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Kyuad's Stuff he knows[edit]

***EYES ONLY*** This is a specialized "lorebook" of all things that would be immediately available (without skill checks) for the character. Things will be posted as they come up or are asked about. Players other than Kyuad SHOULD NOT read this information.

Kyuad, Erenlander Channeler[edit]

Kyuad Finustion Kyuad is pronounced (kiuw-ODD). The first part of the name is pronounced very quickly and subtly, so fast that it's hard to even recognize the letters -yu-. Said alone, it sounds like you're saying the letter Q with as little effort as possible. The last part of this sound is an "ooo" sound, and because it's said so quickly, it almost changes the second syllable of the name into the word "wad." The a in Kyuad gets all the emphasis.

Kyuad recently became an undead lich-like creature. (See Kyuad as a Lich)


He has known ever since he was a boy that he was not of this world. He was still-born and mysteriously light and translucent. The young woman who performed the duties of undertaker for the village visited the house to ensure the passage of the newborn, and once there declared him alive.

She saw something unique in him, and stayed in the village for many years, overseeing his growth and training. She did what she could to teach him about the differences between the world of spirit and the material world. Life exists in both, and sometimes life from each realm bleeds over into the other. That is the source of undeath. He is an example of both life bleeding into the realm of spirit, and of spirit invading the physical world. Somehow he is unique, born dead and yet still alive, with a spirit lost and a spirit gained. Not quite fully alive, and not undead either. The mystery of his life is something both of them together have devoted their lives to studying.

She still serves as his benevolent mentor. Her unique abilities grant her foreknowledge of events that have not yet come to pass. Because of this, she has seen a great opportunity for him to avoid his own death by opposing the forces of the Shadow. How much of her knowledge she shares with him is still unknown, but he trusts her with his life, such as it is.

Kyuad's personality is that of a scientist. He is constantly studying the world and the nature of magic, in an attempt to understand himself, and the world of Aryth. A huge part of this is the study of positive and negative energies, how and why they still affect the world after the Sundering, and how undead creatures factor into the overall balance of nature.

10 questions[edit]

  • Describe what your hero's glorious death might be.
    • Finally having cast off his mortal coil, he has found a way to live on as a Good spirit-like undead magical explorer, learning about the fate of the rest of Aryth. Having studied the lore and secrets of the rest of the world, and marshalled armies of tremendous might, he returs to Eredane with armies of undead, dragon, and man, and joins the final battles that decide once and for all the fate of Izrador.
  • Describe what your hero's worst fated death at the hands of [the ENEMY] might be.
    • A concentrated effort from many powerful legates finally enable them to Rebuke and Command him. Used as a tool of the Shadow, his fate is sealed when he is forced to battle elves in the Caraheen.
  • What is the worst thing [the Shadow] could do to your hero? (this could include things done to loved ones)
    • Rebuke him. Or, before that's possible, strip him of his literacy.
  • Describe a victory that your hero would like to have against [the Shadow].
    • He would have a hand in the destruction of Theros Obsidia and all who reside there.
  • What action would your hero never do?
    • Have sex with a man
    • Raise the innocent or Good-aligned as undead minions.
  • What would cause your hero to break down to sadness or fear?
    • Sadness: A fell infant. duuuude
  • What do you hope your heroe's honorific would be?
    • "Exhaulted" "Merciful"
  • What would it take for your hero to turn traitor? (these can result from bribe or blackmail)
    • The promise of founts of knowledge.
  • PLAYER: What's your favorite monster or NPCs to fight?!!
    • Anything intelligent enough to use tactics and have great swag. Except vampires - they suck. Goblins are always fun, since they're almost people, and not so monstrous that there are no laughs to be had.
  • PLAYER: What do you most enjoy about RPGs & D&D? (meaning battling monsters, solving puzzles, political roleplaying, etc..?)
    • Kevin :) Okay, with less sucking up... I love working toward having a great story to tell. Building interesting twists in the history of the characters that comes together in the end to be really intriguing. Many times, this comes through killing bad guys, which I love. Especially if I get to keep their stuff and get rich. Not so big on the puzzles.



  • Mardo Fintwicz - gnome merchant, frequently travels collecting curiosities. Pays well for magics and favors. The pawn broker
  • Maoli - Kyuad's mother. Shortly after he was born, she was taken into captivity to serve as a concubine for an orc leader. Her captor was a particularly sadistic orc who made her choose between her life or her son's. He told her he could take her baby, so he could have a new sacrifice to hand over to the legates, or he could take her as his slave for the rest of her life. She chose to let her baby live, and left Kyuad with her young married niece. Her spirit worn down by the evils of orc enslavement, Maoli is a defeated person who has attempted suicide many times. She resents Kyuad and blames him for her current situation, but she is still his mother, deep in her heart. Her attitude toward him could shift either way.
  • Valendil - The wood elf arrived in a town once while Kyuad was visiting, and requested help with two allies. Some of the people rejected him, claiming that being an elf in the town was enough to bring death to them all if the legates ever found out. The situation escalated until someone threw a rock, hitting one of the wounded. Someone in the town offered Valendil sanctuary in their home. Barely alive, one of the two elves survived with the help of some townspeople. However, the other had been injured enough from the rock that she died. Kyuad was brought in to assist with the passing, and learned some of the elven ways of dealing with death. During Valendil's stay in this town, Collune got word to Kyuad that there was someone he must meet named Durgaz, who would aid him in his travels. Valendil helped Kyuat reach Durgaz.


  • Collune Rahnvalla - Collune Rahnvalla is a pathwalker and a spiritual channeler who specializes in necromancy and divination, and who is a skilled undertaker. Collune was a young girl when she met Kyuad. She was just learning how to serve as an undertaker when she heard that a baby was still-born in the town through which she travelled. She and her teacher arrived and saw that he was still alive, but very close to death. Once healthy again, Collune took a special interest in the baby's life, and settled permanently in the village as soon as she had finished her training. Her divinations lead her to see in him a strong portent for a life of great danger and importance. Kyuad and Collune share a strong bond. She has taught him much of what he knows, and supports his quest for knowledge. She also brings to him warnings and guidance that leads him to where she learns he needs to be. She and Kyuad are creating a language together called Safati. Collune lives very simply, working as an undertaker for Hillbird and other towns in the region. To the outside world, she seems to have a very average life, like anyone else. Collune sometimes sends messages to Kyuad.
  • Yari Merhabaan - A skilled artist and student of languages and writing. An adherant of the Sahi. Kyuad saved his life's work from a greedy legate, so he owes Kyuad greatly. He taught Kyuad Colonial and has been working on learning Safati.
  • Gilgal Callan - He saved Kyuad's life, but at the cost of his own. Occasionally, his spirit contacts Kyuad and gives him advice, or helps him in some other way. Most commonly this is through dreams, but sometimes he directly intervenes in Kyuad's waking life as well. His spirit has become only more devoted to Kyuad since his death, perhaps hoping that some day the two friends will find a way to truly commune again. Or perhaps he knows something of the nature of Kyuad's existance that others cannot recognize.


  • Nashvahd - Sarcosan outrider. He hates magic and anyone who studies the dead. He especially hates Kyuad because during one of his first assignments as an undertaker, he was unable to prevent Nashvahd from having to kill his undead father. He was forced to chop off the head of his animated father when he bit two of Nashvahd's fingers off. The horrors of that moment have haunted his dreams ever since, and the injury has physically marred him, preventing him from advancing in caste.
  • Gorrie Sander - Gorrie was once smitten with Kyuad when the two of them were young. She had decided that she was going to be his wife someday, and despite his lack of interest, interjected herself into his life whenever she could. The disruption and distraction this caused lead to a number of problems, each one solidifying Kyuad's distaste for her. Gorrie decided that Collune must be trying to keep the two of them apart with all the studying that she had Kyuad doing, and set out to kill Collune. Collune foresaw the dire consequences of Gorrie's plan, and fingered Gorrie as a lawbreaker, resulting in her enslavement. Gorrie hates Collune with a burning rage, and has now turned against Kyuad as well, since she thinks he chose Collune over her.
  • Legate Pessiogn - As a boy, Diero Pessiogn and Kyuad were very close friends. Both had their hobbies, and both persued them with unusual intensity. While Kyuad was focused on studying the knowledge of the living form and how it works, Diero strove to one day be a great legate, and studied the religious beliefs and practices of the Shadow. They were intense and brooding teenagers, but still friends as fast as ever, when Diero discovered Kyuad dabbling in the use of magic. Diero became a legate merely because he wanted the prestige of being one who practices magic, and being at his core a coward, he was unwilling to risk his life by thwarting the restrictions against channeled magics. Infuriated, Diero resented Kyuad's willingness to break the law that he'd devoted so much of his life to, in order to accomplish Diero's own goals. While truly Diero resents Kyuad for having the bravery to take a risk that he could never take, Diero instead focuses his rage on Kyuad for "taking the easy way, the bad way." Diero and Kyuad were never friends again from that day forward, but out of respect for the friendship they once shared, Diero has never acted against Kyuad for breaking the law. He does care for his friend and doesn't want to see him get killed.


  • Hillbird - This is the village where Kyuad, Collune, and Diego all lived, until recently. Collune still lives there and works as an undertaker for the region. Kyuad only recently left at her urging, in order to learn more about the world and himself. The town is simple and small, not on any trade routes, and fairly isolated.


Kyuad and Collune have worked together to create a secret language, called Safati. When using written communication, they use this language. Kyuad occasionally leaves messages for her, written in the dirt, in places where he dwells for very long, confident that Collune is capable of using her Seer abilities to read the messages.

Kyuad's current skill with Safati: fluent (3) and literate

Covenant Items[edit]

Kyuad's old covenant items

Verdigris Helm[edit]

A bronze helmet, with verdigris stains over much of it. It was once owned by someone named Wascen Witherfist, who fancied himself a prophet of a god of disease/decay/corruption. The helmet can give diseased skin a look of beauty, and can cause disease in others. Wascen was particularly set against the elves, though mostly because they feared that his so-called god wished to destroy their forests. Given a choice, he would have converted elves, wishing to give them the chance to embrace the decay inherant in all life.


This is primarily a mining tool, but it can be separated into four smaller tools. Two of these are: a heavy pick and a light pick (usually used together by someone skilled at using Two-Weapon Fighting). Obviously, a dwarven item. The Vieredelin is fabled to have been the first pick to break through to a famous cavern system, where modern holds are now located. Against some great and terrible foe, the Vieredelin was used to deal the deathblow. It was said that the pick pinned the foe's spirit to the rock in that place, ensuring that he/she could bother no one in the afterlife.

Berufs Parir[edit]

In the Dornish homelands across the oceans, they had a tradition of fire brigades in their villages. They typically built their homes out of wood and lashes, making them particularly combustable, so no village (or even household) went without some fire prevention/fighting training, and it was common for most men of an adult age to compete in contests that tested their ability to fight a fire and save people from fire. The Berufs Parir was once part of a larger device used in fighting fires, but is now nothing more than an enchanted leather tube. It has a burned-in flame motif on its surface. It is about an inch across at each end, stiff enough to hold its shape as a tube but very flexible when bent. Breathing in from one end of the tube provides pure, breathable air, no matter what's on the other end. Needless to say, it's fireproof. It probably does other things too.


NOTE: The following was current as of 4/19/08

On His Person[edit]

  • Armor/Clothes:
    • pants, a duster-like robe/coat, a black cloak/cape, simple travelling gloves, boots, belt with charm buckle, etc. (6 lb.)
      • Contents of charm buckle: +2 attack minor charm (minor), +2 Fort watchdog x4 (minor), +2 AC watchdog x2 (minor)
    • hawking gauntlet made from the wing leather of an undead wyvern
    • Falconry gauntlet from Vrolk's lab, inscribed is "By wrath and Revenge Xircix's Heart Holds Her"
  • Weapons:
    • 1 drop-sheathed dagger (1 lb.)
  • Magic Items
    • Spell Talisman: A woven undershirt with embroidery that looks like a glowing leaf. Spell: False Life
    • Acquiring stone - "Sometimes innovation means stealing another's secret before anyone else can. When successfully counterspelling another spellcaster, this item pays for the spell energy cost of the spell you cast, and returns to you an amount of spell energy equal to the level of the spell cast by your opponent. It also grants a type of insight into the spells others cast for the purpose of counterspelling.
    • Wizardry Circlet AKA. the Ego's Cord, the Circlet of Intellect, Isecizot the Mindful Tender
      This circlet is a light cord of metals woven as a rope, hardened by the forge with a small onyx gem so that it rests upon the forehead of the wearer. The headband adds to the wearer's Intelligence score in the form of an enhancement bonus of +4. This enhancement bonus does not earn the wearer extra skill points when a new level is attained; use the unenhanced Int bonus to determine skill poins.
      The wearer's arcane spell energy can be augmented with a request of the band. Before the wearer can communicate with or use the circlet, he must attune himself to it by concentrating on the band's power and cordially introducing himself. The more that the wearer shares with the circlet, the more apt the item will be to work with the wearer. This requires undisturbed concentration and takes 3 hours. At the end of this period, the wearer makes a Concentration check with a DC of 20. If he succeeds, the wearer is attuned with the band until removed. When removed the duration of the attunement runs out, the wearer must repeat the process. If successful in attuning the circlet, the wearer can choose to increase the DC of the Concentration check required for another person to attune the circlet to match his own Concentration check result.
      • Powering Spells: When an attuned channeling spellcaster casts a spell while wearing the band, he may draw on the band's spell energy to help power the spell. To do so, he casts the spell as normal and makes a Concentration check with a DC equal to 15 + the level of the spell. If he succeeds, the band provides up to one half the points of the required spell energy from its spell energy pool (round down), while the channeler provides the rest from his own spell energy pool or by suffering Constitution damage (Taint may not be used to cast spells with the circlet's aid). For every 5 points by which he exceeds the check DC, the band provides an additional point of spell energy. Using the band in this way is not considered an action, and requires no additional time beyond that normally consumed in the casting of the spell.
        [similar to Headband of Intellect & Ring of Wizardry] Moderate Transmutation; CL 18th; Craft Wondrous Item & Forge Ring, fox's cunning and Limited Wish.
        Weight [2.4 lbs.]
      • Nexus Power
        Spell Energy: 23
        Recovery: 1d10 per day
        Affinity: Knowledge, non-weapon items
        Feats: any non-weapons
      • ISECIZOT the Mindful Tender
        • AL: N* (Any Neutral character can use this item, any character whose alignment does not correspond to that of the circlet gains one negative level - for details see p. 269 DMG)
        • Int: 22, Wis: 10, Cha: 10
        • Communication: Speak/Read, Telepathic, Read Magic; Language: Erenlander, Norther, Courtier, Colonial, High Elven, Orc (literate in all)
        • 60' Darkvision and Hearing
        • Lesser Powers: Skills 10 ranks Spellcraft, 15 ranks Knowledge: Local (Cold Downs)
          Major Image 1/day
          Daze Monster 3/day
          Zone of Truth 3/day
        • Purpose: The study and creation of magic to add to the world, magic must not fade from Aryth!!
        • Dedicated Power: Waves of Exhaustion
        • EGO: 20 (if personality conflict occurs: Will SV DC19 - p. 269 DMG)
        • CURSE: Wearer must made a DC 19 Will save each day or take 1d4 point of Wisdom damage. (bypasses all immunities)
  • Charms
    • True Charm - "Cap of Spiritual Awareness" This item, created by Kyuad and Eranon, grants the user true seeing vs. incorporeal and bodiless creatures. This includes incorporeal undead created through necromantic magic, lost spirits, and trapped spirits that have not taken form by using their Manifest or Posession abilities (see pages 335-343 of Midnight 2E).
    • +2 attack (minor)
    • +2 Fort watchdog x4 (minor)
    • +2 AC watchdog x2 (minor)
    • wooden top, Will +2 (minor)
    • knotted chord, craft +2 (minor)
    • glass ring, energy resistance (3) vs. fire (true)
    • roughly-carved clay idol, craft +2 (minor)
    • sarcosan coin, +1 to the next save (minor)
    • long wire, mending spell-like effect (lesser)
    • etched flint, Ref +4 one check (greater)
    • woven grass, attack +2 (minor)
      • Charms that are intended to be re-made into something else
        • gold coin (minor)
        • leather bracelet (lesser)
        • silver needle (greater)
        • lightning-singed stone (lesser)
  • Covenant Items
    • Occulus of the Spine a.k.a. The Darghul's Eyepiece, the Golder Peeper
      • donning the ornate golden eyepiece is a standard action. 2 lbs.
      • NOTE: Bonuses that don't have a specific type always stack with all bonuses. This item uses the rules for grafted body parts from Libris Mortis, pg. 27 and 79. This is an item creation feat that uses all of the normal rules for item creation feats, including requiring a character to be in a nexus (pg. 297 of Midnight 2nd Edition) in order to graft parts. A nexus that supports the Craft Wondrous Item feat also supports the Graft Flesh feat.
      • 2nd Level: Wearing the eyepiece grants a character a +5 bonus to Heal checks. Wearing the eyepiece grants a character the ability to graft body parts as though he had Graft Flesh (darghul) feat (note that one must be a darghul in order to graft darghul parts).
      • 4th Level: Bonus to Heal checks increases to +10. Grants a +2 bonus to any Craft skill. Wearing the eyepiece grants a character the ability to graft body parts as though he had Graft Flesh (spider eater and umber hulk) feat.
      • 6th Level: The wearer always succeeds at all Heal checks. Bonus to any Craft skill increases to +4. Wearing the eyepiece grants a character the ability to graft body parts as though he had Graft Flesh (beholder) feat.
      • 7th Level: Wearing the eyepiece grants a character the ability to graft body parts as though he had Graft Flesh (undead) feat (note that one must be in a necromantic conflux = pg. 347 of Midnight 2nd Edition - rather than a nexus in order to graft undead body parts).
      • 11th Level: The character may take 20 as per the rules for taking 10 when using the Craft skill.
      • 15th Level: On an unconscious or otherwise helpless subject you can attempt mental surgery. At the end of each hour of work, make a Heal check, DC 20 (+1 for each hour spent in surgery). The automatic success ability of the oculus does not apply. Failure is not recommended. For each hour of surgery, you can choose one effect:
        • Remove blocks of memory (a "block" is any one specific memory item or general group of memories as determined by the GM)
        • Reduce mental attribute scores (one hour per point)
        • Reduce skill ranks from the target (one hour per 4 ranks)

PACK 1[edit]

This is a thin pack that has linings separating out his belongings. It resembles a laptop case. (2 lb.)

  • Lorebook: [3.2 lbs] Kyuad carries a book that serves as his lorebook. It's a little thicker than the Midnight book, and better-bound, but otherwise the same size. The book is in his pack. The character is 100% dependant on this book!
  • Potions
    • 2 potions of cure light wounds (CL 1)
    • 1 potion of lesser restoration
    • 3 potions of cure serious wounds (CL 5)
    • 3 potions of speak with dead (ink black liquid with thin threads of white)
    • 1 "Draught of the Spell of Necrotic Blood" - The glowing, murky, oily tonic that is ivory in color. It smells like raw meat and grapes. (Consume Likeness Oil (BV89)
    • 1 Spawn Screen Oil (LM71)
    • 1 Remove Blindness potion
  • Scrolls
    • 4 x comprehend languages - CL2, 20 minutes
    • 10 x disguise ally - CL3
    • 8 x mage armor - CL2, +4 armor AC, 2 hours
    • 2 x silver blood - CL3
    • 1 x horrid wilting - "The Papers of Flesh"
    • 1 x undead to death - "The Scroll of the Glamour of Necrotic Force"
    • 1 x revive undead - (LM70) "Scroll Rites of Natural Selection"

PACK 2[edit]

This is a backpack that he frequently sets down or gives to someone else to carry for him.

  • Profession tools that allow him to work as an undertaker and tailor. This includes a small bone saw for getting through the spinal column, some linen and woven cotton paper for wrapping a body, and jars of chemicals for embalming. Also, scalpels, stitching needles and thread, iodine, and purified water.
  • some chalk (0 lb.)
    • 975vp worth of fine paper, and 545vp worth of quality ink. (2 lbs?)
    • 5 healer's kits (5 lb.)
    • small steel mirror (0 lb.)
    • 1 dozen sewing needles
  • Light Crossbow with skull on the front for decoration, 20 bolts (8+2 lb.)
  • Other:
    • 7 more days of +2 Int checks oil
    • 5 skeens of Aranesil silk (100' each)
    • thick molted snake skin from a gargantuan cobra with a white V pattern on the black hood.
  • Books:
    • The Grimoire of Bile by Umann-Ui (spellbook) [4.2 lbs]
      • Spells
        • Level 0: ghost sound, read magic, dawn
        • Level 1: assist, deep breath, detect astirax, far whisper, obscuring mist
        • Level 2: resist energy, weather
        • Level 3: dispel magic, tongues, arcane impotence, willful stand, neutralize poison
        • Level 4: remove curse, black tentacles, minor creation
    • The Cyclopaedia of Vrolk the Vile by Vrolk (spellbook) [4.6 lbs]
      • Spells
        • Level 0: disrupt undead, read magic, resistance, touch of fatigue
        • Level 1: backbiter, cause fear, fleshknit lesser, protection from good, undetectable alignment
        • Level 2: command undead, decomposition, delay poison, fell forbiddance, ghoul touch, ray of weakness, resist energy, shroud of undeath, withering speech
        • Level 3: blood boil, dispel magic, fleshknit, halt undead, magic circle against good, tongues, vampiric touch
        • Level 4: animate dead, bestow curse, crushing despair, dimensional anchor, enervation, inflict critical wounds, repel vermin
        • Level 5: blight, magic jar, magic circle against shadow, nightmare, nexus fuel, waves of fatigue
        • Level 6: aura of terror, repulsion, undeath to death
        • Level 7: control undead, ghost trap, insanity, sequester, waves of exhaustion
        • Level 8: blackfire, clone, horrid wilting, protection from spell, symbol of death, trap the soul, veil of undeath
        • Level 9: antipathy, imprisonment, refuge, soul bind
    • Manual of Practical Dead Magic (Another book from Vrolk's lab) [3.1 lbs]
      • Spells
        • Level 0: acid splash
        • Level 1: alarm, endure elements, peasant's rest, unseen servant
        • Level 2: cure moderate wounds, fell forbiddance, glitterdust, inflict moderate wounds, scare
        • Level 3: bone thicket, greater mage armor, neutralize poison
        • Level 4: minor creation, remove curse, secure shelter
        • Level 5: arcane interference, faithful hound, waves of fatigue
        • Level 6: create undead, flame bones (fire seeds), guards and wards
    • The Spell Words - Spellbook of Irding of the House of Gyrn (4 lb.)
      • Spells
        • Level 0: cure minor wounds, dancing lights, flare, ghost sound, light, prestidigitation, ray of frost, read magic, resistance
        • Level 1: frozen (burning) hands, channel might, disguise self, diguise weapon, endure elements, floating disk, hold portal, magic aura, magic missle, protection from chaos, protection from good, shield, shocking grasp, silent image, speak with animals, undetectable alignment, undetectable aura
        • Level 2: arcane lock, continual flame, ration of exalted darkness (Darkness), fell forbiddance, fey hearth, frost (flame) blade, cold (flame) sphere, greenshield, gust of wind, hypnotic pattern, minor image, misdirection, obscure object, pacify, protection from arrows, resist energy, chilled (scorching) ray, shatter, sound burst, trap
        • Level 3: call lightning, chilling (fire) ball, halt undead, illusory script, invisibility sphere, keen edge, lightning bolt, breaths of warding (magic circle against evil; good; law), magic weapon (greater), major image, tiny hut, willful stand
        • Level 4: dimensional anchor, ring of ice (ice(fire)trap), phantasmal killer, hallucinatory terrain, invisibility (greater), spike stones
        • Level 5: false vision, interposing hand, viciousness deflection (magic circle against shadow), mirage arcana, private sanctum, seeming, wall of force
        • Level 6: chain lightning, greater dispel magic, white webs of silver (veil)
        • Level 7: forcecage, illusion of displacement (mass invisibility), sequester, sword
        • Level 8: the gauntlets (clenched fist), blasts of icy sapphire (polar ray), repel metal or stone, auras of the sun (sunburst)
    • the Ledger of Gyrn - (magic item / spellbook) (1 lb.)
      This book is impressively clear despite the bad illustrations due to extensive references. It doesn't take much effort to determine that it will prove useful. After a quick examination, one will find that the contents have a few areas of deep insight you hadn't considered. The worn but well made tome is of a small size: 10"x8" and 3" thick. It is extremely durable, waterproof, bound with iron overlaid with mithral and locked (amazing lock).
      [similar to Boccobs Blessed Book]
      • Properties: A wizard can fill the 1,000 pages of this book with spells without paying the 25 vp per page material cost.
    • The Unabridged Hermetic Lexicon - (magic item / spellbook) (7.3 lb.)
      This book is hard to understand because of a lack of coherent planning. With time, intellect, or both, one can make sense of the book, and it will reveal it is extremely useful. Making it even more of a find, the contents provide an occasional insight or new idea. This work bestows upon any character the ability to use the spells within its pages. However, any character not already able to use spells gains one negative level for as long as the book is in his possession or while he uses its power. The book has 25 pages. Once a page is turned it can never be turned back - paging through is a one-way trip. If the book is closed, it always opens again to the page it was on before the book was closed. When the last page is turned, the book vanishes. Once per day the owner of the book can cast the spell to which the book is opened. If that spell happens to be one that is on the character's class spell list, he can cast it up to four times per day. The pages cannot be ripped out without destorying the book. Similarly, the spells cannot be cast scroll spells, nor can they be copied into a spellbook, their magic is bound up permanently within the book itself. The owner of the book need not have the book on his person in order to use its power. The book can be stored in a place of safety while the owner is away and still allow its owner to cast spells by means of its power. Each time a spell is cast, there is a chance that the energy connected with its use causes the page to magically turn despite all precautions. The owner knows this and may even benefit from the turning by gaining access to a new spell. The chace that a page turns depends on the spell the page contains and what sort of spellcaster the owner is.
      [similar to the Book of Infinate Spells]
      Strong (all schools); CL 18th.
      • Spells (Treat each spell use as if a scroll were being employed, for puposes of determining casting time, spell failure, and so on.)
        • Level 7: Mage's Sword (Caster Level 13) For Kyuad the spell functions thus: A sword of force attacks once per round at +25 (or +29) for 4d6+3 magical force damage (19-20/x2). Standard action to change its target. Lasts 13 (or 17) rounds, ranges away from the caster no further than 55 ft. (or 65 ft.).
      • CONDITION / Chance of Page Turning
        • Caster employing a spell usable by own class/level = 10%
        • Caster employing a spell not usable by own class/level = 20%
        • Nonspellcaster employing divine spell = 25%
        • Nonspellcaster emplying arcane spell = 30%

Held by Others[edit]

  • Books
    • Left for Collune to read once she gets to Hamlet
      • History of Runes, by Agaren the Elder (found in Vrolk's lab) [3.8 lbs]
      • Grimoire of Lost Treasures, by Zelkel Wyror the Blue (found in Vrolk's lab) [5.7 lbs]
      • The Compendium on Time - the Life of Aryth, by Vrolk (Colonial) (6 lb.) (found in ShadowWall) [6.1 lbs]
  • Magic Items:
    • Echo's Splinter (wooden staff) - Found chain-locked in a crate in the attic of ShadowWall, within a fitted silk slipcase. This impossibly hard* wooden staff is some 4" in diameter and a full 6.5' long. It is nearly straight with a slight crook in the top section. It weighs approximately 25 lbs. The staff holds a series of runes on it, etched into the wood by dark magic and fire - as if burned into the wood against its will. While the runes can be felt and seen slightly - only pathwalkers can deepen the scars enough to read and use. (runic record, multiple use, energy-activated)
      • Spells
        • Level 0: create water, cure minor wounds, dancing lights, detect magic, detect poison, flare, guidance, know direction, light, mending, purify food and drink, read magic, resistance, virtue (this is all 0-level druid spells plus dancing lights)
        • Level 1: goodberry, longstrider, magic fang, unseen servant
        • Level 2: barkskin, continual flame, lifetrap (entangle and damage to undead)
        • Level 3: charm repair (Midnight 2E p. 134 - repairs a charm once), plant growth, spike growth, water breathing
        • Level 4: airwalk, bestow spell (Sorc.&S, p. 32 - gives a target a spell-like ability), holy smite (Clr spell from Good domain), reincarnate
        • Level 5: call lightning storm, commune with nature, mass cure light wounds, magic circle against shadow (Sorc.&S, p. 36 - as M.C.A.Evil, etc, but affects Izrador followers)
        • Level 6: analyze dweomer, find the path, fire seeds, guards and wards, ironwood, repel wood, spellstaff, summon nature’s ally VI
        • Level 7: changestaff, control weather, summon nature’s ally VII, sunbeam, transmute metal to wood
        • Level 8: earthquake, summon nature’s ally VIII, sunburst, whirlwind, word of recall (sanctuary: the Splinter Gate tree. Limited to staff and one medium [naked] creature, items carried are lost)
        • Level 9: storm of vengeance, summon nature’s ally IX, sympathy
      • NOTE: The Splinter is taken from the Spinter Gate tree that houses the Academy of Whispers. It is made of the Darkwood material that has been magically treated to be unbreakable to all known means. Normal Darkwood has 10 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 5.
      • NOTE: It takes 1 hour to study each new spell level, in order to learn what spells it contains.
      • NOTE: These are the spells that were on the Splinter, apparently specially placed, and the spells that replaced some of those when the 'Splinter was at Hamlet's Druid Academy.
    • The Coat of the Bone (held by Kaiel) - AKA. the Gyrn's Garment of Grief, Eddatarm
      This coat wears as a cloak with large metal breast buckles of a coat. It appears to be that of a Dornish winter cloak, the shoulders high with the white fur of a winter wolf down to a point in the middle of the back where it continues in hammered thinned black leathers, weighted with bone along the bottom to scrape the ground. It appears to be embroidered with small figures representing the fallen Dornish ancestory of House Gyrn (Irding IS amoung the runic story!). Only the wearer can see the embroidery and recognize them for what they truly can be... the creatures they become, and detatch them. One figure can be detached each round as a standard action, 1d6 can be detached with a full round action. Detaching a figure causes it to become an actual undead creature. The skeleton or Fell is not under the control of the wearer of the robe, but may be subsequently commanded, rebuked, turned, or destroyed. The coat can have it's embroidered figures "replaced" with new undead. To do so the caster must use a power source (such as a Nexus) to place an undead on the coat.
      (similar to Robe of Bones, DMG 265) Moderate Necromancy (evil); CL 6th; Craft Wonderous Item, animate dead.
      Weight [5.4 lbs.]
      Embroidered Figures currently on Coat:
      • Currently stored on the coat
        • (29) 1 HD Goblin skeletons
        • (13) 1 HD Dorn skeletons
        • (7) 6 HD Winter Wolf skeletons
        • (6) 5th level Hobgoblin Barbarian (male) Faengrals
        • (1) 9th level Dorn Defender (male) Maelgral
        • (2) Dire Wolf 3rd level Wildlander (female & male) Ungral
      • EDDATARM honorary member of the House of Gyrn
        • AL: E* (Any Evil character can use this item, any character whose alignment does not correspond to that of the coat gains one negative level - for details see p. 269 DMG)
        • Int: 10, Wis: 10, Cha: 16
        • 120' Darkvision, blindsense and Hearing. Communication: Empathy
        • Lesser Powers: Deathwatch continuously active
        • Purpose: Defend the Dornish & Elven peoples, by stamping out invading enemies of the territory
        • Dedicated Power: use Waves of Exhaustion
        • EGO: 9 (if personality conflict occurs: Will SV DC9 - p. 269 DMG)
        • CURSE: The Coat of Bone has put down many on it's own... For as much as it wanted to be worn, it found itself cursed. A detect poison spell can reveal the presence of poison impregnated in the coat's leather. It can be handled without harm, but as soon as it is actually donned the wearer is killed instantly unless he succeeds on a DC28 Fort SV. Luckily the last wearer was a Vampyre.
  • Covenant Items:
    • Harvester of Souls a.k.a. Corpse Scalpal, The Vile Scythe, Vrolk's Implement, The Fell Skewer (held by Collune)
      • damage: 2d4 (magical), crit x4, weight 5 lbs.
      • The wielder is considered a master with the Harvester, whether fighter, Channeller or Aristocrat. When making attacks with the Harvester, the wielder's Base Attack Bonus is equal to the Harvester's highest activated level or the wielder's Base Attack Bonus, whichever is higher (Example: an 8th-level rogue using the Harvester has a +7 BAB, because the most recent covenant item ability activated at level 7).
      • 1st Level: Damage bonus +1
      • 4th Level: Damage bonus +2
      • 7th Level: The Harvester deals quadruple damage to Fell. Bonus damage dice are not multiplied.
      • 12th Level: The Harvester gains the Ghost Touch trait. Additionally, when damage caused by the Harvester deals a killing blow to a Fell creature or a lost spirit, the wielder gains 1d8 temporary hit points and a +2 bonus to Strength. Additionally, the wielder's effective caster level goes up by +1, improving spell effects dependent on caster level. These effects last for 10 minutes per HD of the destroyed Fell or lost spirit.
      • 15th Level: As a standard action, a wielder with the ability to command or rebuke undead may strike the blade into the ground, creating a 60-foot cone in which any Fell or Lost are affected as though by halt undead (DC 27). A successful attack from the Fell Skewer instantly destroys undead held by this ability.

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