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Capital Shadows[edit]

This is the homepage for the ongoing Dresden Files game played by Stormraven, Propagandor, Tamuz, squidheadjax, Andrensath,and TheLazyBlank and run by Iustum. This space will be filled by something other than useless introductory text once game creation continues.

Game State[edit]

Character Fate Points Consequences
Grace Marks 3 Minor Mental ArousedModerate Mental Long-Buried Grief
David Thorpe 0 Moderate Physical You're Going to Need Some Ointment for that Hand
Zephyr Reed 3 2 Physical stress, Moderate Mental Afraid of the Monster Within (Recovering), Severe physical basically every rib broken
Emily Watson 3
John Williams 1
Tracy Miller 3
Evelyn Gianopolis 2 Moderate Mental Visibly Terrified
Scene Aspects Notes
Other Place

Player Characters[edit]

I've created a template that you can use here: Capital Shadows Character Template

Grace Marks
David Thorpe
Zephyr Reed
Emily Watson
John Williams
Tracy Miller, Denarian-touched Ex-Jewel Thief
Evelyn Gianopolis

Richmond Herself[edit]

Balance of Power[edit]

The Status Quo[edit]


Movers and Shakers[edit]


City Wide[edit]

Theme Notes
History has marked this city. Richmond has seen History. True, it's hardly alone in that, but for Richmond, history is never far away. Memories have a way of returning.
Autumn Rising Tide Drowns the Unwary. Connected to The River Location and Autumn Face
Hope Amongst the Darkness.
Power is Addictive.
When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. With at least four significant supernatural conflicts going on in the city, lots of innocent Richmond residents are going to end up getting the short end of the stick.
Threat Notes
Edith Jacobson The heir to the coin of Nuriel and, therefore, the head of a cult of Denarian-worshiping infernalists. The Flametouched are fanatical and loyal to Edith's bloodline and count several warlocks as part of their forces. Not afraid to hire mercenaries or put out bounties, the Flametouched have one all-consuming directive: return the coin of Nuriel to its rightful bearer.
Upsetting the Balance of Seasons. With Gaoithe's drive whipping up the Winter court to a more active state, they're pressing their locational advantage with Summer; the Changeling catspaws that had previously been sufficient to handle Summer's business are being killed with increasing frequency, which may spur the Summer merfolk to seek more dangerous and destructive catspaws to force a better treaty. Or maybe it will give the violent Summer locals sufficient justification to break the old contract and slip free of the banks of the James for good.
Malvora Agents Causing Trouble.
Alder Raith. Power hungry and ruthless. Of course, these are descriptors for most of the Raiths, but Alder takes them to extremes. He's not content to rule over a city - he wants a region. Norfolk should be keeping him busy, what with the Naval base and all those sailors, but it's not enough. Now he's planning something else - and Richmond is the closest new location. And, after all, there's no one of House Raith there, right?
The Founders Club. Centuries old, full of old money types and political elites. For most members it'd be a networking oppurtunity. An old boys club that can open doors for you in your career and social life. Sure you occasionally have to wear robes and partake in rituals but that's part of the fun. Gathering around a granite alter under the full money and chanting in a dead language just lends the club a certain mystique. No one sane actually believes in magic or the Old Ones, whatever the inner circle say.
Old Magic Coming Back. Richmond has, beyond a history as a city, a history as a location for magic from before the time of the United States. According to old Native American lore, there was a ritual done some time ago to trap an ancient magic of some sort. Too dangerous to use, if you believe the stories, and too powerful to leave around. The ritual itself was pretty vaguely described, so most normal historians would see it more as folklore about the dangers of too much power. People in the know, they would probably think differently.


Location Notes Faces Aspects
Church of the Sacred Heart. Emily's one-time home away from home. She's not entirely certain it's a good idea for her to go back, what with the whole potential-sex-vampire thing hanging over her head. Father Joseph Fitzpatrick
The Winter Court of Richmond. The Winter Court takes advantage of mortal ingenuity to keep things comfortable for them - they've staked out the Richmond Coliseum with its rising-star minor league hockey team as their home territory, and many of the staff who aren't seasonal-working teenagers are Changelings. Said teenagers are often selected more for their potential to leverage into useful promises rather than things like suitability for customer service. Historically, the Winter fey in Richmond have not been terribly organized or disciplined; with Summer's fey confined to the river and most of them only finding the weather of the city at large personally tolerable for a scant few months, they've mostly done as they pleased and summered elsewhere or in the Nevernever. Gaoithe, Blue Ridge Sylph Lurking in Plain Sight
The River. The Summer Fae aren't evil, but they are alien... and the creatures of the river are especially wild. I figure that their underwater Court is much more beautiful and wondrous than would be likely to find at the bottom of a river. There are probably established places for parley, like a bridge that you can toss a coin into to gain an audience with a representative of the river fae, or a waterfront cafe where the aquatic fae can talk as long as they remain on the deck over the river. Autumn
Club Rim's Tone. On the face of it, a more or less normal club. It plays techno and hip hop for dancers, and serves alcohol in myriad forms openly to those who can provide legal ID. Hidden beneath that veneer is the darker story - drugs and alcohol sold to anyone who wants to buy, if they've been vetted, and the Upstairs Rooms. The Rooms can be hired by themselves, or with the addition of personnel. Rumor has it that there are Downstairs Rooms as well, where the people in each Room aren't there by choice, but the owner of the club has allowed the police to investigate without interference. They've never found those Rooms, and never got any evidence that the club was promoting or allowing illegal activity. Darian Spector
John's Antique Shop. John Williams (PC)
Theater for Occult Meetings.
The Lodge. "The Founders Club Lodge" somewhere on the edge of Richmond. A modest estate purchased in the aftermath of the civil war and converted for use as a club. The security is top notch with high walls and even higher trees obscuring the main house from view. Staff and guests are sworn to secrecy about the layout of the club and what goes on indoors which only adds to the exclusivity. Outsiders are normally forbidden, any guests must be personally vouched for by a member of the club and is accompanied at all times (their sponsor is held responsible for the guests behaviour).

The one exception to the clubs secrecy being the annual masked ball but even then the guest list is exclusive and many of the attendees are prospective members.

Richmond West End Library. While public libraries usually aren't of much concern to many people nowadays, the Richmond West End Library draws an unusual crowd. The basement area has a history as a combination auction house and black market for rare antiques and mystical items. Usually, it tends to be pretty quiet most of the time, people preferring discretion over having a fancy auction. However, they still deal in goods that some people wouldn't think twice about killing for. The West End Library also keeps a small collection of mystical books down there, tended to by whoever is the caretaker of the time.
Jeb's Diner. Located north of the city proper in Ashland, Jeb's Diner has been serving up basic but tasty southern diner food since the 1970s. Jeb's Diner has far more employees than a diner its size really needs; Jeb always manages to find a job for someone who really needs a second chance. It's not entirely clear how he actually affords to pay all of those cooks, dishwashers, and waitresses, though.


Face Notes High Concept Motivation
Father Joseph Fitzpatrick The priest at Sacred Heart, the church attached to the school Emily used to attend. A good and kindly man, if more than a bit rebellious; often on the verge of being defrocked for 'bringing the Church into disrepute' (being overly liberal)
Gaoithe, Blue Ridge Sylph. A Wyld fae from the mountains who long ago declared herself for Winter, Gaoithe blew into town following her most recent Changeling daughter. She quickly brought a sharper, more rigid edge to the Richmond court, currying and exploiting favor aggressively until the few prominent figures that didn't find themselves obligated to her found themselves in several pieces by her claws. She often has an entourage of two or more lesser sylphs with her, every bit as deadly. She may not be one of the greater Sidhe, but she's not to be trifled with. She holds court in a secret suite under the ice rink in the Coliseum.

Gaoithe is disappointed in her youngest daughter's life choices, and spends most of her expendable resources meddling with the Richmond PD and boosting Zephyr's politically-undesirable 'weird stuff' caseload. Her daughter did force her (at point of iron! How mortifying!) to promise not to interfere in her investigations directly or try and force her into the court, but of course she delights in working around that.

Darian Spector The owner of Club Rim's Tone (a Location) is an incredibly tall woman with ice white skin and black hole hair. She's proven dangerous to cross, and takes care of her people - protecting them against stalkers, violent clients and the like, though it's best not to ask how. It's not much of a secret to the clued in, but she is a WCV. What is something more of a secret is that she's a Raith. She prefers not to use that name, as it tends to attract too much supernatural attention.
Tom Mackenzy Do-gooding journalist at the Richmond Progress-Independent who, along with his team, is on the verge of discovery the supernatural and the true nature of The Founders Club Lodge.
Milton Baker, Former State Senator Milton is a mainstay in local politics, having only recently got out of politics. He's still got pull in the halls of power, but tends to use it now for his own benefit and those who want to make deals through him. He is corrupt as hell, but generally on the level. He's big on deals, and has made a reputation for never swindling people. He's made some friends with some of the high-end supernatural community, and while he's not deep in the know, he knows where he should and shouldn't be. He's a man who knows how to get things done, as long as you don't care how.
Joshua Russel Joshua Russel was a principled man but he was also frustrated at his inability to bring real change to the city that he loved. He worked in the District Attorney's office but he was constantly passed over for promotion by candidates with better connections. All that changed when he took up an acquaintance's invitation to visit the Founder's club. This kind of insular privilege was everything that was wrong with America but he had to admit they had power. He joined the club intending to use the club to his own advantage. His career took off and in a few short years he was made district attorney. Along the way he's had to make more compromises, he's done favors for the other members of the lodge that he's ashamed of but it'll all be worth it in the end. Suggested Aspects: "Power tastes sweet", "Guilty Conscience"
Augusta Spector Spector-clan member of the Inner Circle of the Founders Club Lodge.
Pete Donaldson Young member of the Founders Club Lodge who is ignorant of its true nature.
Jeb Carson Jeb is a garrulous, late-middle-aged-going-on-elderly African American man who's run Jeb's Diner for going on 40 years now. Jeb - who's normally happy to talk your ear off about anything - is pretty nonspecific about his life prior to opening the diner.
Prudence Hee Prudence is the driving force behind Richmond Capital Development, Inc., which is currently dumping money into the city in the form of various gentrification projects and multi-use developments. There are always rumors floating around that some of her deals are on the shady side, but nothing's been proven. The City Council is always happy to help her with an eminent domain finding.
Alejandro dos Anjos Alejandro runs the X-treme BJJ Training Command. Its name aside, his training center is well-regarded and Alejandro had a very successful career as a mixed martial artist prior to relocating to Richmond. He also has some very curious tattoos.
Krystal Warren-Nouma Krystal is a firefighter/EMT whose coverage area sits primarily in the rough parts of the City's south side. In addition to her normal duties, she operates an impromptu, no-questions-asked medical clinic out of her apartment, providing basic medical services for cash or in-kind payments. She doesn't love doing it, but she needs the extra money for child support payments to her ex-husband.