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  • QUESTION: Once we do leave Hamlet, how far will we be travelling?
    • ANSWER: This is entirely up to the group. It also depends on how you're travelling.
  • QUESTION: How long will it take us to get there? I'm asking because I have over 6 weeks of stuff for Kyuad to do, and some of that could be done "on the road."
    • ANSWER: See for more info below...

What you KNOW...

  • Reference the Map of Eredane for these notes: the Continent of EREDANE on the world of Aryth in the heart of MIDNIGHT.
  • the good note is that unless something unknown happens there are no large mirrors that would delay/slow spellcasting progress, whether for creating items or summoning mounts.
  • The White Worm's army (assuming they survived and continued with the mission given) likely left the Ritual Site (Vrolk created in the Eastern Dead Marshes) between 8-12 days ago (sometime following the Ritual Night)
  • The White Worm was given the mission to intercept the Cadaverous Eye, by Grial, as it was headed to Cambrial - assumingly to present to Sunulael. "Intercept" would likely include battling and stealing the Eye from whoever escorted it.
  • Assuming the White Worm's army got the Eye and started heading North for "the Arteries", this is also the likely location of Walden.
    • The White Worm's army MAY stop through locations such as Al Kadil, Eisin, Caderin, before finally arranging sea travel in Baden's Bluff. (assuming they travel the Pellurian Sea, but that's a safe bet). Assume they can travel 4-5 miles per hour, because they're pushing and run longer times - unless they get horses at some point. For the White Worm's army here are their likely travel times:
      • Cambrial area to Al Kadil = 500-550 miles (along the Shadow Highway)
      • Al Kadil to Eisen = 250 miles (along the Shadow Highway)
      • Eisen to Caderin = 200-225 miles (along the Shadow Highway)
      • Caderin to Baden's Bluff = 300-350 miles (along the Shadow Highway)
      • Baden's Bluff to Highwall = 400-450 miles (by the Sea of Pelluria)
      • Highwall to the Arteries =  ???? (by cross-country, as the Arteries are hidden - unless it's on the coast and they sail directly there.)
  • What you know of "The Arteries" from Kyuad's Lorebook and info recently written in Kyuad's Lorebook from the Academy's professors and Aradil...
    ROLL: Kyuad (Lorebook +13) ROLLED: 18+13 = 31
    With this roll - Kyuad gains Extremely obscure, known by very few, possibly known only by those who don’t understand the significance of the knowledge....
    KYUAD EYE'S ONLY INFO: Kyuad's Lorebook: The Arteries

What you DON'T KNOW

  • Did the White Worm's army survive? Did they get the Eye?
    • UPDATE: a little bit on this was learned, not sure what everyone knows - if anyone knows things you might want to drop it in here.
  • Will the White Worm's army stop for any times in the villages/towns/cities?
    • UPDATE: this one you know, Durgaz said they're in Al Kadil 'right NOW', who's to say his visions are true... oh yeah... Sovaliss the Elf Eye confirmed this, didn't she!
  • Will the White Worm's army get other means of travel? They were previously RUNNING the long way from Erenhead to Cambrial! Will they get travel now?
  • Will the White Worm's army restock troops at all?
  • What does Jahzir or Sunulael (or those under them) think about all this? Does it matter? Can any of the minor Commanders or Traitor Princes help or hinder them in some way?

  • QUESTION: How far is it to the Nexus that's to the north of Hamlet? If we could stop off there on the way north and make a camp there for a week or so, some spell talismans could be made. That is, assuming it's not a challenge to get at like the Colossus is.
    • ANSWERS: I want to note - you have THIS information from a combination of Kyuad's Lorebook and the Academy people...
      • "The Fang" is somewhere between 200-250 miles North-West, further into the Erethor from the Hamlet. It is only 20-50 miles from a branch of the Felthera River (this river is one of the two largest in Eredane, but it does not join the Gamaril River that is to the North. However it does flow NW coming within 200-250 miles of the Gamaril River Delta (the Fangs of the River, Orc fortresses that open into the Pellurian Sea).
      • "The Greenthroat Cavern" is somewhere between 650-750 miles North (slightly west) of the Hamlet, about 250-300 miles outside the Eastern forest edge (behind the Burning Line). This river route takes you within 200 miles or so of Three Oaks before forking NW. The Cavern is another 400-500 miles North of Three Oaks.
  • QUESTION: It might be a pipe dream, but I could see how it might be possible for the druids or dire bears to get us there quickly and protect us for a while.
    • ANSWER: Possible... What options do you have in mind. - ie. I won't just GIVE you options. At this point in the game, you're all savy enough to be able to consider ideas that COULD potentially be available and ask me. So if you can think of anything the Druids or others might have - please ask here and I will reply with their options.


Please post in the plans for travel. It'd be cool for Steve to get that info on the calendar on the wiki to have it posted here too.

The PLOT Thickens!

I'd like EACH of you to weigh in (or expand on) the plans of your characters next direction. The plans that you'd council the Witch Queen to DO, the things you'd ask of her. List out your step-by-step plans, longterm and short term - we can continue discussing them all here to have for the next session!