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The Protectors of New York[edit]

All the player characters created for After The Storm Campaign.


Description: Rosary-whipping Mind-bender

Real name: Brandon Rollins


Age: 29

Handle: Rosary@Unknown

Main power:Can make people to confide in him, affects emotions

Secondary powers:Demonic/angelic appearance at will


Superhero outfit:

Notes on appearance: Can assume realistic devilish or angelic appearance

Job Before Storm:

Job After Storm:


Related NPCs: AGILE (Anti-Gang Initiative of Law Enforcement)


BG origins, Introduction story, The Gang and the Church

Knight Sky[edit]

Description: Flying Telekinetic Battle Droid


Real name: Talos/Tal

Age: irrelevant

Handle: Tinman@Unknown

Main power:

Secondary powers:


Superhero outfit:

Notes on appearance:

Job Before Storm:

Job After Storm:


Related NPCs:


BG origins, Introduction story, The Factory

Ms. Elsewhere[edit]

Description: Teleporting Rescue Ranger


Real name: Amy 'Elsa' Smith

Age: 20 something

Handle: ShiftyCat@Unknown

Elsa is Hispanic from her mother's side and Polish from her father's side

Main power: Elsa can teleport short distances rabidly

Secondary powers: Danger Sense, Wealthy Patron, Animal Abilities: cat

Personality: Elsa is an avid cat lover, has a pet tiger. She's not going to break anyone's fingers for dealing marijuana to cancer patients, and the party crowd and tripping ravers are not her problem (Unless they misbehave, or go crazy), but the kind of dealer who sells any old crap to any sucker (Particularly kids) and doesn't care what happens after deal's done

But what comes to assorted addicts of all varieties who turn to violence while on or trying to fund their habits, drugged up and/or drink drivers or say, suicidal venture capitalist chemists with no concept of lab safety and a high pressure explosion waiting to happen in a suburban meth factory? Zero Tolerance. Same for people stealing stuff out of hospital drug lockers, or attacking emergency crews. Cruelty to animals sets her temper off without much pause for thought before action. And needless to say, anyone she hears of hurting a cat will get a personal visit...

Superhero outfit: Elsa usually wears a blond wig or a cat-eared motorcycle helmet, clawed gloves

Notes on appearance: has cat-like eyes

Job Before Storm: Elsa was a paramedic Job After Storm: Works as a tender in the cat sanctuary her patron owns, and runs the Protectors Initiative

Family: Father presumed deceased, a Security Truck Driver, last seen heading off shift for a beer on the way home.

Related NPCs: The scientists couple the Odds, henry and Agata Odd, the wealthy patron ex-pageant winner Mrs. Henrietta Swann in which Elsa's grandfather is in love with


BG origins, Introduction story, Elsa & the Odds


Theme music

Description: Superfast Firefist


Real name: Alan Copperton

Age: 20

Handle: FreeFire@Unknown

Main power:Can manifest fire from his feet and hands, can control what it burns and what not, super-speed.

Can run up vertical walls. Can throw fire at range. Can fly, slowly. Can shroud himself in damaging flame.

Secondary powers: Fast reflexes, heat absorption

Personality: Earnest, hardworking, generous when he thinks he can afford it. "Afford it" is more about the results than about his own resources; if he thinks you're really starving he'll go hungry to give you the price of a meal. Given the harsher conditions since the Storm, he's less trusting than he once was; you may have to convince him. He's protective of children, remembering the siblings he lost in the fire. He's an avid reader, fiction and non-fiction alike.

Superhero outfit: Biker gear, helmet with breathing apparatus

Notes on appearance:

Job Before Storm: Worked in the family business

Job After Storm: Protector/Hero. Works part-time in what's left of the family business.

Family: Sister Mabel, also a super called Corona, age 15. Manifestation story: IC thread page 8 post 77. See origins for more family members

Related NPCs:


BG origins, Introduction story, The Pyre



Description: Shape-Sifting Witty Tank

Real name: Samantha Jones

Age: 28

Handle: ManyFaces@Unknown

Known aliases; The Lady With Many Names, Gertrud von Bismark, The Unnamed Avenger, the Prankster

Best quote: "And technically I did not steal this, it was handed to me"

Main power: Hydra can take any human form, as long as she has a DNA sample of the person at hand. She can also get the muscle memory and basic knowledge of familiar people and places to the person, but no actual memories of the person.

Secondary powers: Rapid healing, strength, armored skin

Personality: Sam is witty, tech-savvy, handy woman, who relies on her duct tape, zip-ties and her craftiness. She prefers not to go to combat, but can take hefty amount of beating if things get heated. She is kind-hearted and visits a nursing home regularly disguised as the patient's dead family members, to jolt their memory for a short time from the realm of dementia

Assumed character: Sam's default shape is a red head femme-fatale version of her pre-storm self (Think Black Widow) and she does not shy from showing some skin to get close enough to get a DNA sample.

Job Before Storm: Sam worked as a specialist technician at Verizon with communication arrays, networks etc. Job After Storm: Sam works currently at an internet cafe-bar named the Atlas, as a bouncer, and has assumed a slightly more muscular shape for that to be believable.

Family: Samantha has living religious parents, a pregnant baby sister and a brother, who is outcast

Related NPCs: Sam did some nite-time prank-avenging before joining the Protectors, so there might be some people looking for the Unnamed


BG origins, Introduction story, McGyver Yourself Out of This, Girl

Introduction on page 21 post 202

First Post on page 27, post 262



Real name: Abigale ‘Abby’ Daniels


Age: 25

Superhero name: Skyfall

Main power: Has the ability to both pull objects and people towards her, slow incoming objects, and reflect physical projectiles.

Secondary powers: Flight, photographic memory and inventiveness.


Superhero outfit: Costume resembles a skydiving suit with one-way mirror goggles

Notes on appearance: 5 ft 6 in, 120 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes

Job Before Storm: In college Job After Storm: Abby was recruited right out of college by the D.I.A. She was initially hesitant to work for the government, feeling they cannot always be trusted. The offer they made her was too good to turn down. Between a good starting salary, being able to work close to home, and the added incentive that after 5 years of employment they would pay for her doctorate degree, she found the offer irresistible.

Family: Aunt Michele Harrison, the Borough President of Manhattan

Related NPCs: Director Nisha Cavarai


BG origins, Introduction story,

Ice Keeper[edit]


Real name: Snow Bunny


Age: 24

Superhero name: Ice Keeper

Main power: Snow Bunny is an animate advertisement for a ski lodge, and can cause freezing drifts of snow to appear around her wherever she goes.

Secondary powers: As befitting her origin, Snow Bunny is incredibly agile and has no actual internal organs, making being cut, pierced, or shot much less concerning to her than most people. She is also capable of going back into the artwork in drawn or painted advertisements to return to the surreal land of her origins and travel to other nearby advertisements, though the real nature of this “world” is in doubt.

Personality: Snow Bunny is a fundamentally cheerful and welcoming person, but her recent experiences with being enslaved by The Hallow Mark and fear of being recaptured leads her to caution and paranoia in conflict with her natural tendencies. It is for this reason that she has created her masculine “superhero” persona of the Ice Keeper while moving about the human world. She’s searching for someone to help her protect herself against the Hallow Mark, but is gunshy after early experiences with the gangs and police in the city.

Superhero outfit: A New York Rangers hockey jersey with a full set of goalie’s gear, plus a windbreaker she always keeps up and tucked under her vintage-style goalie’s mask to hide her hair. She wears heavy snow boots and pants to complete the image. When not disguised or moving through the advertising world, she wears a stereotypical pink "snow bunny" snowsuit and earmuffs. She was forced to abandon her skies long ago.

Notes on appearance: Airbrushed swedish bikini model with permanently flushed cheeks and curly blond hair in a "vintage" cut.

Job Before Storm: Snow Bunny has no real memories from before she was drawn out of an advertisement for Stowe, Vermont, only a vague sense of purpose encompassing hospitality and fun. Job After Storm: Snow Bunny has no legal existence in the real world and since gaining freedom and sentience, has not been able to integrate well enough into human society to get an actual job. She survives by eating inside the penny-savers from local supermarkets, and lives in the advertisements of a copy of “Better Homes and Gardens” she carefully hides away every night.

Family: Snow Bunny was (the lead) part of a series of advertisements, some of which also included her “mother”, “father”, “younger twin brother and sister” and “boyfriend”. Snow Bunny has no actual _memories_ of them as individuals, but has a persistent sense of missing something in her life and instant feeling of familiarity on those occasions the Hallow Mark uses his animations of that advertisement against her.

Related NPCs: Nemesis: the Hallowed Mark


BG origins, Introduction story,


Theme music


Real name: Marian MacAllan

Age: 19


Main power:Marian's body is cold. She can warm up if she puts some effort into it, but her default is cold. Cold enough to be painful for many, though not immediately harmful. However, if she wants, she can get even colder, so her merest touch can cause intense frostbite on exposed skin, and can damage even normally protected flesh.

Secondary powers:Ice Armor

Personality: Marian is a study in contrasts. She's an actress (Mostly community theatre, but she'd like that to change) but she's also fairly introverted. She's a bicycle messenger, but doesn't really like exerting herself. Mostly, she does what she thinks she needs to do, and if it's difficult for her, well, that sucks, but if it needs to be done... Of course, sometimes it's just something she likes to do in spite of herself.

Superhero outfit: A silver-white bodysuit with pale blue skirt (to just above her knees) and a crop top to match, with white, soft ankle boots. She doesn't bother with a mask, as the armor she makes obscures her features enough to hide her identity.

Notes on appearance: Green eyes, black hair to just below her shoulders. Zaftig, classical hourglass figure.

Job Before Storm: Bike messenger and actress in Community Theatre


Related NPCs:


Introduction story


Theme music


Real name: Edna "Eddie" Lefevre

Age: 31

Handle: hazardous@unknown

Main power: Can siphon health with her left hand and heal with her right.

Secondary powers:Can sense life energy and regenerate even from death.

Personality: Eddie isn't cynical exactly, she's just rarely surprised when the world is unpleasant. She tries to make a difference in at least one person's life every day. That could mean helping someone, if they're an OK person, it could mean hurting someone, if they're a not so OK person. She's a little bit fatalistic, but stopped worrying about her personal survival after the first time she died. But mainly she's just perpetually tired. Keeping herself fed, clothed, and housed takes time. Being a hero takes time. Sleep is usually the first thing to go. She comes across as subdued more than anything. As Bio/Hazard she doesn't talk much to the people she's fighting since her voice isn't exactly intimidating.

Superhero outfit: Black duster. Universal biohazard symbol spray painted in yellow on the front of the black hood that covers her head and face. Ballistic body armor. Combat boots. Gloves.


Notes on appearance: Eddie is 5'6" tall. Her frame makes her more wiry than built, but she's surprising strong for her size. She keeps her straight black hair cut short. Her eyes are dark, accentuated by the perpetual bags under her eyes. Her skin is pale, as she doesn't get a lot of sun. She usually wears black tee-shirts or tank-tops, black jeans, black combat boots.

Job Before Storm: Med school

Job After Storm: Retail clerk

Family: Eddie is from Michigan originally, and that's where her family is. She was going to med school at NYU. Her parents and older brother survived, but the Upper Peninsula is a level 5 priority, and the winters have been harsh. With the phone system still offline there, she writes a letter once a month. She hasn't told them she got powers. Her dual life doesn't leave much time for a social life, but she's a regular at a lesbian bar in Queens where she lives and has a had a few on-again off-again relationships.

Related NPCs:

Tyrell Howard is a fellow clerk at the convenience store she works at. They're fairly close after spending too many late night shifts together, and Eddie taking a bullet for Tyrell once. Tyrell lives with his parents, and they've sort of adopted Eddie and invite her over for dinner once a week (they'd offer more often, but she'd decline).

Maddie the Comedienne is an old homeless woman who can be found pushing a cart around the neighborhood. She got her name from her habit of telling nonsensical jokes to anyone with earshot. Eddie tries to keep an eye out for her. Maddie returned the favor one time when she found Eddie's body and used her cart to get her off the street.


Introduction story


Theme music


Real name: Gunther Vanderloest

Age: 21


Main power: Can bone blades from his body as either melee or throwable weapons.

Secondary powers:Can manifest hardened bone plates as defense against kinetic attacks.


Superhero outfit: Black and grey military pants, black combat boots and t-shirt. The latter with cutaways for bone shards.

Notes on appearance: Bonespike is an imposing sight despite his height and slight build. He does not carry an ounce of fat on him and is covered in wiry muscle. His skin is blackened and also appears thick and leathery. He has multiple horns on his head and bonespurs jut out from his shoulders, torso, and arms.

Job Before Storm: Long-haul truck driver

Job After Storm: Terrorist hunter


Related NPCs:


Introduction story



Theme music


Real name: William Ray Kendrick

Age: 50


Main power: Can throw force bolts.

Secondary powers:Can absorb kinetic damage and turn it into force bolts.


Superhero outfit: Mostly dark blue, with maybe a little bit of black here and there. Different pieces of it were mainly acquired at a local clothing store that primarily caters to the local theatrical troupes (and less officially, to cosplayers as well). A few reasonable, non-Liefeldian belt pouches. Mask originally didn't cover the eyes or the mouth area, but some thin layers of similarly-colored rayon helps block possible identification of eye and skon color while still allowing him to see and breath easily enough.

Notes on appearance:

Job Before Storm: Military mechanic

Job After Storm: Mechanic

Family: Anna Bolan (wife, deceased), Ryan (son), Emma (daughter)

Related NPCs:

Maria Aguilar, ex-marine and hospital nurse.

Elena Ivanov, college student and a bartender at night at The Witches' Brew, a local lesbian bar.


Introduction story