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Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne, Sarcosan Channeler[edit]

Zal'Kazzir's Stuff he knows[edit]

***EYES ONLY*** This is a specialized "lorebook" of all things that would be immediately available (without skill checks) for the character. Things will be posted as they come up or are asked about. Players other than Zal'Kazzir SHOULD NOT read this information.


A handsome Sarcosan approaching his middle years. Black hair frames a well-worn but highly attractive face, punctuated by two inky black eyes that are both disconcerting and fascinating. His skin has a greyish-purple cast to it recently, and what appear to be large bruises are apparent on much of his body. He seems to radiate almost supernatural confidence, self-assurance and charisma. Usually dressed in fine courtier's clothes of black with Green gems for adornment, including trousers, tunic, robe and cloak, all cut in Sarcosan style. His clothing often has extensive gold embroidery and ample gold jewelry and adornments. He wears a fine sarcosan longsword at his side.


Born to nobility in Sharuun, Zal'Kazzir was bred to a life of intrigue. Reared on the politics of the court of the false Sussar, Zal'Kazzir quickly learned the lessons of power politics, learning to read faces and situations even as he learned to read poetry from the court library. He likely would've pursued a political career if not for a trauma during his adolescence: his mother Tannah, always a kind woman with a love of learning was discovered while teaching several young children, including Zal'Kazzir and his older sister Zara, to read. Zal'Kazzir was able to hide before the Legate, Olaf Black-Blade, and his orcish entourage spotted him, but his mother and sister and the others were not so lucky. Olaf murdered Tannah, and then used his dark magic to curse the area, causing her to rise as a hungering fell. At Olaf's command, the Tannah-Thing fell upon the helpless children, mauling and devouring them. From that day forward, Zal'Kazzir swore vengeance on the Corpse-God and all his works, though his attitude has mellowed with age.

He continued his political activities, but became a parasite on the system, rather that a true part of it; he began trading in illicit alcohol, drugs and information, forming a clandestine network of corruption and sowing discord and chaos whenever possible. In spite of, or perhaps because of his corrupt image, he and his family continued to gain in prominence, and was a frequent guest of the Shanduz. He used his privilages of travel to act as a wandering trader, smuggler and spy, but also secretly supplying the resistance with information. His brother Zaki did not approve of his activities, seeing him as a traitor and a collaborator, and much to his family's detriment, left to find glory and honour with the free riders on the plains. In order to preserve his family honor, and to avoid reprisals, Zal'Kazzir planted a story that Zaki had committed suicide, and quickly covered up his brother's existance, even going so far as to cremate the corpse of a refugee to throw off suspicion, further cementing Zaki's hatred of his brother.

He met, fell in love with, and eventually married Aisha of Sezsen, the low-ranked daughter of a powerful Sharuun house, but the match was a poor one, and their marriage was largely unhappy, thought they long maintained it for decorum's sake. They had two children, a daughter, Zia, aged 10 and a son, Zahir (Now Deceased), aged 11. Zal'Kazzir dotes on his daughter, a bright girl with a rapacious intellect, and loves, but was somewhat distant from his son, a mischevious, bullheaded boy, a situation he now gravely regrets.

His home is in Sharuun, where he lived with his wife, children and his aged father, Zoltan, in the family estate, called 'Whitefields' due to the preponderance of waterlilies that surround it. Currently he is travelling, and his home is empty.

10 questions[edit]

  • Describe what your hero's glorious death might be:
    • Executed for treason while the tower of Alvedara burns, and rebellion rages.
  • Describe your hero's worst fated death at the hands of The Enemy of All Life:
    • Thrown into an oubliette, in absolute darkness, doomed to starve and go mad, then rise as fell.
  • What is the worst thing the Corpse-God could do to your hero? (this could include things done to loved ones)
    • An eternity of torment with no possible escape (fell is high on the list).
  • Describe a victory that your hero would like to have against The Shadow:
    • Sowing discontent and division between the Devout and the Cabal; undermining the occupation by sowing strife and chaos, building deep-cover terrorist resistance cells.
  • What action would your hero never do?
    • Kill for no reason, let suffering continue when he could stop it, bypass an opportunity to severely harm the shadow, bypass the opportunity to sieze the power to help him to harm the shadow.
  • What would cause your hero to break down to sadness or fear?
    • The death or enslavement of his family would shake him, but would eventually just drive him harder; probably only the prospect of eternal suffering from which there was no escape.
  • What do you hope your hero's honorific would be?
    • To my friends "True", to my enemies "Vile" (If Vrolk hadn't stolen it already :P)
  • What would it take for your hero to turn traitor? (these can result from bribe or blackmail)
    • One of two things; either a situation where the shadow offered him the only way out of a situation he could never escape that would lead to eternal suffering, or (fat chance of this) some kind of believable assurance that Izrador's ultimate goal was not the doom of the world.
  • PLAYER: What's your favorite monster or NPCs to fight?!!
    • Humanoids; they are smart and have interesting societies, but can usually be reasoned with or tricked, allowing for lots of cool ways to defeat them (or be defeated by them), plus sometimes enemies can become allies :) Plus they tend to have better swag. :P
  • PLAYER: What do you most enjoy about RPGs & D&D? (meaning battling monsters, solving puzzles, political roleplaying, etc..?)
    • Building alliances, gaining friends, overcoming situations in non-traditional ways, building powerbases, improving my character, taking risks and winning big, making deals, overcoming preconcieved notions, ancient secrets.



  • One-Eye - A (seemingly) mad street preacher, dressed in tattered legates' robes, always yelling for people to repent and worship the shadow, though in such a mad way that he never convinces anyone. Knows a lot of the goings on in Sharuun, and will tell those he likes, if the price is right: sometimes favors, sometimes food, sometimes booze, never gold.
  • Togumx-Gub - An honorless Hobgoblin who deals in all things illicit and unsavory. He peddles his trade from a secure warehouse in Zorgetch.
  • Dahmir of Weton-Bleh - A high-ranking official in the Sharuun government, Lord Dahmir is an aristocrat of the old school, and does whatever he deems necesary to preserve the traditions that he values.
  • Sussar Farah Shanduz - The Sussar of Sharuun. A friendly acquaintance and the most powerful Traitor Prince in the Southlands. Attended Zal's wedding, and has seen Zal as a valuable pawn in the past, as House Ghulvenne has no connection to any of his traitorous children, and is Zal's direct Sworn Sussar.
  • Ossian - Elven Champion, Lord of the Arrows and guardian of the Druid's Hamlet.
  • Aradil, the Witch Queen - Queen of the Erathor, Avatar of Aryth.


  • Aisha - Zal'kazzir's wife of 12 years. Died at the end the Arc of Shareel, in the 100th year of the Shadow. She was pretty, in the harried mother kind of way. Average height, long dark hair. An accomplished horsewoman and the third daughter of House Sezsen, Aisha and Zal'kazzir fell in love in the court at Sharuun, and their wedding was even attended by the sussar himself. They turned out to be a rotten match, however, and they fought almost constantly, though both are aristocratic enough to maintain the marriage for political reasons. Aisha was murdered by the Legate Krell in retaliation for Eranon and Shadaar's murder of Krell's men. She was beaten, brutalized and finally hanged from a balcony as a warning.
  • Zahir - Zal'Kazzir's son, Died, aged 11, along with his mother at the end of Shareel, in the 100th year of the Shadow. He was a bright, precocious boy, with a knack for mischeif and an impish grin. Good-hearted but bull-headed. He was run through with a lance while hopelessly defending his mother with an old sword, and then hanged.
  • Zia - Zal'kazzir's daughter, currently aged 11, a clever, thoughtful, quiet, insightful girl who loves to smile. Loves flowers and poetry. She is literate is courtier, and reads voraciously. She is Zal'kazzir's 'little light'. Her current status is unknown, as she was kidnapped by the Legate Krell, only to be traded to the white worm for unknown purpose. She is believed to be north of the pelluria, either in Highwall or the Arteries. There is suspicion she may be involved in part of the prophecy detailed in Scrolls of Aradil, but this is unproven.
  • Zoltan - Zal'Kazzir's Father. Old, but well-respected as wise and learned. Once worked as the exchequer for Sharuun. Cares for the family while Zal'kazzir is away, but has a poor relationship with Aisha, who he sees as a shrew. Zoltan is currently travelling in the Baden's Bluff area along with Zalma.
  • Zalma - Zal'Kazzir's Younger Sister. They were very close growing up, and have an unusual relationship as adults; despite their conflicting views, the often share meals and discuss philosophy, politics and magic. She is one of the very few people who have long known of Zal'Kazzir's gift. She uses her position to protect the family, and Zal uses his influence to further her career.

Family Background[edit]

Zoltan Ghulvenne, Sharu of Sharuun, long time Master of Coin (read minister of finance or exchequer) to Sussar Farah Shanduz, married the Lady Tannah Cirvai in the year of the shadow 63. They were deeply in love, and had a perfect sarcosan marriage; both passionate and politically astute. Their first child, a daughter named Zara, was born in YS 64, followed by son Zal'Kazzir in YS 66, daughter Zalma in YS 67 and, finally a last son, called Zaki, in YS 70.
In YS 74, when Zal'Kazzir was eight, his mother was murdered by a trumped-up dornish legate fresh from highwall called Olaf black-blade for the 'crime' of educating her children, despite the fact that it was common practice among the nobility, and happened with the tacit concent of both the Sussar and the Grand Legate. Black-blade killed Tannah brutally and then cursed her corpse to rise as fell. He then commanded the Tannah-thing to fall upon Zara; she was unable to resist his control, and wailed and cried as she ripped her firstborn daughter apart.
During all of this horror, Zal'Kazzir and Zalma were hiding, watching and listening to the proceeding with unabashed horror. Trauma victims often react to intolerable events by becoming broken and constantly fearful; the Ghulvenne children, however, took the other course, and decided to become stronger than the trauma. Zal and Zalma decided that they would never let people hurt them or their loved ones again, and they would take all the steps they could to ensure their power. Zal would go into politics and business, to protect the family with his words and purse. Zalma correctly asserted that no amount of clout or coin could stave off madmen like olaf, and she took a riskier course; she entered the priesthood so that she could gain the magical and social power to complement Zal'kazzir's political and financial strength. Together, the two children formed a private Cabal that exists to this day. They trust no one, they never speak of their plans, and they cling to each other for support. Each sucess, each new title or rank is another layer of defense, another course of stones in the wall of their mutual protection.
Zal'Kazzir and Zalma are very close. Zal'kazzir would place Zalma ahead of anyone else if she was in danger, and I think she would do the same. Both Zal and Zalma share similar temperments and personalities, though Zalma is somewhat more cautious and is a better long-term planner while Zal is better under pressure. Both relish their conversations as opportunites to drop the multilayered facades of manipulation and lies under which they must live, and actually be themselves.
Zalma is a member of the Obsidian Order, the Keepers of the Coriths. She followed this path because it promosed the greatest power.
She is currently tasked to setting and creating new pale mirrors; a task she requested, as it allows her greater freedom of movement and high status.
As Sharuun and Cambrial are the hearts of the Devout, Zalma aligned herself with the Devout to further her rise. She has no particualr ties to any patrons or Grand Legates; she values her independance too much to be that closely tied with a single power-broker.
She is known in the Church to be ambitious and somewhat paranoid, but has curtailed her ambition in the last years as she quite enjoys her current position. She has spent her years building a large network of low-ranking legates, especially amongst the Keepers of Obsidian. Many villiage legates owe her favors or are in fear of her wrath, and she uses them as spies and informers. She has cultivated Witchtaker contacts over the years as well, and has used them to great effect to both shield the occasional targeted friend, and more often to target her enemies and to ensure the loyalty of villiage legates.
Zalma's faith is pragmatic; she believes in Izrador, and she fears him, and she dutifully completes even the most distasteful missions and tasks to gain influence and to avoid punishment, but she is certainly not 'faithful' in any sense. She likes her position and her power, but she is proud and noble, and she will never forgive the deaths of her mother and sister, nor the theft of her innocence and her childhood. She never goes out of her way to support the Shadow, but she will only risk opposing it if she has no other choice or very much to gain by doing so. Basically, she's a lot like Oscar Schindler, but less altruistic.


  • Sahi Amir - An old Sahi of Sharuun, and a friend of Zal'kazzir's father, Amir is wise in the lore of the heavens, and is known to tend the wounded and sick on occasion. Much smarter that he appears, and more ruthless than his smile lets on, Amir is a well-respected elder in the community.
  • Qadira the Witch - A mystic, herbalist and fortune-teller. Qadira claims she speaks to spirits, and she very well may, but she brews noxious poisons and antidotes, and she knows much about many things, and makes a stimulating dinner companion. A middle-aged woman of matronly build, Qadira has had a fondness toward Zal'kazzir for several years, but their relationship has never progressed beyond friendship.
  • Lakz - A crafty, malevolent, opportunistic goblin with a chip on his shoulder about his lot in life, who is remarkably loyal to those who take care of him. Lakz is the cheif of waste disposal for Sharuun; it is his job to ensure that all of the other goblins keep things tidy and don't step out of line. As such, he is very good at making things dissapear, and at finding unusual things. What started as an occasional bribe for services turned into a friendship of sorts, and Lakz had hidden Zal'kazzir's activities on more than one occasion, acts that Zal'kazzir deeply appreciates. Zal'kazzir has been very generous with both praise and goods to Lakz over the years, and more than anything else, he treats him as an equal.
  • Belal - A Courtesan Imp in Zal'Kazzir's service. Widely seen as a gossip and a flatterer, Belal is nonetheless a valued ally and advisor.
  • Lady Ahimia - A Soldier Legate Zal'Kazzir met in Vrolk's tower. Zal'Kazzir charmed, seduced and later befriended her, though the desperate flight from Vrolk's failed ritual was too inopportune a time for a dangerous legate to be travelling with the group, and Zal'Kazzir helped her escape dramatically, with the help of an (Illusionary) poisoned blade and (Illusionary)fiendish beasts. She discoved the murder of Zal's family, and also discovered Krell's deception, and she informed Zal'Kazzir of some of Krell's plans, and pursued him to Baden's Bluff. Her current location is uncertain, but she is believed to still be in the bluff.


  • Zaki Ghulvenne - Zal'Kazzir's estranged brother. Zaki hates his father and brother for what he sees as cowardice and collaboration. Zaki rides with the plains Sussars in the active resistance.
  • Olaf Black-Blade - Dorn Soldier-Legate who murdered Zal'Kazzir's mother for teaching children to read, and then forced the boy to watch as she rose as fell and ate several childen, including his sister. Olaf is the source of much of Zal'kazzir's hatred of the shadow. It was from him that he learned the shadow's true face.
  • Calma the Healer - A good-hearted and well respected woman, mistress of the largest infirmary in Sharuun. Calma lost her only son to mordayn overdose, mordayn she traced back to Zal'kazzir. The addict who gave her the information later dissappeared without a trace, and no body was ever found. Thus deprived of evidence, Calma has nonetheless dedicated her energies to stemming the Sharuun drug trade (with Zal'kazzir near it's center) and blames Zal'kazzir for the death of her son. Her efforts have been largely ineffectual, but she is well respected and seen as virtuous.
  • Krell Azamahan - A soldier Legate, and former trading contact of Zal'Kazzir's. He was stationed at Vrolk's Tower when Zal and the other PC's arrived there. When Zal'Kazzir's companions murdered several of Krell's men in order to steal there horses, Krell became enraged and targetted Zal'Kazzir for Vengeance; eventually locating Zal's home and family, murdering his wife and son, and kidnapping his daughter. Eaten and soul-drained by Zal'Kazzir in Wyvern Form on the Corbron Isles.


  • Whitefield - The name given to the Ghulvenne Estate due to the preponderance of waterlily-covered ponds surrounding it. It is rambling and can be confusing at first, but is warm and inviting, with marble floors, elegant draperies and large windows. In the aftermath of Krell's visit, the entrance hall is in ruins, blood stains the foyer, and destruction is rampant.
  • "Pray" - The name of a hidden sidestreet near the Sharuun waterfront; the location of the black market. Always used in parlance with the wrong time association, as in "yes, this afternoon I'm going to go and pray" meaning tomorrow morning I'm going to the black market.
  • Quadira's Shop - A dusty shop filled with all sorts of strange items (much like a modern day occult shop) Also contains living quarters, a secret alchemical lab and a library.

Zal'Kazzir's Cohorts & Followers[edit]

Zal'Kazzir's Current Leadership Score is 30/28/31 (-2 for Cohorts because of a familiar, +2 for followers for having a stronghold and -1 for followers for moving around a lot). 16 (character level) +12 (CHA Modifier) +2 (Great Renown) +1 (Special Power) -1 (Aloofness).

Covenant Items Posessed[edit]

Red Mercy [edit]

An old longsword of fine, though unremarkable manufacture. Long a mantlepiece heirloom of House Ghul'venne of Sharuun, it was used in a desperate defence by Zahir Ghulvenne, last son of the house, to defend himself, his mother and his sister from the predations of the Legate Krell and his band of riders. Unfortantely, Zahir was skewered by a horse lance, his mother was beaten to death and his sister kidnapped. The blade was taken from the scene of slaughter by Zal'Kazzir Ghulvenne, Zahir's father, and has shown great power. It seems drawn to revenge itself upon those who have wronged it's weilder, and it's power seems to grow in proportion to that wrong.

Properties: (Note: All properties of this blade function only for those with Ghulvenne Blood.)

  • 1st Level  : Never Again. The weapon has a +1 Enhancement Bonus, and is considered to be a Ghost Touch weapon. Additionally, whenever personal enemies of the bearer come within a radius equal to (10' x Character Level) the blade alerts the wielder; growing cold and glowing with a pale red light.
  • 3rd Level  : Weight of Suffering. The weapon's Enhancement Bonus increases to +2, and it functions in all ways like a Large weapon (2d6 damage, disarm bonus, etc.) while retaining its normal weight and size.
  • 6th Level  : Inescapable Vengeance. The weapon's Enhancement Bonus increases to +3, and a wielder who is holding the weapon may always act in any surprise round and will automatically win any initiative roll. Additionally, the wielder may spend a full-round action to drain the will of a foe. the wielder makes an intimidate check with a +6 modifier; success causes the target to cower in helplessness for 1d4 rounds.
  • 11th Level  : Reparations. The weapon's Enhancement Bonus increases to +4. The wielder may drain the soul of any being slain by the weapon, imprisoning the soul within the blade. The blade gains 2 points of energy per level or hit die of the slain creature, and this stored energy fades at a rate of one point per day per 10 points of stored energy. Stored energy may be spent in two ways: it can be used to power channeled spells (functioning exactly as spell energy for this purpose) or some or all of it can be spent to give additional damage to a successful attack at the rate of one point of damage per point of energy spent.
  • 15 Level  : Even the vengeful must grieve. The energy stored in the blade may be used empower the wielder to heal others. By spending a standard action, the wielder may use the blade to slash his palm, and may then place the wound over the heart of the target, healing 1d6 points of damage per point of energy expended from the blade. Additionally, the wielder may channel his own stored energy (spell energy, taint, constitution, etc.) into the blade for purposes of healing only.

Ashen Loop [edit]

This ring is made of the fused bones of several Dornish fighters who fought on the Fortress Wall during Izrador's second invasion. The warriors were all killed in the same instant, consumed by the white-hot dragonfire of one of the first dragons to appear out of the north. Although it was but a small loss, it was the first of many such slaughters that the dragons would perform against the Fortress Wall's defenders, from the cold forests of the Veradeen to the edges of the Kaladruns. From within that first conflagration a ring of great magic was born, the Ashen Loop.

The loop has had many owners over the years, and each has used it to further their particular quest or goal. Once the ring's owner loses purpose, however, he begins to feel a sadness whenever he wear it. Born of dragonfire, the Ashen Loop desires to be used, and used well. It craves action and does not like to be worn on the hand of one who sits idle or has no purpose. The ring's nature has insured that it has passed from one warrior to the next, and it does not discriminate between them.

Abilities  :

  • 1st Level  : The wearer's skin takes on an ashen tone after wearing the ring for one full day; he gains a +2 bonus to all hide checks made in dark areas.
  • 2nd Level  : The wearer gains Fire Resistance 5.
  • 3rd Level  : The wearer gains two additional points of spell energy if he has the magecraft feat.
  • 6th Level  : The wearer gains a +1 Natural Armor Bonus, as his skin begins to become tough and resilient like that of a dragon.
  • 9th Level  : If the wearer pierces his tongue and wears the ring thusly, he may breathe a gout of dragon's fire once per day, in addition to the ring's other powers. This breath weapon is a cone 70' Long and it deals 6d6 points of fire damage to all within. A DC 16 Reflex save halves this damage. Wearing the ring in this fashion still counts as a ring for the purposes of magic item locations.
  • 10th Level  : The wearer gains a +2 Enhancement Bonus to Charisma.
  • 12th Level  : The Natural Armor Bonus provided by the Ashen Loop increases to +3.

Notable Items Posessed[edit]

  • Soulsplinter - A strange dagger made from the broken horn of a Splintersteed. The blade constantly grows, and is jagged and brittle, splintering and changing with time. While no more fearsome than a normal dagger, it has retained many of the Splintersteed's disturbing qualities: sapping the will of a victim and bringing madness to those in whom it's shards become imbedded.
  • The Journal of Ardherin [3.1 lbs] - Given to Zal'Kazzir by Aradil during the ceremony honoring he and his companions for thwarting Vrolk, the unassuming leatherbound book is the private journal of Arherin, now the Sorceror of Shadow. (16 names, not all demons, also devils, celestials, etc. Includes 4 Truenames)
  • The Treatise on Demonology [2.4 lbs] - Found in Vrolk's Laboratory. Contains numerous details and names of fiends. (8 names)


  • Clothing:
    • Ornate Hooded Black Robes
  • Weapons:
    • Splintersteed Dirk
    • Sacrificial Dagger
  • Charms:
    • True Charm of Immunity to Vermin Poison, shaped as a small bracelet made of bone beads to look like a centipede.
    • True Charm that causes onlookers to be unable to describe the bearer, a small stone top.
    • True Charm of Improved Invisibility to Fell, a small prayer scroll.
    • True Charm that prevents vermin from being able to approach within 5', a small carved piece of sulfur.
    • Minor Charm of +2 to Bluff
    • Minor Charm of +2 to Hide
    • Minor Charm of +2 to Heal
    • Minor Charm of +2 to Reflex Save
    • Minor Charm of +2 to one Attack Roll
  • Other
    • Walking Staff
    • Hidden Pouch containing drugs
    • Hidden Pouch containing poisons
    • Enchantment Save Penalizing Flower given to him by Eranon
    • Copper signet ring
    • A Hearthstone in the shape of a large brass skeleton key
    • Large assortment of Jewelry Taken from Vrolk's lab
  • Books
    • Folio of Ancient Religion [2.5 lbs]
    • The Diary of Kenes Kakishi [2.8 lbs] (The private journal of a well-known countess, filled with court intrigue, gossip, debauchery and treason; a raunchy and incriminating glimpse inside the private lives of the local nobility)

To-Do List[edit]

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Private Character Information[edit]

Songs of Life

Words of Power

Dreams of Glory

Zal'Kazzir's Prestige Class

D'hal, Zal'Kazzir's Familiar[edit]

D'hal, Tiny Viper[edit]

Tiny Magical Beast

Hit Dice: Master’s total Hit Dice (HP are half of master’s total)

Initiative: +7

Speed: 15 ft. (3 squares), climb 15 ft., swim 15 ft.

Armor Class: 22 (+2 size, +3 Dex, +7 natural), touch 15, flat-footed 16

Base Attack/Grapple: +3/–8

Attack: Bite +8 melee (1 plus poison)

Space/Reach: 2-1/2 ft./0 ft. (must move into enemy’s square to attack)

Special Attacks: Poison (1d6 Con/1d6 Con, Fort DC 10)

Special Qualities: Scent

Saves: Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +5

Abilities: Str 4, Dex 17, Con 11, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 2

Skills: Balance (8 ranks) +11, Climb (8 ranks) +11, Hide (4 ranks) +15, Listen (5 ranks) +6, Spot (5 ranks) +6, Swim (8 ranks) +5

Skills From Master: Bluff (12 Ranks) +8, Concentration (3 Ranks) +3, Deceipher Script (1 Rank) +1, Diplomacy (12 Ranks) +8, Disguise (2 Ranks) -2, Forgery (2 Ranks) +2, Gather Information (12 Ranks) +8, Intimidate (1 Ranks) -3, Know: Arcana (5 Ranks) +5, Know: Nobility (5 Ranks) +5, Know: Shadow (10 Ranks) +10, Know: Spirits (3 Ranks) +3, Prof: Trader (2 Ranks) +3, Ride (2 Ranks) +5, Sense Motive (11 Ranks) +12, Spellcraft (10 Ranks) +10.

Feats: Improved Initiative, Weapon Finesse (Bite)

Alertness (Ex): While a familiar is within arm’s reach, the master gains the Alertness feat.

Improved Evasion (Ex): When subjected to an attack that normally allows a Reflex saving throw for half damage, a familiar takes no damage if it makes a successful saving throw and half damage even if the saving throw fails.

Share Spells: At the master’s option, he may have any spell (but not any spell-like ability) he casts on himself also affect his familiar. The familiar must be within 5 feet at the time of casting to receive the benefit. If the spell or effect has a duration other than instantaneous, it stops affecting the familiar if it moves farther than 5 feet away and will not affect the familiar again even if it returns to the master before the duration expires. Additionally, the master may cast a spell with a target of “You” on his familiar (as a touch range spell) instead of on himself. A master and his familiar can share spells even if the spells normally do not affect creatures of the familiar’s type (magical beast).

Empathic Link (Su): The master has an empathic link with his familiar out to a distance of up to 1 mile. The master cannot see through the familiar’s eyes, but they can communicate empathically. Because of the limited nature of the link, only general emotional content can be communicated. Because of this empathic link, the master has the same connection to an item or place that his familiar does.

Deliver Touch Spells (Su): If the master is 3rd level or higher, a familiar can deliver touch spells for him. If the master and the familiar are in contact at the time the master casts a touch spell, he can designate his familiar as the “toucher.” The familiar can then deliver the touch spell just as the master could. As usual, if the master casts another spell before the touch is delivered, the touch spell dissipates.

Speak With Master (Ex): D'hal can speak to Zal'Kazzir.

Speak With Others of Kind (Ex): D'hal may speak to any reptile, toad or amphibian, including dire varieties.