Mutineers Timeline, Season Three

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  • Denotes RP/Journal entry

September 19, 2520 - Hard Places ––– With no fuel or food, the crew gambles on a morally dubious opportunity to make a few credits and it backfires when Cpt. Kaspar Collington of the Borderland Express turns the tables on them.

September 20, 2520 - Turning on a Dime ––– In which the crew rescue themselves and other innocents and are recipients of a generous windfall.

  • September 21, 2520 - Executive Decision ––– Joshua wonders when to use his reading abilities and Nika makes a command decision (and is comfortable with it).
  • October 01, 2520 - A Judicious Application of Heat ––– Joshua gives Rina a cooking lesson.
  • October 01, 2520 - Backstop ––– Fences get mended...and then some.

October 19, 2520 - Pericles Station ––– Arden gets injured during a tour of the medical facilities and acquires an unexpected admirer.

October 22, 2520 - The Masquerade Begins ––– We discover a unique method of investigating the mine when Joshua agrees to 'borrow' the life of the mine's manager.

  • October 26, 2520 - Before and After ––– The necessities and casualties of identity borrowing.

November 02, 2520 - Blush Bismuth ––– It turns out that the mine is being used as cover for some potentially ugly Blue Sun activities involving prion patients.

November 03, 2520 - Blowing the Whistle ––– The source of the "stitches" is stopped, Joshua manages to set Melvin Jackson right, and Mike Carter's name (and picture) shows up unexpectedly.

  • November 04, 2520 - Anatomy of a Confession ––– Shepherd Faria reunites with his old subordinate and makes him an offer.
  • November 05, 2520 - The Blind Leading the Blind ––– Joshua and Arden have a conversation about love and what it means.
  • November 05, 2520 - Connection ––– Joshua makes a vital discovery about himself.
  • November 07, 2520 - The Blond Leading the Blind ––– Nika gives Joshua some advice...while deciding to keep an eye on him and Rina.
  • November 09, 2520 - Interrupted ––– Nika finds Rina and Joshua in the engine room.

November 10, 2520 - Cassandra Lockdown ––– We see Valerie Samson on Meridian, visit Decatur in time to foil hijinks involving her missile armaments, and Brian reads Nika the Riot Act.

  • November 11, 2520 - Briefing with the Captain ––– Kramer delivers news of Mike and Blue Sun politics to Rina
  • November 11, 2520 - Reckoning ––– Rina and Joshua come to an agreement.
  • November 12, 2520 - Janus Gambit ––– Doors opened and doors closed.
  • November 12, 2520 - Monkey's Paw ––– Be careful what you wish for.

November 13, 2520 - With Friends Like These

November 13, 2520 - In The Bayou ––– We crash on Muir and find ourselves striking out into her bayous in search of help. We find many an interesting puzzle, including a revivalist preacher by name of Reverend Jim and a voodoo priestess who seems to have answers about Arden and Joshua's pasts.

November 14, 2520 - Fais Do-Do ––– A midnight visit from the voodoo queen sends Joshua into a seizure and sets off the powderkeg of politics and religion in Willow Parish. And a zombie battle.

November 19, 2520 - Suckered ––– We are reunited with Shepherd Faria and also briefly with Shepherd Iskariot. We salvage parts for repairs off a haunted ship booby-trapped by Reavers and manage to win free of it before flying on to New Canaan.

  • November 21, 2520 - Whispers ––– Ghosts past and present make themselves felt.
  • November 23, 2520 - What Lies Beneath? ––– What are Nika and Joshua hiding beneath their exterior?
  • November 23, 2520 - Not Even Close To Okay ––– It just takes time to work through certain things.

November 27, 2520 - Stealing Away Home ––– We return to New Canaan with fresh repairs and old business: Valerie Samson has asked us to help her escape from unknown parties holding her. We mount a rescue and it goes south in big damn hurry.

December 01, 2520 - Trade Off ––– Rick breaks out of jail with aid from an unexpected quarter and comes away with a surprising tip along with a cache of weapons. Arden and Nika negotiate Joshua and Rina's release from Blue Sun custody.

December 31, 2520 - Libertas ––– We discover a plot to assassinate the Prime Minister and are made unwitting facilitators of the plan. We escape imprisonment and find our way to Rubicon, finding answers to our questions and charting our future course.

  • January 05, 2521 - Warning Signs ––– Joshua worries about Valerie; Nika worries about Joshua.
  • January 06, 2521 - Journal Entry: One Long Night ––– Lack of drugs has Joshua completely loopy.
  • January 06, 2521 - Surfacing ––– Rina and Joshua spend a quiet moment before the op.

January 08, 2521 - IDP ––– The crew sneaks into the Medical Records Department at Blue Sun HQ on Osiris.

  • January 08, 2521 - Unanchored ––– Rina tells Joshua what happened during his blackout on the op.

January 20, 2521 - Bait ––– The crew prepares a sting against a pedophile so as to get Summer's Gift back from the Feds.
January 25, 2521 - Yard Dogs––– We raid the impound yard and get our ship back, but not before we're caught in a little crossfire.
January 28, 2521 - Colchester Endgame, Part One ––– Two-Part Season Finale: Colchester holds a few surprises for us when we break into the Data Library.
January 28, 2521 - Colchester Endgame, Part Two ––– Two-Part Season Finale: We fight our way out of the Data Library and win free, but not without sacrifice.

  • January 29, 2521 - Nothing Is Ever Free ––– Nika and Joshua talk in the cockpit as we escape from Colchester.
  • January 29, 2521 - Rightful Share ––– Rina and Joshua acknowledge their mistakes and grieve for the fallen.

  • Season Three Hiatus: Lucifer's Landing, Angel
    • Arrival + evening: He Was Not A Robot ––– We have a wake and remember Rick (17 Feb, 2521)
    • Arrival + 1 day: Family Has Many Faces ––– Christian and Nika after the wake (18 Feb)
    • Arrival + 1 day: Over The Garden Gate ––– Rina missteps with Nika (18 Feb)
    • Arrival + 4 days: Geometry of the Heart ––– Joshua looks for Rina one last time before breaking it off. (21 Feb)
    • Arrival + 4 days: Two Dreams ––– Subconscious prodding makes for a rocky night for Rina (21 Feb)
    • Arrival + 5 days: Rain ––– Rina's rocky night turns into an introspective morning (22 Feb)
    • Arrival + 1 week: Bad Haiku ––– Joshua delivers Brian's gift to Christian (24 Feb)
    • Arrival + 2 weeks: Riding The Range ––– Nika and Joshua share a ride and a confidence (3 Mar)
    • Arrival + 2.5 weeks: Done ––– Rina finds out what Joshua's been up to. (7 Mar)
    • Arrival + 6 weeks: Making Adjustments ––– Joshua and Rina maintain an even strain. (31 Mar)
    • Arrival + 7 weeks: Self Defense ––– Joshua and Rina come to a compromise in his offensive training. (7 Apr)

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