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This is the main page for Deathwatch: Righteous Few, a Warhammer 40k game on the forums.

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Watch Station Sargossa[edit]

Watch Station Sargossa is cut from the same cloth as its Deathwatch masters, a powerful and enigmatic bastion of the Imperium. A relatively new resource to the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach, it has only been in operation for a scant eight hundred years. Its existence was revealed by the Omega Vault, a potent resource to add to the Deathwatch’s arsenal. The current Watch Commander and Master of the Vigil at the time - Volan of the Imperial Fists - dispatched reconnaissance forces immediately to ascertain its status and location.

Situated coreward of the Aurum, the Sargossa system is nearly undetectable by conventional means. Surrounded by a dust cloud composed of minerals of unknown origin known as the Shroud, it is not unlike a castle of ancient Terran folklore emerging from the mists. While Sargossa is a nearly pristine beauty of verdant green fields and pools of emerald water, the Watch Fortress sits silently above on its lifeless primary moon. Bristling with defensive emplacements and a full complement of Astartes craft rivalling Erioch itself, the fortress is capable of waging the kind of eternal conflict demanded by the Deathwatch. The legions of servitors and Chapter serfs toiling within its walls have maintained it for countless ages, living and dying beneath a shroud of secrecy until its reveal brought it fully back into the Deathwatch.

Its strategic benefit cannot be understated. Situated almost equidistant between the Orpheus and Archeros salient while being on the opposite side of the Hadex Anomaly from Erioch, Watch Fortress Sargossa is in a prime position to support both the Achilus Crusade and the Deathwatch writ large. It is precisely the fortuitousness of its location that gives the Deathwatch leadership such pause. Why would such an invaluable resource be hidden for so long… and what dire events does it portend that the Omega Vault finally decided to reveal its location?


Watch Commander Amael – Sargossa’s current Watch Commander, Amael is a marine of the Dark Angels Chapter who very much lives up to their reputation. His secretive and reclusive nature, as well as the burden of his position, means that he prefers to be a presence more than be present. He frequently delegates tasks to his Watch Captains and spends much of his time alone in the Tower of Echoes.

Watch Captain Namaan – Marine of the Lamenters Chapter, known for his taciturn nature and suspicion of unseen motives.

Watch Captain Cosano – Marine of the White Scars Chapter, known for his daring leadership style.


Tower of Echoes – An ancient repository of Deathwatch secrets unseen in millennia. Much of the Watch Commander’s time is spent here, deciphering arcane texts and coded messages to determine what has been hidden away for all this time. Thousands of shelves of books, as well as immense archives of data slates and vid feeds, spiral upwards through the twisting labyrinth of the tower. While much of it appears to be of Imperial origin such as Inquisitorial reports and Ecclesiarchal archives, many of the items within were created by alien races. Accompanied by a rotating cadre of mind-blocked servitors, thrice-blessed scribes, and numerous Ordo Xenos Inquisitors frequenting Sargossa in an effort to unlock its mysteries.

Kepharion’s Standard – A blessed relic of the Howling Griffons Chapter, this banner is kept in the center of the Marines’ chapel at the heart of Watch Fortress Sargossa. It was thought lost thousands of years ago during the Oburro Secession, and how it came to be present here is a mystery. The banner is wreathed in a holy flame which burns eternally without ever consuming the cloth, too hot to touch even in full power armor, with its blazing light illuminating the entire sanctuary. The image on Kepharion’s Standard changes each time it is looked upon, and many Astartes claim to see prophetic visions in its dancing flame.

Object ZV34 – An immense black obelisk of unknown origin and questionable geometry kept deep beneath the fortress. Nearly fifteen meters from end to end and covered in glyphs from an unknown language, this object is located nearly a mile below the fortress in a weaponized research chamber. Servitors and highly sophisticated observation cogitators run countless scans on the object in an attempt to discern its secrets, while defensive weapons arrays with enough firepower to crack a voidship’s hull are trained on it without ceasing. The entire bunker is situated above a failsafe mechanism that can detach the room from the Watch Fortress and plummet it into an enormous lava furnace which has been artificially created beneath the room. Why this object has so many failsafes, and why it was decided to be kept beneath the Fortress to begin with, are not known.