Midnight RPG - Chapter 37.214

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Eranon approaches Zal'Kazzir early in the day after the meeting with the orcs at their camp.

Eranon: "Zal'Kazzir, is there any way that you could gather Wilhelm and the other commanders, as well as anyone else that could be reguarded as important here in First-Hold? I was hoping to speak with them about our new visitors. I was hoping that you would accompany me to do that as well, and maybe Durgaz too. They seem to look to me, but I have no way with words as you have. Either way, they need to be briefed on the orcs coming into the camp and made to see why this is for the best."

"I don't know, maybe I should speak to all of them, man and orc, when they get here. I don't know the best way to proceed."


Kyuad is present also.

"Eranon, thanks for bringing this up," Kyuad says as he approaches his friend. "A very important step will be to broach this subject with the people of Firsthold so they know what to expect. We will certainly need Zal'Kazzir's help with this, as it seems he knows more about bureaucracy and setting up programs than do the rest of us."