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Diega Raks was a major trailhead joining dozens of shadowtrails and merchant roads in the shadow of Diega.

When the shadowtrails were being laid down by the princes of Amber two regions were developed around the same time. Diega Raks and Alagulpa Riesa. Diega Raks was created and championed by Prince Corwin while Alagulpa Riesa was created and championed by Prince Eric. At the time King Oberon gave his official backing to Alagulpa Riesa but did not tell Prince Corwin to cease his work on Diega Raks.

When the Jeweled Road was created it gathered the shadowtrails and roads that led to Diega Raks and not those connected to Alagulpa Riesa which has caused it to become something of a fading kingdom becoming a ghosttown.

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Commentary by Prince Bleys concerning Diega Raks[edit]

"Funny thing. I was here just the other day. I come by here often."

Deiga Raks is a Waymet on the The Jeweled Road a days travel west of Diega. It is a massive one compared to the many other places found along the shimmering ribbon. It has a major dinning room, bungalows and hotel-style rooms. There is a major caravansa nearby since this is often a major stop for cargo leaving Amber for points west or coming to Amber from points west, south and north. There is a Transport Station for people shipping cargo from one tech level to another. They can park their trucks and bobcats here and load onto horse wagons and clockwork devices. The Kingdom of Diega operates a shipping concern base here moving cargo from Diega Raks to the great Harbor, since the tech level changes dramatically just East of the place.

The Dinning Room is massive, with a giant bar, and a huge hearth big enough to spitroast a Perfectly Normal Beast. I know because i've done it. The Kingdom of Amber owns a collections of private bungalows her and so do a couple dozen other concerns and kingdoms. The Monarchs have a small collection of tents near by and friggin CHAD is looking like they are going to take over one of the westward Caravansa for one of their Guildhalls.

They operate a variety of traveler services. Gas Stations, animal care. Vehicle warehousing. I keep a motorcycle here just in case.

Trados Cru is an elderly man, a Dreanan Blue, who has served Diega, Dreana, and Amber for ages operates a currency exchange to keep him busy during his retirement.

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