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The Fort Garland Adventurers' Society

"Adventure Abounds!"

Fitz William ~ General Manager, Assistant Director

~ Curiosity ~ Exploration ~ Travel ~ Comradery ~ Assistance ~ Community ~

~ Combat Shows ~ Salvage Operations ~ Specialized Search & Rescue ~ Humanitarian Works ~


The Fort Garland Adventurers' Society

"Adventure Abounds!"

Raphael de la Varga ~ Founder, Leader, Director of Operations & PR

~ Curiosity ~ Exploration ~ Travel ~ Comradery ~ Assistance ~ Community ~ Fortune & Fame ~

~ Combat Shows ~ Salvage Operations ~ Specialized Search & Rescue ~ Humanitarian Works ~

~ Creative Thinkers ~ Problem Solvers ~ Hired Muscle ~ Undead Slayers ~ Shadow Miners ~


Adventurers Society Survival Rules Pic2.png

A.L.W.A.Y.S. Remember[edit]

AWARENESS Keeps You Alive.

  • Keep Your Head On A Swivel
  • Paying Attention Buys You Time
  • Having Time Buys You Options
  • Be Aware of People Waiting near Transitional Spaces
  • Make Eye Contact to Let Others Know You See Them

LOOK But DON'T Touch.

  • Best to Look from a Distance
  • It could be Covered in Poison
  • It could Activate a Defense System
  • It could Trigger a Trap
  • It could Have a Spell upon It

WARY Is Your Mindset.

  • Think that People are Up to No Good
  • People ARE up to No Good
  • Expect Agendas, Dangers, Motives and Traps

ACCEPT It For What It Appears To Be.

  • Those Who Live By This Rule, Survive
  • Don't Hesitate in Disbelief
  • Don't Waste Time Rationalizing
  • It IS What It Appears To Be

(If it Looks like a Zombie, Acts like a Zombie, Smells like a Zombie: IT'S A FUCKING ZOMBIE!)

YOU Can Do It.

  • YOU Can Make A Difference
  • Be Confident in What YOU Can Do, and Do It
  • YOU Won't Know What YOU Are Fully Capable of Until YOU Try


  • We've Got a Job To Do, First and Foremost.
  • There Is Risk in What We Do and We Accept That.
  • Safety IS Awareness and PERSONAL Responsibility.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. the Location.[edit]

RESEARCH the Destination.

  • Environment, Inhabitants, Culture, Society
  • Regional News and Events
  • Location's History
  • Local Myths & Legends
  • Routes and Travel Times

EXPLORE Carefully & Thoroughly.

  • Don't Rush In
  • Move Quietly or Blend In
  • Watch Your Back ALWAYS
  • Make a Map or Mark your Way

STAY Together.

  • Don't Split-up Too Far
  • Line of Sight is Best
  • Stay In Communication
  • Always Know Where Your Team Is

PREPARE Accordingly.

  • What might you need to do in order to 'fit in'?
  • What Supplies, Equipment and Gear will be needed?
  • What Specialty Items might be needed?
  • What Spells might be needed?
  • Do you have current and accurate maps of the area?

EXPECT the Unexpected.

  • Think about anything that could go wrong.
  • Think about things that 'can't go wrong'.
  • Think of at least one thing you can do if something goes wrong.
  • Don't freeze up when it happens.

CHECK For Traps! (and Secret Doors)

  • Traps, Ambushes, Setups & Tests
  • Mechanical, Magical & Natural
  • (Look behind and under everything.)
  • (Look for lines, wear patterns and paths.)
  • Surveillance Systems, Motion Sensors, Spells & Wards
  • Scrying: Do you feel like someone is watching you?
  • Spies: Is someone or something watching or following you?

TEAMWORK At All Times.

  • Aid your Allies with Skills and Powers
  • Buff your Buddies before and during combat
  • Counter your Teammates weakness with your Strengths
  • Focus your Fire and Efforts for better results
  • Heal! You can't fight if you're dead, for fuck's sake!

Coat of Arms[edit]

A peaked Knight's Shield of Vert that bears a Cross of Argent is at the center of this Coat of Arms.

At the center of the Cross of Argent overlapping into the fields of Vert is a Fireball of Sable with lines of Argent to define its features.

Within each of the four fields of Vert surrounding the Cross of Argent there are symbols as follows:

  • In the Upper Dexter (left); a Warhammer with a rectangular head of Argent and a handle of Sable crosses a Sword with a hilt of Sable and a long wavy blade of Argent. Beneath the crossed weapons is a gauntleted fist of Argent with lines of Sable defining its features.
  • In the Upper Sinister (right); a Silhouette of a Sable Mountain Peak with a snowy peak of Argent and cut-out pine trees showing the Vert beneath.
  • In the Lower Dexter; a Crumbling Tower of Sable Blocks and Argent Mortar with partial Crenelated Parapet atop.
  • In the Lower Sinister; a Cut-away of a Sable Cavern with tiny Vert Explorers carrying Argent Weapons & Lights.

To the Dexter (left) of the Shield is a Rampant Dragon of Argent with lines of Sable defining its features Facing to the Sinister (right). To the Sinister (right) of the Shield is a Rampant Griffin of Vert with lines of Sable defining its features Facing to the Dexter (left). Atop the Shield's point is a Open-faced Roman Helm of Argent facing to the Dexter with a Brush Guard of Vert atop and Horse Tail of Sable trailing down the back.

Below the Shield there is a wide Ribbon of Argent with a Border of Vert; it bears two words in Sable letters:

"Adventure Abounds"


The Fort Garland Adventurers' Society became an Official Society at the same time the Guardians' Guild of Garland became an Official Guild. However, the Adventurers' Society had existed for over a year unofficially; accounting for the time Raphael and his Companions had been 'adventuring' together under his leadership.

Raphael wanted a name for himself and his group of Companions, other than 'my Team'. So, being that Raphael always thought of himself as an Adventurer, even before his Grand Adventure into the Amberverse began, he decided to refer to his Companions and himself as Adventurers... but Adventuring Team or Adventuring Party lacked the 'official' feel he was looking for... and Adventurers' Guild seemed a bit too much for a group their size. So he decided on Adventurers' Society and then tacked on the Fort Garland part as an additional identifier and in honor of the place they all met and the place they all fought together to defend... well, most to them; others from other places have joined since.

It was only when Fortunadus Enright, an acquaintance of Raphael's, came a callin' with a job offer for Rafe and Company... including Rodak and all the newly acquired Arco Boys that joined up then joined Raphael when they all joined the circus; Hepplewhite's Traveling Circus, to be specific. They all spent a full season training and learning, hands-on, how to set-up, tear-down, operate and perform in, a traveling circus... Rafe thought it would make a great cover, when needed, for an Adventurers' Society filled with Dwarves, an Orc, an Elf and several four-legged animals, all out looking for trouble to fix, and fame and fortune to claim.

Member Roster[edit]

Roster Key[edit]

C = Cantrips, DwM = Dwarven Magic, DuP = Dufiro Powers, ElM = Elven Magic, FGS = Fort Garland Sigil, FaM = Fairy Magic, GnM = Gnome Magic, HMP = Hounds of Mandalay Powers, KiM = Ki-Rin Magic, LoM = Low-order Magic System, LoS = Low-order Sorcery, MM = Mark of Mandalay, MMP = Medallion of Mesob Powers, NyM = Nyad Magic, OrM = Orcish Magic, PW = Power Words, SC = Shape Change


The following is a List of the Eighteen (18) Original Founding Members of the Fort Garland Adventurers' Society, each listed by Name and Description on the Fort Garland Adventurers' Society Charter when the Society was Officially Created and the Charter was Drafted and Signed by Thirteen of the Original Members; all but the 'animals'... though all Five (5) are still Founding Members and entitled to all Benefits of a Founding Member.

  • Raphael de la Varga:[[1]] Founder, Director/Leader, Public Relations
    • Human-Mesobian-Dufiro, Male
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Gnome (Magical Creature)
      • Spasa Dufiro of Earth. Aspires to Combat, Speed, Paper...
        • Elemental of Change, Motion, Earth. Spasa of Earth.
    • Psy: 10, Str: A, End: 1, War: C (MMP, PW, FGS, SC, LoS, C, GnM, DuP)
      • Adventurer, Sorcerer, Bard, Outdoorsman(Druid)
    • The Poodles Boys (3):[[2]] Raphael's Pets & Guard Dogs.
      • Elemental Dufiro of Movement, Miniature Poodles, Male
      • Psy: C, Str: C, End: A, War: C (DuP,)
  • Gadget:[[3]] Raphael's Traveling Companion, Leader of the Poodle Boys Pack,
    • Huge Wolf, Hound of Mandalay, Female
      • Massive Wolf, Large Wolf, Doggo Argentino, Silky Terrier, Huge Orc, (Human?, Elf? & Dwarf?)
    • Psy: 12, Str: 13, End: 39, War: C (FGS, SC, HMP, MM)
  • Slugger:[[4]] Animal Handler, First Aid
    • Amberite-Avalonian-Mesobian, Female
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Nyad (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: C, Str: C, End: C, War: C (MMP, FGS, SC, LoS, C)
      • Sorceress, Fighter?, Animal Trainer?,
    • Curious:[[5]] Slugger's Guardian
      • Masoja Dufiro of Guard, Tuxedo Cat, Male
      • Psy: X, Str: X, End: X, War: X (DuP,)
  • Fitz William:[[6]] Asst. Director/Asst. Leader, General Manager
    • Dwarf(Human)-Mesobian, Male
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, ? (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: 3, Str: 2, End: 2, War: 1 (MMP, FGS, SC, LoS, LoM, C, DwM)
      • Sorcerer, Cleric, Scholar, Soldier
  • Colette:[[7]] Certified MD, Public Relations
    • Human, Female
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Winged Fairy (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: 5, Str: C, End: C, War: H (FGS, SC, LoS, LoM, C, FaM)
      • Sorceress, Alchemist/Mage/Chef, minor Druid, Certified MD
  • Dr. Len:[[8]] Advisor, Multi-Certified MD
    • Human (Midget), Male
      • Human, Minitaur (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: A, Str: H, End: C, War: H (FGS, SC, LoS, C, )
      • Sorcerer, Certified MD (multiple worlds), Circus Performer
  • Wrecker:[[9]] Wrecking Crew, Muscle
    • Dwarf (Human), Male
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, ? (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: H, Str: 3, End: 3, War: C (FGS, SC, C, DwM)
      • Fighter, Soldier, Wrecker Driver, Demolition (non-explosive)
  • Reggy:[[10]] Supply & Salvage Operations, Muscle
    • Orc (Human), Male
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, ? (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: H, Str: A, End: C, War: H (FGS, SC, C, OrM)
      • Fighter/Thief???, Soldier???
  • Runner:[[11]] Security & Stealth Ops
    • Elf (Human), Male
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, Ki-Rin (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: A, Str: C, End: C, War: C (FGS, SC, LoS, ElM, KiM)
      • Sorcerer, Mountain Guide, Soldier
  • Candy:[[12]] Scouting & Intel
    • Dwarf (Human), Female
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, ? (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: C, Str: C, End: A, War: H (DwM, FGS, SC,)
      • Fighter, Scout,
  • Gunner:[[13]] Weapons & Equipment
    • Dwarf (Human), Male
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, ? (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: H, Str: C, End: A, War: C (DwM, FGS, SC,)
      • Fighter, Mechanic, Weapons Specialist, Soldier
  • Kole:[[14]] Mechanics, Muscle
    • Dwarf (Human), Male
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, ? (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: H, Str: H+5, End: C, War: H (DwM, FGS, SC,)
      • Fighter, Mechanic, Soldier
  • Olive:[[15]] Fighter / Thief. Trick Rider. Motocross. Roller Derby.
    • Orion Female
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, ? (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: H, Str: C+3, End: 1, War: H (FGS, SC,)
      • Motorcycle Stunt Rider, Roller Derby Jammer,
  • Elmer:[[16]] Combat Trainer, Mechanics, Muscle
    • Human, Male
      • Human, Dwarf, Elf, Orc, ? (Magical Creature)
    • Psy: H, Str: C, End: C, War: A (FGS, SC,)
      • Fighter, Combat Trainer

Members' Vehicles & Trailers[edit]

  • Total Vehicles typically Driven at one time: 12.
    • Big Rig w/Double Semi Box Trailers: 3. Fitz, Wrecker, Runner
    • Very Lg. Motorhome w/Lg. Camper Trailer 1. Collette
    • Lg. Motorhome w/Large Toy Hauler: 4. Rafe, Reggy, Gunner, Kole
    • Small Motorhome w/ Small Box Trailer: 1. Dr. Len
    • Off Road 4x4 w/ Camper Trailer: 1. Elmer
    • Motorcycles: 2. Candy, Olive
  • Raphael: (Slugger, The Poodle Boys and Gadget usually ride w/Rafe)
      • (Rafe MIGHT NOW share Living Space w/ Sylex)
    • Large Airstream Motorhome & Large Airstream Toy Hauler Trailer (Matched Set; Steampunk Styled)
    • Yellow 1958 Harley Davidson w/ Armored Sidecar, Kawasaki KTX 500 Enduro,
  • Slugger: (NOW shares living space w/Colette) (usually rides w/Rafe)
    • Kawasaki KTX 250 Enduro (stored in Rafe's Box Trailer)
  • Fitz William: (Lives alone)
    • Big Rig w/Sleeper, Double Semi Box Trailers, Motorcycle,
      • Double Box Semi-Trailer used for Storing & Transporting Society Camping Gear & Circus Gear plus Dr. Len's Personal Vehicles on occasion.
  • Colette: (NOW shares her living space with Slugger)
    • Very Lg. Motorhome/Tour Bus (Medical Bay), Large Camper Trailer, Motorcycle (stored in mini-garage of Motorhome)
  • Dr. Len Parsons: (Lives alone)
    • Small Motorhome w/special controls, Box Trailer, Golf Cart-sized 4x4,
  • Wrecker: (shares living space w/Reggy)
    • Big Rig w/Sleeper, Double Semi Box Trailer, Motorcycle, Personal Gyro-Copter, Off-Road 4x4
      • Double Semi Box Trailer used for Storing & Transporting W&R's Personal Vehicles and Assorted Society Gear
  • Reggy: (shares his living space w/Wrecker)
    • Large Motorhome, Large Toy Hauler, Motorcycle, Personal Gyro-Copter, Muscle Car
      • Large Toy Hauler used for Storing & Tansporting W&R's Cycles & Copters
  • Runner: (Lives alone)
    • Big Rig w/Sleeper, Double Semi Box Trailer, Motorcycle, International Scout 4x4,
      • Double Semi Box Trailer used for Storing & Transporting Runner's Personal Vehicles, Society Motorcycles, Weapons & Tactical Gear
  • Gunner: (Lives alone)
    • Large Motorhome, Large Toy Hauler w/Gunsmith Shop, Motorcycle,
  • Candy: (shares living space w/Kole)
    • Motorcycle (Scouting),
  • Kole: (shares his living space w/Candy & NOW Olive too)
    • Large Motorhome, Large Toy Hauler w/Mechanic Shop, Motorcycle,
  • Olive: (currently shares living space w/Kole & Candy)
    • Motorcycle, Stunt Motorcycle
  • Elmer: (Lives alone)
    • Off Road 4x4, Large Camper Trailer, Motorcycle

Group Equipment[edit]


  • Motorcycle; Military-styled Stealth Black Kawasaki KTX 500 (6)
    • Stored & Transported in Runner's Semi Trailer
  • Motorcycle w/Armored Sidecar w/Mounted .50cal Machine Gun; WWII Era Stealth Black Harley Davidson
    • Stored & Transported in Runner's Semi Trailer
  • Cargo Truck; Reinforced / Armored Vault
    • Stored at Arco Station in Alamond with the Arco Boys

Weapons & Tactical Gear[edit]

    • ALL below is Stored & Transported in Runner's Semi Trailer
  • Body Armor; human sized: Bullet proof composite weave & plates (8)
  • P90 9mm Assault Rifles (8)
    • P90 Magazine; 100 rounds(100)
  • Light Sabers; white energy blade (10)
    • Three Settings: Sword, Dagger, Needle
  • Assorted Hand Grenades (Frag, Smoke, Incendiary, White Phosphorus)
  • Remote Drones; Video & Audio (12)

Camping & Circus Gear[edit]

    • ALL below is Stored & Transported in Fitz's Semi Trailer
  • Pavilion Style Tents, Large (12)
  • Camp Stoves, Large (12)
  • Wood/Coal Heater, Small (12)
  • Assorted Cooking Gear
  • Wooden Chairs, Benches and Picnic Tables; multiples of each.
  • Canvas & Wood framed Cots; foldable (24)
  • Thin Memory Foam Mattress; rollable (for the cots) (24)
  • Small Top Circus Tent
  • Bleachers; Foldable (for the Small Top)
    • (8 Sections, each slightly curved inwards)
  • Assorted Costumes & Props

Tools & Other Gear[edit]

  • Shovels; Spade and Square (12 each)
  • Pick/Mattock (12)
  • Rakes; Gravel and Leaf (12 each)
  • Sledge Hammers (12)
  • Mauls; Wooden (12)
  • Rope; Hemp, 500ft (10)
  • Wood Saws; one-man and two-man (12 each)
  • Wood Axes and Hatchets (12 each)
  • Shearing Axes (12)
  • Wood Bores (12)
  • Flashlights; Personal, Large and Headlamps (24 each)
    • Battery Sets for each Flashlight (20 Replacements each)
  • Kerosene Lanterns; Bullseye (24)
    • Kerosene; Gallon Jugs (48)
  • Assorted Preserved Mesobian Fruits (Apples, Pears, Peaches, Apricots, ?)

Undead Slaying Gear[edit]

  • Holy Water; Five Gallons, Blessed Glass Bottles (5)
  • Holy Water Sprayers (big squirt guns) (12)
  • Holy Hand Grenades (Holy Water in Mason jars) (24)


  • Castle Garland
  • Arco Station and Retreat
  • Hepplewhite's Circus and Grand Revue
    • An ancient traveling circus that has been traveling shadow for unknown years. The current Ringmaster is Zachary Amberson Hepplewhite; the son of Sir Franklin Amberson and Dame Rashida Alsala Dweena Hepplewhite. The Circus travels shadow and its appearance and texture take on whatever the common look for such groups does in the shadows they travel in. Along the way they pick up acts, troupes, freaks, animals and diverse other elements. It is a safe environment for many people who have found themselves out of step in their own worlds.
  • (Coming Soon) The Springs; Shadow Mining Base of Operations: Plague World (Rafe's Home World)

Traveling Circus[edit]

de la Varga's Circus of Modern Fantasy & Motor Mayhem

~Brought to you by The Fort Garland Adventurers' Society

Show Types:[edit]

  • Combat Shows & Demonstrations, Motor Stunt Shows, Circus Performance Shows
  • ALL Shows are Themed: Themed Costumes, Lingo/Slang, Sets/Decor, Food/Drink, Merchants, etc.
    • Various Eras or Genres are possible for Themes
    • Modern Fantasy Themed Shows are typical
    • Openly show Race / Species; Dwarves, Orcs, Elves, etc.
    • Mixed Theme Motorcycle Stunt Shows are typical
    • Mixed Theme Motorcycle Combat Shows are typical
      • Old Timey Motorcycle Races when Collaborating with Rodak Raceways are typical

Combat Acts[edit]

  • Costumes & Armor
  • Storylines with Narrative
    • Re-enactments & What Ifs
  • SCA style combat
    • On-going Rivalry Competition
    • Less than lethal weapons
    • Less than lethal attacks
    • Point by Hit System + Honor System for Combat
  • Iron Horsed Combat Shows
    • Moto-Jousting, Moto-Melee, Moto-Derby (Race + Point Combat)

Personnel; 50+ total[edit]

  • 20+ Combat Performers; Two (2) Teams of Ten plus (10+) each, typically
  • 15+ Combat Act Support Performers / Park Performers / Security / Medics
  • 10+ Park Performers / Security / Food Vendor Support
  • 5+ Merchants & Food Vendors

Possible Support Staff needed: Cooks, Steves, Drivers, ?...


  • Basic Operating Expenses: Fuel, Food, Lodging, Supplies, Replacement Parts, etc.
  • Salaries: Pay Scale & Pay Periods
  • Bonuses, Cuts & Shares
  • Permits, Licenses, Fees & Taxes
  • Bribes & Pay-Offs ???

Circus Schedule:[edit]

  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Competition Shows; Fighter Ranking Advancements (SCA-type combat; non-lethal but real)
  • Wednesday, Friday, Sunday: Themed Shows; Re-enactments or What Ifs (performance combat; choreographed and non-lethal)

Circus Staff:[edit]

  • Raphael de la Varga: Gaffer, Ringer Master, Narrator, Public Relations, Performer
  • Slugger: Animal Handler, Costumer, First Aid, Performer
  • Fitz William: General Manager, Business & Public Relations, Combat ONLY Performer
  • Colette: Manager: Food & Health Services, Medical Services/Certified MD, ?Performer?
  • Wrecker: Manager: Teardown & Wrecking Crews, Performer
  • Reggy: Manager: Supply & Salvage Operations, Performer
  • Runner: Head of Security & Support Crew Manager, Performer
  • Len Parsons: Veteran Circus Advisor, Head of Medical Services, ?Performer?
  • Candy: Manager: Setup Crew, Lead Scout/Intel, Performer
  • Gunner: Manager: Specialty Equipment & Weaponry, Performer
  • Kole: Manager: Road Crew & Mechanics, Performer
  • Olive: Motorcycle Stunt Trainer, Scout, Performer
  • Elmer: Combat Performance Trainer, Scout/Intel, Performer
  • Sylex: Food & Health Services, Medical Services (NEW; 1yr Term)
  • Other Members: ???

Important Links[edit]

Guardians' Guild; Fort Garland Chapter

Unfinished Ideas[edit]

  • Integrating Dufiro Green Fur Pack into Combat Acts
    • Integrating Durifo Support Spasa and Elementals into Support Staff
  • Equipping all new Dufiro as needed/desired
  • Finding Living & Sleeping accommodations for all new Dufiro