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Terrek’s Connection[edit]

Terrek’s plane was originally created by a powerful demoness named Ther’nen. Terrek faced her in combat and slew her, gaining control over the realm. He is presently the most powerful being occupying the realm so much so that he appears omnipotent. In truth, he has simply mastered the unique magics of the realm to the point that he can accomplish nearly anything. His power there does have it’s own limits and any major undertaking requires his full undivided attention, making him vulnerable at such times. In addition, anything accomplished through the use of these unique magics will not function on most other realms, to include his homeworld of Ebberon.


Terrek rules the plane as its self-proclaimed emperor. He is at present uncontested for his control of the realm, though he has been in the past. Under Terrek is a ruling body of 12 elected officials called the Cabal. These are some of the oldest and wisest in the realm, some more so than Terrek himself. Each is elected for a term of one year, with unlimited re-elections allowed. For the most part, Terrek defers most of the responsibility of ruling to them, trusting in the wisdom of the people to choose their rulers with care.

Under the body of 12 sit a seat of representatives from each of the major cities and their surrounding areas. While they have no direct control over the laws of the realm, they are considered to be the ever-changing voice of the people. They are elected every two months, with only 3 consecutive terms allowed. This is intended to allow the denizens to choose new representatives as immediate pressing concerns arise. Every citizen of adolescent age is permitted to vote for both their City Reps and Cabal members.

Some Basic Info[edit]

What is Tesseris? Tesseris is not a plane per se. It's actually an over-plane that sits at an interdimentional crossroads.

What do you mean by 'over-plane?' Over-plane refers to the fact that Tesseris sits outside of the normal planes in the typical planar cosmos. Think if it like a large hidden plane with very limited access.

How do you get to Tesseris? You must be let in personally by the ruler of Tesseris. As very few people on very few dimentions of existence even know it exists it is not common practice for someone to ask to be let in (though it does happen). Those that do ask have proved their worth by even discovering the existance of Tesseris and are automatically admitted in. Others may be asked to come to Tesseris by personal invite of the ruler. This is the more common of the two, though by no means commonplace but is inherantly more dangerous as there may be special conditions attatched and/or you may not even remember the encounter.

A Brief Note on Over-Planes There exist other Over-Planes aside from Tesseris. These other Over-Planes exist in only one dimension, however whereas Tesseris resides at a dimensional crossroads. As such, other Over-Planes covet Tesseris's status and actively try to invade to incorperate it into their own realm. It takes a great deal of power to be able to open up a rift large enough to invade through so invasions are rare, but when they occur they are massive and can be quite devastating.

Basic Makeup of Tesseris:[edit]

Tesseris is composed of nine main floating islands and many different smaller ones. Each island is akin to it's own demi-plane that floats in orbit around the central Island of Arcantes through an astral plane that covers the whole of Tesseris. Many of the differ islands can be seen from each other depending on where the other islands are in the astral 'sky' and where you are on that particular island. Each island in addition has it's own suns, moons and ecology with most of the nine main islands varying widely from each other. The nine main islands are as follows:

1) Arcantes - Capital of Tesseris. The entire Island is covered by the capital city of the same name. The only island that is completely stationary and which all other islands revolve in some manner.

2) Bloora - More commonly known as the Blood Plains, it is mostly covered in grasslands that were once the site of massive battles between the armies of Terrek and the previous demonic rules of the realm. The island itself is mostly home to the more primitive races of Tesseris and bands of raiders. In some parts of the island there are rich mineral deposits inclucing necrocoal and is the only know place where you can find the red gems known as Bloodstones.

3) Nec'Shai - Island of the Undead. Most of the realm's inhabitants are undead with most of the living inhabitants enslaved by the ruling class of undead. The island is home to massive foundries for weapons of war with which Terrek supplies his armies. As such, the air is littered with polutants and is nearly unbreathable by most non-natives (the few that aren't undead). Any living being that comes to the island will be treated as second-class, disrespected and look down upon. In some instances, if they are unwary, they may even be enslaved and join the masses of living slaves on the island. The island of Nec'shai is the home and origin of Necrotech and also where most of the advancements in that particular technology is made.

4) Joradon - Militant society similar to fuedal Japan. Heavy oriental influence.

5) Psiconus - Psioniclly charged island. Most of the realm's inhabitants are Psionic with psionics and psi-tech being the predominant means of doing anything. Society as a whole seems very peaceful on the surface but has an undercurrent of power struggles and underhanded dealings that all major groups on the island have thier hand in. Honesty is a rare find on Psiconus wiht most people dealin in misleading half-truths and minor deceptions. As such, assassinations are more commonplace than open conflict with corrupt authorities often siding with one side over the other (whoever's paying better at the moment). The islands cities though are beautiful with most buildings being constructed from crystal and rising into the sky. The people as well are commonly exceptionally good looking members of thier race. The appearnce of beauty is just as an integral part of the city as is the corruption and deciet which controls it.

6) Abborreth - The last bastion of demonic power on Tesseris. Demons still rule this large island, many actively planning a return to the 'old ways' through open rebellion. The island is barely kept in check in part due to it's low technology basis and the rulers of the realm personal fear of reprisal from Terrek. All of those that rule the realm remember back to the days of the ancient war in which Terrek claimed Tesseris. Most fought against him, though a few sided with Terrek for personal gain. All the demon rulers, wether they fought with or aginst Terrek are now charged with keeping the demon hordes in check, much to thier disdain. The demons still hold to the old ways of brute stregnth and force in numbers though and with the generals and many of the more powerful demons closing in on a million years old they are still a force to be reconed with. Non-demon outsiders are killed almost on sight unless they bear the symbol of the crown in which case they bear a grudging respect and (usually) allow them to pass unmolested. The demons have no problem attacking anyone that looks weak regardless of wether they bear the symbol or not. Primarily trade in souls.

7) Morrereth - Mostly farmland; eternal day. Primarily exports food and wine to various other parts of Tesseris.

8) Noctus - Realm of eternal night. Most inhabitants are either undead or shadow creatures. Noctus also maintains a direct tie to the realm of shadow and on many places of the realm you can walk directly into it. As such, it is sometimes used as a transportation hub or a meeting place for those from other islands of Tesseris. Outsiders never stay too long though as they run the risk of becoming shadows themselves if they stay too long.

9) Borrus - The border realm. Borrus is a circular realm with a hollow center that resides on the outside off all of the other realms. Every other realm in Tesseris floats inside the circle of Borrus. The outisde edge of Borrus is also the outer limits of Tesseris and is often where those new to the realm will arrive. Borrus has also been the staging point of many defences from other Over-Planes that have tried to invade Tesseris to incorperate it into their own realms.

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