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- Main Page; The Liberation of Husbaleve

  • Laleh the Seventh Tide
Laleh the Seventh Tide
Class Red Elf Warrior Mage
Level 2 Warrior-Seer
Experience Points 7,999 / 8,000
Total Hit Points 8
Encumbrance <=7 (Light) (unenc<= 3)
Armor Class 4(3) Chain(shield) / 2(1) Plate(shield)
Movement 9" (Light Encumbrance)
Casting Bonus +1(Int) +1(Lvl2) = +2
Spells Level 1 (max 3) Ventriloquism, Detect Magic, Magic Missile

Level 2 (max 0)

Skills Lockpicking
15 13 6 13 9 10
+1 +1 -1 +1 +0 +0
Equipment - still sorting this
Item Location Encumbrance Notes
Plate mail Body (2) '
Chain mail Body 1 '
Barstuhl silver halberd Hands (2) 1d10+1
2H sword Scabbard 2 1d10+1
Silvered battleaxe Belt 1 1d8+1
Shield Back 1 -1AC
Longbow L Hand 2 1d6
Quiver 20 arrows Belt 0 1d6
10 Silver Tipped Arrow Quiver 0 1d6
Waterskin Belt 0
Belt Pouch Belt 0 '
Chalk Belt Pouch 0 '
Thieves tools Belt Pouch 0 '
Garlic Belt Pouch 0 '
Backpack Back 1 '
Standard Rations Backpack 0
Tinder Box Backpack 0
Lock pick Belt pouch 0
Mirror (hand-sized, steel) Backpack 0
GP 20 Belt pouch carried
EP ' Belt pouch carried
SP 50 Belt pouch carried
GP 2879 Not carried
EP 600 Not carried
SP 950 Not carried
Gems 100gp Not carried

Spells to choose (in rough order):

Level 1:

           Magic Missile (scales with level and I progress slowly, but it has the advantage of always hitting and we can reuse spells & disrupts casters)
           Read Magic
           Read Magic (Need this soon)
           Read Languages (probably going to be useful at some point)
           Protection from Evil (useful buff at some point)
           Shield (great if you wanted to drop armor, especially as you can maintain it in this for an entire adventure: costs a Fatigue)
           Floating Disc (never seen anyone take this spell and we have goblins for now)
           Hold Portal (could be useful at some point but easy to break)
           Light (could be useful but we have torches etc)
           Charm Person (no)
           Sleep (no)

   2nd Level:
           Continual Light
           Detect Evil
           Detect Invisible
           Locate Object
           Mirror Image
           Phantasmal Force
           Wizard Lock
   3rd Level:
           Dispel Magic
           Hold Person
           Invisibility 10' radius
           Lightning Bolt
           Protection from Evil 10' radius
           Protection from Normal Missiles
           Water Breathing