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Reststops along the Jeweled Road.

Waymets are essentially hotels, hostels, and merchant spaces along the route of the Jeweled Road. They vary from place to place with a few general similarities.

  • In general a waymet is longer then it is deep. The smallest of them is 50' by 25'. There are millions in this size catalog. The greatest, the Rue Katal, is 250 miles long and 75 deep. The average size is 1 mile in length and half a mile in depth.
  • There is always a water source.
  • There is nearly always provender for beast. Most wayments have wild foliage around them, since Mandalay was involved in the roads creation. Often there are surrounding orchards, crops, gardens, fields and other kinds of available produce. Hay, and greener for animals are usually available.
  • Most Waymets have some form of housing. While these might be simple as tents or pavilions, the manner in which the road was created, gathering together chunks of existing roads throughout shadow, means that sections that already had some kind of inn were often included.
  • While general environment of the surrounding area influences the waytmet and the Jeweled Road it generally i inhabitable by most air breathing creatures.

Known Waymets[edit]