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Hitting our Stride

We start on Miranda and take off from there. The goals and certainties of the past year and a half have altered thanks to recent events and the immediate future is now uncertain.

Episode #/Title
201. Crossroads ––– Summer's Gift leaves Miranda and meets the Decatur.
202. Obstinacy ––– Crew deals with the TSE epidemic on Boros, takes on an infected child.
203. Gibraltar Blues ––– The crew encounters Dockside riots and backroom deals.
204. Meridian Encounters ––– We rescue a doctor from an armed camp and Johannes reveals some surprising talents.
205. Of The Damned ––– We find a derelict en route to Muir and discover it has been set up almost like a Reaver trap. After talking to our cargo's recipient on Muir, we discover the origin of the derelict and the person responsible for it.
206. Powder Keg ––– We leave Santa Ria Mission to imminent Reaver attack at Iscariot's urging, taking on damage ourselves as we make our escape.
207. Flashpoints ––– Rina's reputation complicates repairs, we adopt Lem and leave for White Sun with passengers who prove disruptive.
208. Vicissitudes ––– Lem's condition worsens and we gain him some time when an unexpected threat to our lives makes its appearance.
209. Avalanche ––– Crew takes Lem to St. Alban's for treatment, gets caught in an avalanche, oh... and Reaver's Disease strikes
210. Thy Fearful Symmetry ––– Lem gets treatment, Rick and Nika go on a Tiger hunt.
211. What Must Needs Be Done ––– Jake has a homecoming party, a deadly enemy resurfaces from Christian's past.
212. Packages And Pop Stars ––– We make a mail run to a space station and run into several people chasing pop stars and a certain mysterious box. Arden is seriously injured when events take a deadly turn.
213. Show Stoppers ––– In which we gain backstage passes from one of the show judges (an old friend of Christian's) and successfully hijack the signal to send a politically damaging vid over the Cortex.
214. Salisbury Agendas ––– The crew of Summer's Gift finally discover what Michael Carter's been up to in the past 18 months and Rina has an important decision to make. Oh, and the Abbot of Salisbury is up to something subversive.
215. Trafalgar ––– The crew take passengers and cargo to IAV Trafalgar, sneak into the mothballed medical facilities and encounter more than they bargained for: Reavers and the Blue Sun agents Blondie and Bruno.
216. Losses and Gains ––– We take our wounded to the Trafalgar's Sickbay for treatment. Jake dies on the operating table. Rick and Nika survive and appear to be 'on the mend.' Some fast talking by Christian and Joshua help the crew get back to the Summer's Gift, while Rick tries again to get Blue Sun Blondie's number.
217. Morningstar and Fallen Angels ––– In which we make our first cargo run for Morningstar to Aesir, and deliver Jake Aberg home to his family. Of course, we hit a snag.
218. Captive Audience ––– We aren't killed outright by the pirates who have taken over our ship and during our captivity we find out more about them and about Joshua's abilities. We are flown to Aesir where we and Jake's body are stranded in the BFE. After we deliver Jake to his family, we follow the pirates to our ship.
219. Rendezvous ––– In which the crew of Summer's Gift regain control of the ship, though it nearly cost both crews the lives of one of their members, and everyone comes to an agreement: we'll take the Lenore crew to Blue Sun as legitimate passengers, but once they've reached their destination, we leave them there and take our ship back.
220. Season Two Finale: Aberdeen ––– We fly to Aberdeen to refuel and provision up for our coming trip. When we kiss dirt we almost immediately land ourselves in trouble as Calico Jack and El Raton catch up with us. We extricate ourselves by te skin of our teeth and take off for the Halo.

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