield hasn't forgotten that Steel blew up several of his toy factories either).


  • STAHL TOYS OF FREEDOM CITY - prior to the alien invasion Stahl Toys owned small facilities all over the United States. As far as Dr. Steel knows the only one to survive is Stahl Toys of Freedom City. Like all Stahl Toys facilities, this one employs only around a dozen highly skilled workers who hand make individual and unique toys. Since the aliens conquered earth (and blew up most of it) John Stahl has tried to assist the workers at the Freedom City facility. Now that he is free he intends to help them however he can. Stahl Toys of Freedom City is located in the Waterfront District.
  • STAHL HAUS - this was the estate that Jonathan's grandfather built after WWII, where his parents lived, and where he grew up. Located south of Springfield, Missouri, Stahl Haus was the first and largest facility for the production of Stahl Toys, and at its height employed over 60 workers. It also had extensive landscaped grounds, a museum which showcased Stahl Toys from as far back as the 14th century, and a large playground and playfield with the Stahl's leased to the city of Springfield for $1.00 per year. So far as Doctor Steel knows Stahl Haus was destroyed, along with Springfield, during the alien invasion.
  • MADISON BEAR GARDEN - a local Freedom City pub known for its great burgers, lively atmosphere, massive collection of 1980's-90's videogames, and extremely weird decor (which might be described as "junk decco"). It features local bands on weekends and has a dance area on the second floor. Popular with young adults. Jon Stahl likes to go there to unwind now that he is in Freedom City (based on an actual restaurant in Chico, CA)


  • Doctor Steel's Army of Toy Soldiers - the official Dr. Steel fan club. Mostly made up of children, but with a fair number of adults as well. At its height there was a monthly newsletter, charity fund raisers, advance announcement of guest appearances, free tickets to shows, and all that other good stuff that goes with being a fan club member. Dr. Steel wants to get a copy of the mailing list to write to thank everyone for their support while he was in jail. (This is a real organization - see Toy Soldiers Unite for more information.)
  • FREEDOM CITY GAMERS AGLOMERATION - the largest roleplaying club in Freedom City. Operates its own website and holds regular open gaming nights. Their yearly convention, Fredcon, is well attended, and since the aliens came and destroyed everything has become the largest (and probably only) gaming convention in the world! With most of the world outside of Freedom City in shambles there has been little new blood coming in of late.
  • CHILD WELFARE LEAGUE OF AMERICA - the nation's oldest and largest membership-based child welfare organization. We are committed to engaging people everywhere in promoting the well-being of children, youth, and their families, and protecting every child from harm. Doctor Steel was very active before his crime spree. (This is a real organization - see their website.


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