Mutineers Timeline, Season Two

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  • Denotes RP/Journal entry

December 22, 2519 - Crossroads ––– Repairs are done. Arden has finally managed to get his brain scan and discovers two things. One--he has a second pineal gland in his brain, which he can't explain or understand the purpose of. Two--the Alliance has declared a system-wide quarantine of Blue Sun to contain the 34 Tauri E Transmissible Spongiform Encephalitis (TSEB34), inaccurately called the "Reaver Disease", and the quarantine will be kept until further notice.

We lift off Miranda with a repaired and revamped Summer's Gift and head out for the nearest Cortex Repeater Station so Jake and Rick can broadcast the vids they've captured dirtside. Somehow, word of Miranda has to go out, the news has to keep coming. Brian is still unconscious, strapped to our new ward in med bay. Harry and Shyla are aboard as well, going out into the Black with us. Our plan after we broadcast our vids is to make our way Coreward to get Brian the care he needs.

We get intercepted 55 hours after take off--on December 24th--by the Longbow Class PDF Decatur, formerly the IAV Intrepid of the Alliance Navy. Decatur orders us to heave to and prepare for boarding. We obey. We are met by men in NBC suits and are subjected to a round of exams thorough and invasive enough to necessitate sedating Rina lest she kill someone, and after the results are in, we are declared free of the TSEB.

We learn a few other things. When the quarantine was lowered on Blue Sun, the Alliance pulled all her ships out, leaving the system defenceless against domestic troublemakers. The system's inhabitants quickly devised their own navy, the Planetary Defence Fleet (or PDF) to take up the duties the Allliance abandoned. In some cases, the very ships the PDF acquired were Alliance ships cut loose when the crew showed signs of the TESB. Those that succumbed were dealth with, those that survived severed ties with the Feds, taking the ships with them. Fuel Magnate You Ge of YouGo Industries has thrown his resources and fuel to the PDF and its ultimate goal: the liberation of Blue Sun by leveraged negotiations, backed up by the PDF.

We also learn that Shyla and Harbinger have been working with the PDF, investigating goings-on in Blue Sun. When Shyla is given command of Decatur upon her return, she asks us to join her. We are given 24 hours to discuss it amongst ourselves and after much wrangling between the anti-war/anti-killing half of the crew and the more Resistance-minded, we agree to straddle the fence: we will run blockades with Summer's Gift for the PDF but retain our autonomy to come and go and do good with our ship as we see fit.

  • December 23, 2519 - Progress ––– Rina and Arden talk during an examination
  • December 24, 2519 - Second_Miranda_Wave (aka the "Christmas Eve Wave")
  • December 27, 2519 - Rubicon ––– Rina takes a big step forward with Christian
  • December 28, 2519 - Naissance ––– The morning after is always awkward
  • January 12, 2520 - Baklava ––– All good things come to an end

January 19, 2519 - Obstinacy ––– We arrive on Boros to visit Nika's sister on her ranch and to sell our cargo of land vehicles in Vanderburg City. While Christian is busy in the city, the rest of the crew picks up a kitten from Nala's barn litter and also become embroiled in a dispute between local ranchers and Federal inspection mandates. By the end of our stay, we leave with cargo arranged by fixer Saul Lee and are also custodians of an orphaned little boy, Lem Kurpinsky, suffering from TSE.

January 23, 2520 - Gibraltar Blues ––– We land on Newhope at Gibraltar, only to find the city and the port in an uproar from food riots. Jake, Rick and Rina find themselves caught up in the riots while shooting footage and have a couple of close calls with the police and a Reaverized individual as they try to get back to the ship. Meanwhile, Christian and Nika arrange cargo with the on-world Russian Mob Boss Vladimir Byshek and take Johannes Volker, III as a passenger, who is more than he appears.

February 18, 2520 - Meridian Encounters ––– We deliver the last of Saul Lee's cargo, 45 tons of medicine and medical equipment to Brisbane on Meridian, and when we arrive we find the town's doctor has been abducted by a militarized logging camp in the mountains above. We do a recon and then a raid, and by trickery and teamwork manage to extract the doctor. During the operation, Johannes exhibits some surprising talents.

February 22, 2520 - Of The Damned ––– We fly on to Muir to deliver our cargo of lead pipe and find a derelict ship with Reaver victims. Unable to render aid, we continue to our destination. When we land on Muir, we find the TSE has struck even here and to our horror discover the ultimate fate of its victims.

February 27, 2520 - Powder Keg ––– We leave Santa Ria Mission to Reaver attack at Iscariot's insistence and Karma pays us back by inflicting damage upon our getaway. We manage to limp into Highgate, seeking help for Lem Kurpinski and safer cargo runs for ourselves.

March 01, 2520 - Flashpoints ––– Rina's reputation for being a hard-ass complicates repairs. She and Christian adopt Lem Kurpinsky to get him free of the hospital. We take on 5 passengers bound for White Sun and they prove a mite problematic.

March 18, 2520 - Vicissitudes ––– We evade an L-RAT by a miracle and cannibalize it to make a cryostasis chamber for Lem, whose condition has worsened. We fly on to St. Albans with the remaining two passengers of six.

  • April 15, 2520 - Birthday ––– Barrooms, booze, and bitches: always a dicey combination
  • April ??, 2520 - Hell If I Know

April 29, 2520 - Avalanche ––– We arrive at St Albans and ride a snow cat train to Doctor Kell Lawrence's clinic, only to get snared by an avalanche en route. We find ourselves trapped without power or communications with a passenger whose TSE has made him go Reaver.

April 29, 2520 - Thy Fearful Symmetry ––– We survive the avalanche and its aftermath and make it to the clinic. We get our baggage and weapons back from Corone Mining. We also arrange for Lem's treatment and learn of a possible conspiracy to deprive the 'Verse of ships fuel from another patient. A tiger hunt and a successful operation later, we leave St. Albans for Aesir and Brisingamen, and Lem continues to improve.

  • April 29, 2520 - Comfort ––– Giving and receiving

May 15, 2520 - What Must Needs Be Done ––– Jake has a homecoming party and Christian has his first client in months. However, Jake is keeping his film career a secret from his family and Christian's client turns out to be a catspaw of a deadly enemy from Christian's past.

  • May 18, 2520 - Gallows ––– Christian and Rina discuss Lem's future

May 18, 2520 - Packages And Pop Stars ––– We make a mail run to a space station and run into pop stars and a certain mysterious box. The pop stars, now called the Angel Sisters, reinvented their act to distance themselves from political indiscretions made in the past and Michael Peale, an apparently ardent fanboy of their prior incarnation, needs their help with a political matter. Arden is seriously injured when events take a deadly turn.

May 29, 2520 - Show Stoppers ––– In which we gain backstage passes from one of the show judges (an old friend of Christian's) and successfully hijack the signal to send a politically damaging vid over the Cortex.

June 13, 2520 - Salisbury Agendas ––– The crew of Summer's Gift fly to Salisbury where they finally discover what Michael Carter has been up to in the past 18 months and Rina has an important decision to make. Oh, and the Abbot of Salisbury is up to something subversive.

  • June 15, 2520 - Truth Is A Double-Edged Sword ––– Rina comes to grips with her last meeting with Mike
  • June 17, 2520 - Epiphany ––– A revelation urges Rina to a decision
  • June 17, 2520 - Logic ––– Mike simplifies things

June 22, 2520 - Trafalgar ––– The crew take passengers and cargo to IAV Trafalgar, sneak into the mothballed medical facilities and encounter more than they bargained for: Reavers and the Blue Sun agents Blondie and Bruno.

June 26, 2520 - Losses and Gains --- The Crew takes its wounded (half the crew) to the Trafalgar's Sickbay and begin to treat them. Jake dies on the operating table. Rick and Nika survive and appear to be 'on the mend.' Some fast talking by Christian and Joshua help the crew get back to the Summer's Gift.

Jul 31, 2520 - Morningstar and Fallen Angels ––– In which we make our first cargo run for Morningstar to Aesir after 4 weeks of downtime, and deliver Jake Aberg home to his family. Of course, we hit a snag.

Aug 05, 2520 - Captive Audience ––– We aren't killed outright by the pirates who have taken over our ship and during our captivity we find out more about them and about Joshua's abilities. We are flown to Aesir where we and Jake's body are stranded in the BFE. After we deliver Jake to his family, we follow the pirates to our ship.

  • August 17, 2520 - Wake --- Mourning for things lost.

Aug 17, 2520 - Rendezvous ––– In which the crew of Summer's Gift regain control of the ship, though it nearly cost both crews the lives of one of their members, and everyone comes to an agreement: we'll take the Lenore crew to Blue Sun as legitimate passengers, but once they've reached their destination, we leave them there and take our ship back.

  • August 23, 2520 - Admissions --- Rina explains why she does things the way she does and Joshua explains how he does the things he does.

September 04, 2520 - Season Two Finale: Aberdeen ––– We fly to Aberdeen to refuel and provision up for our coming trip. When we kiss dirt we almost immediately land ourselves in trouble as Calico Jack and El Raton catch up with us. We extricate ourselves by the skin of our teeth and take off for the Halo.

  • September 12, 2520 - Who Are We? --- Joshua and Nika reveal a little about themselves to each other and learn a little about themselves in the process.
  • September 12, 2520 - Lessons --- Russian is perhaps the least of the things learned.

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