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June 01, 2518 - Episode 101 - This is our first full game. We signed on with the Potemkin brothers and it's hard to say whether we aborted a mutiny or we *were* the mutiny... several original crew members (NPCs) were spaced by the captain, and the rest of us stayed on board under a possibly insane captain to continue on our way. We take a group of settlers to Jiang Yin to settle only to find the settlement under attack by bandits....

June 09, 2518 - Episode 102 - And we do make attempts to save the settlement from bandits! It goes sort of all right... we have a huge firefight, ambush them, and our crazy captain dies. Which... wasn't EXACTLY our fault, he got too close to the homemade bombs, but nobody really stopped him. So... it's kind of in the air how much is actually our fault. But no one is very sorry either. And we find out that the ship may have been stolen anyway, so... karma sucks!

June 15, 2518 - Episode 103- We continue on with our livestock cargo ... bees. Suck. They get loose all through the ship, which is a bigger suck. But we eventually get where we're going. The owner of the ship believes we killed his brother, and he threatens to turn us in. In the meantime, we've already decided to take the ship back to its rightful original owner out on Angel. When we get there, it's to find the owner dead and his daughter a monk -- she gifts us with the vessel on the condition that we 'do good' with it.

July 04, 2518 - Episode 104 - Thus we begin our next cargo run (pot! and freakin contraband comm gear) as the legal owners, free and clear, of the Summer's Gift. That's not to say Potemkin won't still be problematic. What's more problematic is the distress beacon we respond to. It's our first encounter as a crew with Reaver leftovers. We pick up a survivor, a guy in a space suit in medlab. While trying to stabilize him and also strip the derelict that was emitting the distress call, the Reavers came back. We rabbited. We are, however, boarded. Christian is darn near killed before we manage to kill the Reaver on board and shake the vessel.

July 07, 2518 - Episode 105- Our survivor turns out to be one Malcolm Reynolds (or not -- he's actually Jubal Early), and he helps watch over Christian in the medlab while we make tracks for Beaumonde. It is here we cross paths with old 'friends' of Nika's. Colonel (now master chef) Nguyen -- after a SPECTACULAR landing. Crazy us, we're looking for missions that might net us some actual cash so that we're not eating paste all the time at the end of missions, and when we drop off our contraband to Nguyen, he has some thoughts. We take a job from him ... it's bombing a facility that's making Chempliance.. . and in the bargain run smack into Rina's main squeeze, a man named Michael Carter. Who, as luck has it, also has history with our pilot. Mid-mission, we actually wind up being the reason he gets captured by the freakin' Alliance. Yep.... karma bites.

July 10, 2518 - Episode 106- It doesn't take much talk. We go after Carter. Midway to Hera, the Miranda Wave hits us, and we realize that some of what we were just up to on Beaumonde is semi-connected. Which is kind of scary. No matter, we're gettin' our guy back.

August 10, 2518 - Miranda Wave

September 05, 2518 - Episode 107 - Raiding a VA hospital that's under heavy Alliance guard is shiny! Not. But we do it anyway, retrieving a heavily drugged Mike and meeting up with Arden's twin 'Otto' for the first time. We don't like Swordsman much. We steal his keycard, and we barely escape with our lives.

September 11, 2518 - Episode 108 - In the course of the trip, we learn that what Mike's been dosed with isn't merely Chempliant but a high-grade mind-altering experimental chemical. He cannot resist a direct order, and that's hugely problematic given his line of work. We make an appointment with Nika's old ship Harbinger to drop Mike off with them, figuring they could take him a safer place than we could. But ultimately that doesn't happen. We stop off at a station and pick up an old friend of Mike's, make ourselves a little money off him, and head on to our rendezvous. Harbinger's off on a crazy run to Blue Sun, and they'll let us know how it goes. We bug out to avoid the Alliance.

October 20, 2518 - Episode 109 - We land on Parth with our cargo and pick up cargo to Osiris, and it is here that Christian chances upon the butler from the family of the man he killed some time ago in self-defense. They make things VERY difficult for us, setting us up for no cargo and an Alliance inspection just to be annoying. We do pick up one cargo, a car heading for Osiris because we want to take Mike to see an old friend of Arden's, a doctor ... and we also pick up some stowaways. Two young women in love and fleeing a wealthy Core family, one a servant and one the daughter of the house. We use their money to get off the planet (bribe the inspector) and head for Christian's parents on Osiris, who manage to get Family Emergency Landing Clearance -- huzzah! We stay with them a few days sorting ourselves out.

November 02, 2518 - Episode 110 - We pick up with a message from Arden's friend. She can see Mike. Rina and Mike go to the meeting with Arden, and it goes a little south when Valerie Sampson brings in another doctor, a neurochemist. We're not so sure of him, but we need a sample of Chempliance to compare Mike's bloodwork to, and so we (of all things) head off to a riot at Blue Sun HQ in the hopes of stealing some guard's riot gun, which will be loaded with the stuff. Arden takes the precaution of having the stuff courier'd instead of going in person, and it turns out to be a good plan. The neurochemist was bad news. Valerie's able to synthesize what she thinks MAY be a cure for Mike, and we're going to have to break into her office to retrieve it. She can't help us more.

Nov 03, 2518 - Episode 111 - We break into the offices where Valerie works, and unfortunately we wind up confronting the neurochemist. We make him help get the medication for Mike along with stealing some of the other drugs in there that might net us a paycheck out toward the Border, and as we are escaping Nika shoots the doctor in the head. The Feds come at us with agents with blue hands, and part of their repertoire of weapons as we evac includes some kind of sonic attack that makes most of us bleed out of every orifice. Though we recover, Osiris is a bad plan for us. Christian's parents help us get off-planet and we head for Persephone and Angel.

November 06, 2518 - Episode 112 - On Persephone, we meet one of Rina's former employers as a buyer for our illicit drugs as well as possibly a buyer for the Tolson girl's car. Ultimately we opt not to part with it. We also find out from Rina's former employer that rumors abound about why we bugged out the way we did, and that it has potentially made Nguyen a little nervous. (We later ultimately decide to let Nguyen keep his eyes on us -- our actions will, we hope, let him know he's got no reason to be nervous.) We get back from that meeting only to find out that Emma (the Tolson servant) has been kidnapped from a pay phone. A ransom call is made, and we scatter to go to the meet -- God help us, it's at a Tong restaurant. Turns out someone owes Mike a favor, and he calls it in to get our girl back (stupid bint that she is, she was actually sort of involved in her own kidnapping; Tolson girl forgives her, though). And we take on a cargo of orangutans and apes.

November 10, 2518 - Episode 113 - And yes, we're gullible. Some of us fall for the idea they might be telepathic instead of merely super-intelligent thanks to the drugs they've been doped with. In the course of our journey, we learn that the good doctor has an ultra-paranoid assistant who appears to be doping himself. He knocks himself out on the edge of the tub in the medlab to avoid being examined. Turns out the ultraparanoid assistant has been taking pills, and the doctor has been doping herself with ape drugs. It's a mess all the way around. The gorillas have managed to get on the loose and remain that way the rest of the journey to Verbena.

November 30, 2518 - Episode 114 - And here is where we picked up Rick! Apes dropped off at what's supposed to be a preserve and turns out to be a hunting camp of some kind. We face off with those guys and the apes take off through the undergrowth to get away from all of us. Rick signs on as a passenger.

December 01, 2518 - Episode 115 - We finally make it to Angel with our stowaway girls, whom we intend to leave with Summer for safekeeping. It's going to be a strange new life for them, but at least it's life on their own terms. Rick and Summer exchange plant cuttings. We also learn Potemkin's been looking for us, and someone's probably told him we're here by now. Looks like Angel's off our list planets to go to much. We head to the bar to help out the local sheriff only to find that while we're gone, Potemkin's sent people to search the ship. He leaves us a message letting us know that he's done /something/ to the ship, but we find nothing wrong and have to take off. We take Mike to where he wants to go on Salisbury, and he and Rina split once more.

December 03, 2518 - Episode 116 - Oh wondrous strep bugs. Potemkin did indeed leave us the nasty. We head for Sho-Je Downs for medical help. We are put into a parking orbit because they don't want to expose everyone to what we have, but things take a turn for the critical -- Nika can't breathe and has to be put in medbay. Rina's kidneys start failing. Everyone's running high fevers. Sho-Je Downs has an emergency medteam on standby for when we arrive. Even as the ship makes something close to parking orbit, Nika Codes on the table. Arden is forced to perform open-heart surgery as best he can in his own weakened state. It is then that they figure out we're being constantly RE-infected because someone dumped the bug into waste reclamation. Rina vents the bilge tanks into space, and we desperately beg Sho-Je Downs for help. We wake up in the hospital some ten days later. They've sterilized our vessel completely, which means a complete overhaul of the algae and waste reclamation systems along with massive hospital bills. With a lien against us for the balance owed to Port Authority, we wind up working for the Alliance and taking a cargo to Bernadette -- right into Potemkin's lair.

January 10, 2519 - Episode 117 - When we arrive in Bernadette, Potemkin wants a meet. Nika agrees in an open-air environment, and while we meet him (and he threatens us a bit more), Rick happens across some people who turn out to be cops investigating the bastard. We decide to set Potemkin up for the cops. We snoop around Potemkin's property but get run off, so the next day we basically plop ourselves right into his face -- we head into the office and confront him. Doesn't matter much because we find that he's trafficking in people -- we point the cops right at the cargo container and get out of Dodge. One problem (perhaps) dealt with. And there's a reward too! Which gets us out of hock, once we can collect it.

January 11, 2519 - Episode 118 - We use some of the money to upgrade the quarters and such on our ship so we can actually take on passengers, and take on the Chao-Marshalls for a trip to Disraeli out on the Border. At the same time, we're going to be checking into a Companion who has left the Guild under some mysterious circumstances. During our travels on Beylix, where our Companion is, Rina runs afoul of someone in the dark -- it seems that she's wanted by a faction called Lex Talionis and this accidental (we think) meeting in the dark has now told them where she is.

February 8, 2519 - Episode 119 - We finally wrangle an invitation to the ranch where Sirtis Mir, our Companion in trouble, is being kept. While we're there, our ship is boarded and searched, our nav records hacked. Rina believes they're after Mike, but we're not entirely sure what they were after ultimately. We manage to extract Sirtis Mir -- she tells Landis to back off or she'll expose his operations. And off we go toward Constance.

March 14, 2519 - Episode 120 - Rick opts to remain on Constance for a time, we'll pick him back up on our way through. We take Mir to Osiris, and while we're there, Christian opts to undertake regaining his Companion's certification. We sign on for a cargo that's heading out to Georgia via Perdido Station. While there, an emergency crops up with a crew of terraformers trapped on the planet's surface. Terraforming' s a rough life, and we opt to go down to try to save them. We actually manage it! We done good! Arriving on Boros half a day later, though, things are not so smooth. Being as it's Nika's home, we figure to visit her family... but the ranch is deserted. There is no livestock to be seen. Finally tracking down some of the livestock at the auction yard, the man holding the animals tells Nika that her sister's baby boy - barely 2.5 years old - has been hospitalized. The crew races for the hospital.

  • April 09, 2519 - Gift (en route to Boros, mid-game)

April 9, 2519 - Epsiode 121 - Much Earhart family drama ensues. It is believed that Kevin Johannsen has been poisoned, and Nika's own guilt over what happened in the past colors her interactions with Kevin's paternal family too. Through the course of days, we learn much about Nika and Nala's past -- that Trey Johannsen wasn't just an asshole, he was exposed to a super soldier serum that made him dangerously unbalanced and that either his meds weren't working or he wasn't taking them. Kevin found a pill bottle and ingested some of them, and the only treatment is through Alliance medical -- we don't have the pull to get the meds he needs. However, in addition to all the other troubles, Otto pays a visit too. Arden negotiates for help for the boy and we're all given some tantalizing clues into Arden's background. Kevin's healthy, we hang around on Boros for a little while to let Nika spend some time mending fences, both literally and figuratively. Nala and Larry Johannsen announce their engagement just before we lift off.

April 23, 2519 - Episode 122 - Heeding the words of 'Otto' and having both cargo and passengers heading to Sophie, the Summer's Gift heads to Kalidasa and Sophie. En route, they suspect the cooking staff from Ares, might be some of Nguyen's chef/assassins, but see nothing too suspicious to call them on. On Sophie, Arden finds a locker combination code in his medicine cabinet, which they assume comes from 'Otto'. They investigate, find a storage locker with disguises suitable to sneak into Erewhon. They do, they find a secret lab under the city with evidence of an abandoned genetics lab. They also find a scrap of paper, probably a bill of lading for a ship 'Zarat....' which they suspect may the Zarathustra. They get caught, fight their way out, and bribe the local law to let them leave.

May 24, 2519 - Episode 123 - We pick up our cargo at Whittier, four orphans bound for Sihnon, and Arden gives them a thorough check up. One of the children is sick with the flu and Christian contracts it. He spends the balance of the trip ill in his quarters. We pick up Rick at Constance where he has arranged for 160 tons of plants to be shipped to Osiris. He's also arranged a meeting with a famous director who wants to make a reality show "Out In The Black". It would entail having a camerman filming aboard our ship 24/7/365 and for this invasion of our privacy we would be paid a minimum of 500 credits a month. We discuss it in a crew meeting and we sign on. The cameraman is assigned quarters and cargo space, and we lift off for the Core. Our agricultural cargo necessitates a mandatory stop at an inspection station in the Halo and while stopped there Rina investigates an interference signal the cameraman, Jake Aberg, discovered. Rina finds and removes it. It's a bomb and her removal triggers it to blow. She throws it free of the ship but the shock wave sends her tumbling away from the Gift. Rick was assisting and manages to catch her. The Gift sustains some injury and repairs are made while we wait our turn in the inspection queue. Once cleared, we make an uneventful trip back to Sihnon and Osiris. When enjoying downtime on Osiris, Nika receives a message from her old friends on Harbinger. The message originated from Blue Sun, near Fury. First Swordsman prods us to Blue Sun, now Nika's friends are too. There's no putting it off any longer. We make plans to go to Blue Sun.

June 30, 2519 - Episode 124 - Before we can leave Osiris for Blue Sun, Christian takes a client and Arden's former lover Dr. Valerie Sampson ask him to meet her in a rough part of town. Jake Aberg is out shopping for camera supplies and we take this opportunity to slip out without being filmed. We arrive at the rendezvous only to find that Sampson has been drugged and is under opposition control. The meeting is a trap and only Rina and Nika escape. Rick and Arden are taken by Blue Sun agents who arrived on the scene. They are taken to Blue Sun HQ and interrogated and tortured. Arden is drugged with a chemical that heightens all his senses and this reaction is not the anticipated one. Interesting. Meanwhile, the rest of us regroup in the office of Christian's client, Deanna Hill, the Chief of Staff to a Member of Parliament, Edward Gibbons. The MP is involved in an investigation into Blue Sun activity and using his political clout he arranges for Rick and Arden's release. Based on Rick's account of the interrogation, it seems that Arden's genetic line may have been bred to be resistant to the Pax. But for what reason? The MP cannot help us any further. We arrange for cargo out of Londinium for Blue Sun and make ready to leave Osiris.

July 04, 2519 - Episode 125 - Jake discovers some suspicious men planting a device on the Gift. He films the entire thing and when we return from the MP's estate, he shows us what he's found. It's a tracking device and Rina sneaks off to plant it onto a mail ship outbound from Osiris to throw our follows off our trail. We take off for Londinium and while parked in orbit waiting our turn, a Blue Sun container ship screams through the queue, jettisoning its containers and heading straight for us. Chaos ensues. We manage to dodge panicked ships and containers alike, but sustain damage. Nothing that would keep us from flying on to our destination, however, and we make for Blue Sun. En route to Highgate, a personal matter between Nika and Christian comes to full boil over the dinner table, and Rick diffuses the situation by asking Jake about the shower cameras the man supposedly installed. Upon landing on Highgate, Arden takes off for the Archives to investigate the Zarathustra's whereabouts and eventually has to bribe the Archivist-cum-security guard for the information he needs. The Archivist tells Arden of another ship, the Prometheus, which was tasked to supply Zarathustra but had instead unloaded its cargo at an installation deeper in-country here. We pay the man and go to investigate. We find a military cache of weapons, enough to outfit a squad on an assault mission. We fly the Gift to the installation and fill her up with everything off the Prometheus we can find. Thus armed we fly for Miranda, 4 weeks' voyage away, committed to finding the answers to Arden's past and his missing crechemates and possibly discovering the fate of Harbinger as well.

August 14, 2519 - Episode 126 - En route to Miranda, we encounter a flurry of military comm traffic and based on what we're able to decipher, there's been a space battle near Miranda. We catch a chilling order over taking prisoners and rescuing survivors: "Leave them for the Reavers." Dropping out of pulse, we're nearly run down by an Alliance cruiser exiting the scene and we find a badly damaged Independent ship afire and adrift. We spot a strobe beacon and Arden and Rina investigate it, hoping to find survivors who can tell us what happened here. We find it's a trap set by the Reavers instead. Bodies hung like beef are found in the mess hall, along with four lacerated survivors too traumatized to speak. The Reavers advance on our scouting party's position. Rina holds the Reavers off while Arden cuts the surviving prisoners down. Rina suffers a slashed shoulder and is saved from getting munched when Jake takes out a Reaver with a head shot. He and Rick arrive to save the team's bacon and together they all haul ass for the Gift. We leave but the Reavers chase us. Using the armaments we took off Highgate, we manage to escape with sustained damage. Burning through atmo onto Miranda worsens the damage and the Gift falls like a brick to the surface of the planet. We make it down in one piece. Barely. The Gift is leaking hydro and we evacuate...onto a dead planet reputedly crawling with crazoid cannibalistic berserkers. None show up to kill us. We find shelter in a nearby deserted settlement and make plans to repair our ship with derelicts on-planet. Barring suitable parts, we must face leaving the Gift behind and taking off in one of the derelicts. We have a map of Miranda from the Highgate Cache with the island Pala circled on it. Once we're able, we'll fly our shuttle to Pala to investigate. Perhaps a way off this rock can be found there, along with the answers we seek.

August 18, 2519 - Episode 127 - Season Finale: We do a fly-by of the island and find it has a stationary Category 6 hurricane hovering over it. There is little to no chance our shuttle can survive flying through it. We remember we have the neutrino detector from the Highgate Cache and hooking it up to our sensors, we discover a tunnelling path through the storm to the island below. Nika flies us through it and we crash on landing--but it's a landing we walk away from.

The island is inhabited and we are greeted with surprising courtesy, considering our arrival. We've found Arden's crech mates. They are here, along with several other older colonists and their offspring. Talking with the Headman of the village that took us in, we find out that the island was colonized forty years ago by an original wave of settlers intent on keeping their paradise a secret. They engineered a HAARP field around the island and the Cat-6 storm to shield it from outsiders. Over the years, the ruse has been surprisingly effective. The only other folk that made it to the island were from Arden's creche...and one other ship, which we discover to our surprise: Harbinger is here, crashed below several thousand meters of water...and her crew are alive and well. Brian, Shyla, Harry, Jason, Pei-Ling, Hank and the new pilot Go Mifuni have been here since our last meeting with them on Deadwood.

Nika is shocked to see Brian, Brian is shocked to see Nika, Brian's native girlfriend is overjoyed to see them both together again. Stories and news get traded and caught up on and the Headman tells us about the history of the island colony and their unique social culture. We visit the HAARP facility, the lone high tech gadgetry left on the island, in an attempt to find out more about Arden's creche, Blue Sun, Zarathustra and the rest of it. We end up staying on the island for four days. Most of the crew settle down to a quick tropical vacation.

Rina spends most of her time repairing the crash damage to the shuttle. Time is of the essence. Though Miranda's worldwide drugging with the Pax was pretty much negated by the HAARP and the storm, there is a curious meteorological phenomena that hits the island with erratic regularity. Dubbed "Calm Seas" by the colonists, it is a milder form of the Miranda Effect, rendering the unaltered humans soporific and unable to eat or care for themselves. The genetically engineered colonists from Arden's creche are unaffected and care for those laid low. The hybrid offspring of the unaltered and altered humans suffer the effects but mildly. The Calm Seas condition wears off as the weather recedes, leaving its victims's memories changed or erased. The colonists can sense when the Calm Seas are coming and we have no desire to be on this island when it returns.

The Harbinger crew splits down the middle when it's time to leave: Brian, Go, Shyla and Harry say goodbye to Pei-Ling, Hank and Jason. The repairs are finished, we make ready to leave and Go Mifuni ambushes Brian and attempts to steal the shuttle. He shoots Brian in the gut when we rush him and sets off an incindiary device just as Christian takes him out with a flash bang. Brian grabs Go's device and tosses it clear of the others, suffering blast damage and burns as a result. The rest of us get hit by the backwash and Brian dies. We revive him and take off for the mainland and the Gift. We reach our bivouac and fire up the best hospital facility we can find and Arden starts working on Brian to keep him alive.

The situation is as follows: we've got a badly burned and possibly brain-amaged Brian hanging on by a thread, but alive thanks to Arden's hard work and vigilence; Harry and Shyla are helping the rest of us repair the Gift to make her spaceworthy enough to get off Miranda and take Brian Coreside for the medical help he needs. The repairs will take four months and meanwhile the Universe is still spinning and the consequences of our actions remain to be seen.

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