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Legend of the Five Rings, 4th Edition. A game starting pre-Scorpion Clan Coup, the default setting for the 1st edition of the RPG.

This is the wiki page for L5R Distant Thunder, a Play-by-Post that will be run on the rpg.net PbP forum. I'm Waiwode, the GM.

Player Characters[edit]

Distant Thunder Chibi Group 2.jpg

Kakita Doijin[edit]

Kakita Doijin Chibi.jpg

Crane Clan, Kakita Bushi, played by **lordmcdeath**

Sister, Kakita Aneko, aide to Kakita Yoshi

Akodo Kumiko[edit]

Kumiko Chibi.jpg

Lion Clan kuge, Akodo Bushi, played by **Angwa**

Her father is Akodo Genji, her mother is Akodo no Kakita Miko, both deceased.

She is betrothed to Hida Sukune and has a handmaiden called Miko. Also a pekingese Kawaii.

Grandfather: Akodo Issei

Kakita Hayase[edit]

Kakita Hayase Chibi.jpg

Crane Clan, Doji Magistrate, played by **Ebony**

Parents: Zuikaku (Father, Retired Magistrate), Tomoe (Mother)

Brothers: Shingen (Aide, Otusan Uichi), Noburo (Crossroads Castle)

Sister: Haruko (LiW to Doji Aki)

Hiruma Jun'Ai[edit]

JunAi Chibi.jpg

Crab Clan Hiruma Bushi, played by **ClassDunce**

Jun’Ai’s father is Hiruma Kenji, he’s the Scout Commander of Shattered Peaks Castle.

Afte Jun’Ai’s mother passed Kenji married a Hida named Chei. Chei is about a head and a half taller than Kenji who is not a large man.

Jun’Ai’s oldest sister was named Rika and she didn’t survive her Gempukku, and her remains were never recovered.

Her second sister is Yuko and she’s married to a Yasuki named Haru.

Jun’Ai has three younger sister who are the daughters of Chei. They are, from oldest to youngest, Motoko 14, Yo 13and Ruri 12. They are all tall.

Distant Thunder Chibi Group.jpg

The Yoriki[edit]

After the Scorpion Clan Coup each of the new Magistrates was assigned a young yoriki, to assist the Magistrates, and for the Magistrates to mentor.

Doji Okada[edit]

Doji Okada, of the Crane Clan, is a student of the Doji Magistrate school, and is yoriki to Hiruma Jun'AI.

Moto Narantsetseg[edit]

Moto Narantsetseg, or "Moto Hana" to those unfamiliar with barbaric languages, is a Moto Vindicator, and is the yoriki of Kakita Hayase.

Suzume Aiko[edit]

Suzume Aiko, of the Sparrow Clan (and the Sparrow Bushi School) is the yoriko of Kakita Doijin.


The young peasant boy Sparrow is Hiruma Jun'Ai's budoka

The Empire of Rokugan[edit]

Imperial Families[edit]

The Emperor[edit]

Hantei XXXVIII has, for the most part, kept the Empire at peace. His Miya heralds work tirelessly across Rokugan to diffuse tense situations, the Otomo carefully balance Clan against clan with a web of favours and debts, and his Seppun guards secure the Imperial City and lead a small standing army, the Imperial Legion.

Married four times, and four times a widower, despite the attentions of a number of Imperial concubines he has one heir, Hantei Sotorii.

The Miya[edit]

Daimyo Miya Yoto is an aging courtier, and a strong proponent of Imperial Edict enforced Peace. As Master of Heralds and Couriers he is one of the best-informed men in the Imperial City. His hunting birds are the envy of all, second in scope and pedigree only to the Emperor's birds.

The Otomo[edit]

There are no unkind words said about Daimyo Otomo Sorai. As he is one of the most powerful courtiers in the Empire, responsible for maintaining the treacherous balance of Clan power, and a confident of Hantei XXXVIII, this is a good measure of exactly how well he mixes cunning and charm.

Otomo Sorin - Topaz Championship Host

Otomo O-Hana - Topaz Championship Host

Otomo Setsura - Topaz Championship Host

The Seppun[edit]

Daimyo Seppun Daiori is a vigilant warrior, befitting the master of the Imperial Bodyguard. he is haughty and distant, known to shun mere buke and keep only the company of other kuge. He is regarded as one of the finest Go masters in the capital.

The Great Clans[edit]

The Crab[edit]

For the past several years the Shadowlands have grown quiet. Although oni still infest lost Hiruma Castle, they rarely approach the Kaiu Wall in great numbers anymore. With warriors idling, the eyes of the Crab Clan now turn north.

Champion: Hida Kisada, the Great Bear

Hiruma Daimyo: Hiruma Yoshi

Kiau Daimyo: Kaiu Suman

Kuni Daimyo: Kuni Yori

Yasuki Daimyo: Yasuki Taka

Kiau Jodan, Imperial Magistrate, senior Magistrate in southern Rokugan.

The Crane[edit]

The Crane have defeated the Lion, but Doji Satsume, Master of the Crane Clan and Emerald Champion, seems unwilling to press the advantage. He has handed his young son, Kuwanan, over to the Akodo as a hostage.

Clan Champion: Doji Satsume, Emerald Champion

Asahina Patriarch: Asahina Tomo is "senior Shugenja" -- as close as the Asahina come to Daimyo.

Daidoji Daimyo: Daidoji Uchida

Kakita Daimyo: Kakita Yoshi

Sensei Asahina Hisao, the Crane Clan master of Kaze-do

The Dragon[edit]

With the death of Mirumoto Satsu in a duel with Hida Yakamo, the Dragon withdrew from the rest of the Empire, hiding behind the diplomatic services of the Dragonfly Clan. Now, it is said, they have emerged again.

Clan Champion: Togashi Yokuni, an enigmatic armoured monk.

Agasha Daimyo: Agasha Tomori

Kitsuki Daimyo: Kitsuki Genjiro

Mirumoto Daimyo: Mirumoto Shosan

The Lion[edit]

Akodo Arasou was in the vanguard when they shattered the gates of Toshi Ranbo. What should have been a Lion victory was snatched from their hands by a crashing roar and foul smoke. The Lion are without a Champion, and the Matsu Daimyo Tsuko, Arasou's betrothed, is furious that the Council accepted the Imperial Peace Edict, and Crane hostages. Recently, Arasou's older brother Toturi was recalled from the monestary and made Champion of the Lion.

Clan Champion: Akodo Toturi.

Akodo Daimyo: Akodo Toturi.

Ikoma Daimyo: Ikoma Ujiaki

Kitsu Daimyo: Kitsu Omi

Matsu Daimyo: Matsu Tsuko.

The Lion Tairō: Akodo "Ironhand" Nobukane, Akodo Yohime, Ikoma Hashizo, Kitsu Tokuzo, Matsu Shigemi

Ikoma Morikumo, the Spider.

The Phoenix[edit]

All the signs and portents point to a great disaster, the likes of which have not been seen. Yet the Empire is at peace, there are no serious external threats. Could the wisest sages, most learned astrologers, and the very Elemental masters be mistaken? The Phoenix search Rokugan for answers.

Clan Champion: Shiba Ujimitsu

Asako Daimyo: Asako Togama

Master of Air: Isawa Eju

Master of Earth: Isawa Rujo

Master of Fire: Isawa Tsuke

Master of Water: Isawa Kaiyoko

Master of Void: Isawa Ujina

The Scorpion[edit]

With Bayushi Kachiko as Imperial Hatamoto and Emperor's Favourite, the Scorpion may finally be in position to break the centuries-long Crane stranglehold on Imperial Favour. Are the Scorpion gloating? Who can say, behind those masks?

Clan Champion: Bayushi Shoju

Soshi Daimo: Soshi Bantaro

Shosuro Daimyo: Shosuro Hametsu

Yogo Daimyo: Yogo Junzo,

Yogo Hiriko, Yogo Shugenja and Kuge.

Shosuro Amagi, Hiriko's mute, shadowy yojimbo. (Handsome Yojimbo - Jun'Ai)

Bayushi Hashizo, Scorpion Spymaster.

The Unicorn[edit]

Part of the Empire, yet apart. The Unicorn have recently had several key appointments to the Imperial Legion (all in the Cavalry). Their caravans visit every major city. Yet to many they remain foreigners still.

Clan Champion: Shinjo Ujimitsu

Horiuchi: Horiuchi Shoan, a Family of one.

Ide Family: Ide Tadaji

Iuchi Family: Iuchi Daiyu

Moto Family: Moto Terumori

Utaku Family: Otaku Tetsuko

Shinjo Gatsu, Unicorn Magistrate.

The Minor Clans[edit]

The Badger[edit]

The Centipede[edit]

The Dragonfly[edit]

The Falcon[edit]

The Fox[edit]

The Hare[edit]

The Mantis[edit]

Despite being a minor clan, the Mantis control enough wealth to rival any Great Clan. Every year merchants fill the holds of Mantis ships with mainland silk, paid for in fresh silver, and sail it to the islands, returning with spices and the finest teak. (Secret: The Mantis trade with Gaijin merchants, with Imperial blessing. And taxation.)

The Sparrow[edit]

The Tortoise[edit]

The Wasp[edit]

Supporting Cast[edit]

Important Places[edit]


Chapter I The Topaz Championship[edit]

Chapter II The Shadowlands[edit]

Chapter III The Isles of Silk and Spice[edit]

Chapter IV The First Winter[edit]

Chapter V The Sacred Valley[edit]

Chapter VI The Storm Breaks[edit]

Chapter VII The Scorpion Interregnum[edit]


Distant Thunder IC Thread

Distant Thunder OOC Thread

House Rules[edit]

Spell Scrolls[edit]

Spell Scrolls are copies of ancient spirit contracts. Each clan's contract is different. Without the ability to commune with spirits a spell scroll is nothing but paper filled with confusing and often meaningless symbols. Holding the scroll in the caster's hand acts as a "spiritual legal reminder" and provides a free raise to any spell the shugenja has memorized.

Heavy armour[edit]

Anyone with Heavy armour can chose to wear parts of it only, and have it count as Light Armour. This mostly comes into play when time is of the essence.

Kyujutsu and Bows[edit]

3. Master of Kyu-jutsu have used a daikyu on foot without penalty to accuracy for centuries. There is no accuracy penalty to using a daikyu while dismounted. Due to it's unique shape, it cannot be used inside single story buildings, however.

Scorpion Shadow Brands[edit]

Scorpion Shadow Brands, or Kage Yakiin.

1. Cap Void (1 brand limits Void to 5, 2 to 4, etc).

2. Add +1k0 to Stealth or attacks from Stealth in dim light. But not "every action"

3. Incur a +5 TN "Pain" penalty when exposed to sunlight.

Oh. Also, you're utterly damned. You will never be admitted to Tengoku (Celestial heaven) and will never be reincarnated.

The Topaz Armour[edit]

Each year's suit is unique (but has to be sized after the competition), and the winner can keep it, although it is custom to "retire" a set after one year. Only one person should wear Topaz Armour.

It is high quality (no mechanical benefit) Heavy Armour (but see my notes on the game world: partial heavy suits count as light armour).

Minor nemurani: The spirits of the sacred event, which goes back to the dawn of Rokugan, fill the armour. For one year the wearer may add their Glory to their TN to be hit or to any skill roll involving invoking authority. At the end of the year the spirits return to Tsuma, leaving the armour.

The Jade Magistrates[edit]

One cannot begin to understand the need for Jade Magistrates without first knowing of Kuni Nakanu. In the first century of the Empire one man chronicled the changes, effects, and powers of the Shadowlands. He chronicled the spread of the Taint, not just in the land, but in living beings, performing dozens, if not hundreds of experiments.

His death, at the hands of his own creations, and the wanton slaughter that followed served as a stark guide to the dangers of Kuni research.

Centuries later his notes would be the catalyst that would allow a scholar (player lore, not character lore: Otomo Jama) to become Iuchiban in the late 5th c.

After Iuchiban was destroyed (player lore: entombed, but not killed) in the early 6th c, concern grew, and a body of shugenja dedicated to detecting and defeating supernatural evil were pondered... ...but ensuing decades of peace saw the task fall to the few shugenja among the Emerald Magistrates.

In 748 Iuchiban rose again, and rampaged across the Empire until his defeat in 750.

After this battle Kuni Tokaji, the daimyo of the Kuni, declared that he would volunteer to stand as the Emperor's Jade Champion. He would unify Kuni Witch Hunters, Yogo Kuroiban, and Askao Inquisitors. However the Council of Five, the Phoenix Elemental Masters, protested the position.

In the mid 8th c Phoenix shugenja discovered a Bloodspeaker cell hiding in the ranks of the Jade Magistrates. Their reputation tarnished, they lingered on in Court in increasingly ceremonial roles. Yogo Yoshi was the last Jade Champion, when he retired near the end of the 8th c the Emperor's functionaries stated that there would be no Test of the Jade Champion, and the office was retired as well.

The Prophesies of Uikku[edit]

Retired Characters[edit]

Ikoma Raionko[edit]

Ikoma Raionko.jpg

Yoritomo Tenkawa[edit]

Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Shugenja, played by **ronon40_4**

Ikoma Raionko[edit]

Ikoma Raionko.jpg

Lion CLan Ikoma Lion's Shadow played by Ronin40_4

Asako Masahiro[edit]

Asako Masahiro Chibi.jpg

Phoenix Clan, Isawa Shugenja, played by **The Doc**

Askao Kanto, Father, and Hiruyo, Mother

Asako Tanae, young sister.

Asako Shunsui[edit]

Phoenix Clan - Isawa Fire Shugenja, played by **Gamer940**

Kuni Daisuke[edit]

Crab Clan - Kuni Shugenja, played by **Nick The Lemming**

Yoritomo Uji[edit]

Mantis Clan, Yoritomo Shugenja, played by **Amaraxis**

Death Poems[edit]

Matsu Tetsui[edit]

"I never had time,

To climb Mount Kaminari.

Maybe my next life."

Lord Yabu[edit]

"When young I sailed far.

The great ocean still beckons.

One last voyage, then."

(Soshi) Atsuko[edit]

"The cold winds that howl,

Care not which leaf on the tree

Will be next to go."