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Baviander "Bav" Markee
Raiders of the Rim

Bav, undercover, seeing his plan fall apart.

Character Sheet[edit]


High Concept: "Flamboyant Bimm Entrepreneur" Trouble: “It isn’t Illegal if You Don’t Get Caught”

Other: "Knowledge is Leverage" “Allergic to Manual Labor” "My Fair, Faithful and Affordable Crew"


Fate Points: 2 Refresh: 2


Physical: OO Mental: OOO


Mild: N/A Moderate: N/A Severe: N/A



  • +4 Investigation
  • +3 Deceive, Contacts
  • +2 Pilot, Rapport, Knowledge, Computing
  • +1 Resources, Will, Stealth, Security


  • -Attention to Detail. You can use Investigate instead of Empathy to defend against Deceive attempts. What others discover through gut reactions and intuition, you learn through careful observation of microexpressions.
  • -Con Man. You are a bona fide confidence man, and that lets you get a read on people, easy. You may use Deceive instead of Empathy to read a person’s emotional state and get a general sense of who they are, but the type of aspects that may be assessed or created are limited to things like their trouble or other negatively skewed/easily exploitable aspects.
  • -Quick Eye. The character is able to investigate a location much more quickly than others, while still being very thorough. All Investigation efforts the character makes happen one to two time increments faster than usual, allowing him to make one or two additional rolls in the same amount of time, or simply conclude his investigation faster than he would otherwise.


Holdout blaster pistol
Folding knife
Spacers Chest

  • with a few sets of expensive clothing that has seen better days.
  • New, fashionable clothes bought with Limmer's money and influence.


The Escutcheon[edit]

The Escutcheon is an old, Clone Wars era Y-wing. Since space combat seems unavoidable these days, Bav is considering buying it and upgrading it to give him a better chance of staying alive.

Antique Shield Generator[edit]

Reportedly a relic from the old republic, it projects a personal force field, though it's battery life is limited and all but impossible to replace. Grants the bearer the "Antique Shield Generator" aspect.

Enhanced Reinforcements[edit]

Reinforcements: 4 crew-member allies that can be summoned to the scene with a FATE Point. 1 Fair and 1 average skill each, plus team work bonuses of +1 or +2 if working in teams of 2 or 4. Total of 6 stress.
Enhanced: 4 additional skill points, 1 each. Plus a mild consequence slot.

Stress: OO OOOO Mild Consequence: N/A



(potbellied duros pilot) (male)

  • +2 Pilot
  • +1 Computing, Engineering



(foulmouthed Bothan medic) (female)

  • +2 Medic
  • +1 Engineering, Pilot



(unwashed ugnaught engineer) (male)

  • +2 Engineering
  • +1 Medic, Computing



(burly devaronian astrogator) (female)

  • +2 Computing
  • +1 Pilot, Medic



Baviander takes pride in his appearance. Though he'd come off as shabby or provincial if he were in a more civilized sector, in this galactic backwater he comes off as a Bimm of learning and means. His expensive clothing may be somewhat threadbare in places, and a discerning eye might note that they were't originally tailored for him, but the overall effect is still quite striking. Whether it's a tunic and longvest or a a stiff jacket and formal blouse, Baviander always makes his mark. This is a bimm know knows the importance of a proper hat, and has one for every occassion.

Thin, and with an indeterminate look of an adult who is past his youth but not yet at his middle years, the fur that covers Bav's body is cream colored and his this sideburns and slicked back hair are jet black. At the end of his long snout, a dashing tuft of black hair adorns his chin. His big dark eyes twinkle, but take everything in around him.


Bav is out to make his mark on the Galaxy... and amass a fortune in the process. Since his expertise lies with identifying business opportunities and developing schemes to capitalize on them, he's learned that he needs an efficient team around him... or rather than need him. While he's gathered a handful of reliable members to flush out some supporting roles, but a few key positions have proven more difficult to keep filled. The specialized employees he does find... those willing to take risks to earn greater rewards... tend to pass on after a few jobs. Terminally so. Bav is convinced he'd be running half of this sector already, if only he could find the right kind of help.

While he knows the benefit of having friends in the right places, he's much prefer to have people owing him favors or under his thumb. And taking care of all the dirty work.