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Female Avatar (Fox Lord)

C/TN or NE (classes/abilities unknown)

Originally created by Pyriel as a means to control the Fox Lord, Nogitsune, Karin has recently taken full control. While she originally looked to be about 12 years old and projected an aura of such intense cuteness that it reduced grown men to jibbering idiots, she now appears to be closer to 17 or 18 (plus very, very hot).

While she hated the body initially, she has decided to keep it in order to retain a certain amount of autonomy. Currently allied with the Watchmen and the Arcane Congress under Archmage Kael.

What she plans to do now is unclear, but recent events have unlocked memories of a time before her corruption by Nyarlathotep. She has so far been missing since Pyriel's demise.

Shadows over Cyre