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Alagula Riesa is a small crook of shadow near the great realm of Diaga.

Over a dozen established trade routes come together in this shadow and funnel into two shadowtrails that lead down into the Kingdom of Diaga. One a dryland road and one a canal. The city of Alaga rests on the confluence of the trails and survives on consolidating shipping an transport into the the forms they will take into Diaga.

The region is mostly flat with prairies suitable for farming and herding. Containing a few rivers the region is dotted with many small lakes, ponds and water tracks.


The region was first found by Prince Eric when he was helping lay down shadowtrails in the early years of the Kingdom of Amber. He sought a place that had ample water, flat spaces, and a sturdy bucolic people. Once he found it he, Osric, and a very young Corwin started using the centralized hamlet of Alaga as a starting point for many trails that eventually solidified in to 12 main and 30 minor trails thick with shadowtugs. It was Prince Eric's overall project and his first Regency.

Prince Eric eventually sorted out a well-respect leader of the farm community who helped develop lodgings and lay out the township to facilitate the development of trade the new trails created. Eventually Goodman Alsa Guan was given rank by Prince Eric and founded the Alagulpa royal line as the House of Alsa.

The growing animosity between Prince Eric and Prince Corwin first erupted in Alagulpa Riesa over the choices involved in creating the shadowtrails. Corwin felt the region dull and unsuited but King Oberon supported Prince Eric's choice. Prince Corwin left the project and went to found Diego Raks in competition with Alagulpa Riesa.

Coming of the Road and the Exclusion of Alagula[edit]

Alagula Riesa and Diega Raks were similar regions, both playing vital roles of consolidating shipping into Diaga. But once the Jeweled road was created the great road collected trails that led through Diega Raks and bypassed the Kingdom of Diaga, instead connecting to the Arden Road and the kingdom of Amber itself. Alagulpa Riesa was not so fortunate and suffered the fate of small towns cut off from regular trade by not being near a new interstate highway.

Many of the trails that once fed into Alaga found they connected to the Jeweled road earlier in their travels so that now the only trade coming down them is aimed at Diaga itself and no longer other inner realms of the Golden Circle. As such it is on its way to becoming a ghost-town.


The shadow has approximately a million residents, most involved in homestead farming or in the shipping trades. A sturdy people, the Alagu who enter the military often become involved in logistics and supply. Many quartermasters across the military of Amber are Alagu.


Trinton Riesa.jpg

The current ruler is Queen Trinton Riesa. Elected in the Amber year 5269 she replaced King Dunas Riesa. A retired king is called an Archon.

King Duna, now Archon Dunas, relocated to Yaj and quickly grew young. He was appointed Ambassador to Amber in 5271

Kingship not being hereditary means the title Prince does not nessesarily mean a person will be chosen to be elected to the monarchy

House Alsa has had many rulers recognizing male and female rulers and developing an Republican electoral monarchy. When a elderly monarch gets to a certain point he retires and appoints an Election Manager to oversee the nominations for a new monarch. Individuals are nominated and either accept or decline the nomination. Then each Hamlet, recognizing a certain sub-region, sends an Elector to a conference where the new monarch is chosen. each ballot of the electors is tallied till a 2/3rd majority is agreed on. Ballots are ceremonially burned and failed results are announced to Alaga by black smoke and successful ones by white smoke.

Retired Monarchs often return to their farms and pass away but a goodly number of them also choose to go live in the Alagulpa Estates in the Yaj region of Amber. Once there they are treated with great respect in Yaj and become members of the social scenes there. Some then are effected by the Aging in Amber effect and grow young, either returning to their home hamlets or engaging in other activities including serving in the Alagulpa diplomatic services.